Robert Kennedy Jr.: A message to defenders

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. One of the Leaders of the World Wide Resistance to the Globalist WEFer Oppression

Good morning beloved sentients. As promised in my last post, today I’m publishing the Year End message of one of our most stalwart and courageous leaders, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. RFK Jr., an environmental lawyer, has been at the helm of the Holy Resistance to Satanism since before the latest apocalyptic nightmare began. It was he who first spoke out publicly in a big way about the connection between childhood vaxxxxZines [particularly the MMR vaccine] and autism.

As the mother of a son with ADD and as a social worker who worked in the field of autism services, I have followed RFK’s fight with Big Pharma over the past two decades. Now he’s speaking out [via his popular website ‘Children’s Health Defense’] about the dangers of the covID-19 experimental synthetic messenger RNA injections–and bringing even more law suits against Big Pharma.

Interestingly, I saw while scrolling through the TV channels the other day that RFK Jr.’s sister Kerry was hosting a doo for liberals/Democrats in Washington at the Robert F. Kennedy Centre. Awards were being handed out to the usual assortment of ‘woke’ liberal assets. LOL, even Robert F. Kennedy’s famous family has been torn asunder by the evil Satanic forces of the Globalist WEFers. I knew some of RFK Jr’s siblings were pro-vaxxxxZine but I was unaware of such a place as the Robert F. Kennedy Centre–or that it handed out ‘awards’.

I can just imagine who’s brainchild that Machiavellian twist of the knife in RFK Jr.s chest was. Dr. Fauci, I presume? In any case, here is the yearly RFK Jr message to the Resistance and I will have more comments to follow:

Greencrow continues: To continue spreading the light–here is a documentary about last January/February’s Freedom Convoy:

Now, returning to the dark. Here is a very short video showing the psychopathy that is the mind of JFTurvert….in all it’s evil stench.

The Definition of Psychopathy

Greencrow continues: Now as an antidote to the above–here’s a humourous take on the pretZel like thinking of the covIDian mind.

Greencrow concludes: Everyone knows, since the beginning of human existence on this planet, humour has been one of the sharpest and most effective weapons against evil psychopathy. We must continue to use every weapon in our arsenal to fight and defeat the Satanists. Prayer is another weapon. Please pray for our children…that we might deliver them from Satan’s clutches. Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Robert Kennedy Jr.: A message to defenders

  1. Enjoyed watching the Freedom Convoy documentary, glad you posted it Greencrow!

    The past three years has been quite a journey, talk about a bumpy ride. 😮

    I’m with RFK Jr. , got to keep soldiering on!

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    1. Hi FreakedOut

      Looks like there will be a Freedom Convoy 2.0 this coming February. I have a dream to go to it–even though Ottawa in February is like going to the Antarctic by dogsled. Lots of news on Twitter these days. Yesterday a list of attendees at Epstein’s Island was published and JFT and his wife’s names were on it. No surprise to me. I always suspected he would be part of that Satanic cabal. Interestingly, there was not one known anti-vaxxer on the list! Guess our immune systems protect us even from child trafficking!

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      1. Hi Greencrow,
        Another Freedom convoy would be awesome, I’ll be there. The hot tubs and bouncy castles look like fun!😀

        Epstein Island attendees list is interesting, but not surprising. Birds of a (Satanic Cult) feather flock together… as they say. Bunch of CREEPS! 🤮👎 I know of some active volcanoes we could drop the Parasite Creeps into, nice and hot, make them feel right at home… in hell.

        Greg Hunter just did his weekly report and had some good news. Looks like the DoD is dropping the death shot mandate for the military. 👍
        Greg is on FIRE!

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  2. Hi FreakedOut

    Just saw on Twitter yesterday that the Canadian Military is going to allow Permanent Residents in Canada [immigrants with papers granting long term stay] to join the Canadian Military. At the moment only citizens can join. IMO, this is the foot in the door they want to bring in foreigners in order to have the manpower to force Canadians into quarantine camps. JFT wanted to do this two years ago during the toxic injection rollout–but the military balked. So instead he started a PR campaign of vilification of the military with sexual innuendos against the leaders.


    1. Well Greencrow, I’ll bet the Canadian military will step in at some point to prevent forced injections/quarantining on Canadians. We can all see what’s going on in crazy land China. As mentioned earlier, the USA DoD is dropping mandates, so HOW does that look for the rest of the militaries? The death shots are getting EXPOSED for what they are! 👍

      The Twitter platform seems to be improving with Musk. More truth coming out? Conservatives getting more of a voice? Take note military.

      In the meantime, keeping my fingers crossed for you Canadians, and especially you BC folks, seeing the crazy laws coming out I’m in shock. Canadian Nutritionist David Wolfe has been all over the illegal/tyrannical crap happening in Canada.

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