Odessa Orlewicz interviews ‘Bucky’, 55 year old Canadian Man


who was offered MAIDS when he was scheduled for brain surgery to remove a benign tumour.

Cancer Clinic telephone receptionist offered him MAIDS TWICE! Once before surgery and once after the successful operation. Plus, the receptionist lied to him–telling him if he offed himself–his family would be eligible for insurance benefits. Bucky checked with a friend in the insurance business and discovered this IS NOT true. Insurance companies will NOT pay insurance claims for MAID because they regard this method of death as ‘suicide’.

Beyond disgust! Watch this video and weep for Canada. Our “health system”–once the envy of the world– has, under the Turvert, become an unbelievable House of Horrors!

Odessa says: I Interview a 55 Yr. Old Man Who Was Offered Euthanasia Instead Of Surgery. My Most Important Episode .Please SHARE.

Bucky’s email address is bucky@cbsprojects.ca

Every Canadian needs to hear this horrifying story about the Euthanasia program in Canada called MAID. It is NOT what the Liberal government is pretending that it is. They are going after anyone that will bite. Please SHARE this around the world and especially with your Canadian friends and family. This EVIL must be exposed for what it really is. MAID is not what you are being told.”

5 thoughts on “Odessa Orlewicz interviews ‘Bucky’, 55 year old Canadian Man

  1. WOW Greencrow…Could the Canadian Allopathic Medical cult stoop any lower?!?!?

    Hello AI/ Protocol take over of medicine. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜  He was treated with the COLDNESS of a machine. Remember in the Star Wars movies the medical staff were quite often ROBOTS?
    Anybody check to see if Canada is building “soylent green” factories near hospitals?

    Good grief!

    The silver lining in this story is that Bucky found his way to NATURAL medicine! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. Hi FreakedOut:

    This story hit close to the bone especially with anyone [unvaxed] contemplating having to go to a hospital for necessary surgery. I recently had X-rays taken of my arthritic knees with the idea of researching options for relief of the pain and disability. But when I learn about stories such as “Bucky” I am fearful of putting myself in the hands of the vaxxed.

    Due to exposure to the mindset of the ‘vaxed’ up close and personal during the past year+ I am starting to fear that their brains have been edited to eliminate normal human compassion. This is a very dangerous development for humanity as a whole.


    1. “I am starting to fear that their brains have been edited to eliminate normal human compassion.”

      No doubt Greencrow. I keep thinking “Welcome to the Borg”. “You will be assimilated”….”resistance is futile”.

      This is most definitely another way the unvaxxed are under attack.

      I just got further confirmation that the bogus CONVID tests are also a way of attacking the unvaxxed with an inoculation.

      Remember what that creep Yuval Harari said about us being “hackable” animals.



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    1. Hi FreakedOut:

      My next post will include my suspicion that the vaxed have had their genes edited to eliminate basic human compassion [the soul]. I’m now the only unvaxed person in my entire ‘real’ world. It is very lonely here. The only light on the horiZon is a very dark light–as more and more of the vaxed come down with cancers and other vax-related illnesses.


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