Qui Bono?….And other questions for the new year 2023

Good morning beloved sentients. As we tuck into the buffet feast 2023 awaiting us in the next 12 months. I want to present some appies [appetizers] for my algorithmically dwindling readership. Below is a smorgasbord of interesting articles/links/tweets to whet your appetites.

First we have an entire op-ed that I copied from the Financial Post. I consider this a harbinger of good news. Both because it was published in a very right wing publication, The Financial Post, and because it says exactly what I’ve been trying to say for the past three years [at least] about who’s behind the ‘hellonearth’ going on on this planet and why. IMO, having this op-ed even published in a MSM is a major victory for sentients and a major defeat for the JFTurvert regime and its international handlers. So please read and enjoy and I will have more comments to follow:


“Joe Oliver: What Progressives are Really Trying to do and Why

Can progressives’ momentum be halted and even reversed?


It would be comforting to provide an uplifting message for the New Year. But Canadians need to be aware of a multifaceted project underway to transform our economy, the nature of our society and the role of government in both. Its ambition is so pervasive that Conservatives and middle-of-the-road Canadians without a strong party allegiance must confront it head-on, identify the dangers it poses and provide cogent public policy alternatives. Otherwise, only a serious crisis will move the public to start resisting policies that trammel its freedom and lower its standard of living.

Determined advocates for a progressive world view work all through government, the bureaucracy, environmental and other non-governmental organizations, academia and the media. They are not an organized cabal — a vast left-wing conspiracy, to paraphrase Hillary Clinton — but they do have overlapping agendas and share the twin convictions that a fundamental reordering of society is needed and that they know best how to achieve it.

Proponents include Liberals, progressives, socialists, hard leftists and crypto- marxists who support climate alarmism, globalism, big government, stakeholder capitalism, critical race theory and wokeism. The transformation they seek is already well under way. There’s even the danger that, like the frog sitting in the slowly heating water, the rest of us may realize what has happened only after it is too late.

Many environmental organizations, including Greenpeace — which the environment minister, Stephen Guilbeault, belonged to when he scaled the CN Tower — view humans’ impact on the planet as inherently destructive and bad. The declared goal of Stable Planet Alliance is “to stabilize and gradually, steadily reduce population and consumption.” One of the alliance’s members, Population Balance, draws “the connections between pronatalism, human supremacy, and ecological overshoot, and their combined devastating impacts on social, reproductive, ecological, and intergenerational justice.” Actual culling of the population may be a bridge too far, but they are certainly no fans of childbearing.

In his book, Fossil Future, Alex Epstein identifies this kind of thinking as anti- human. It helps explain why green groups seem indifferent to the harm their policies inflict, not only on the world’s most economically disadvantaged people, but also on the rapidly growing middle class that record numbers of poor people have been moving up into over the last few decades.

The most prominent environmental groups also oppose clean nuclear power, without which net zero is simply not achievable for the foreseeable future. As Europe’s brutal energy crisis demonstrates, rapid abandonment of fossil fuels and nuclear power leads to energy poverty, power scarcity, compromised national security, slower economic growth, capital flight, business closures and job losses. And, ironically, in spite of the crippling cost it does not reduce greenhouse gas emissions: the desperate need for any energy source to avoid freezing in the dark without food reduces most people’s aversion to coal and oil. Subordinating science and economics to ideological purity is a lose-lose strategy — unless, that is, you value Gaia (Mother Earth) and animals more highly than your fellow human beings.

The self-appointed progressive elite are morally certain they know what’s best for the rest of us. That certainty justifies their attempt to shift the “Overton window” of what policies are acceptable at any given time by scaremongering (about an impending climate emergency), silencing dissent from received wisdom (about COVID, climatology, or Canadian history) and peddling outright disinformation (about the supposed harmlessness of fiscal profligacy, high inflation and growing public debt).

Quasi-religious virtue-signalling dictates we reduce farmland, ban coal even in countries without affordable alternatives, rely predominantly on wind and solar in spite of their intermittency, stop eating meat, get rid of our pets, not fly (unless to international meetings on climate or social justice) and abstain from expressing “unacceptable” opinions. Yet our betters luxuriate in their own private jets, multiple homes and lavish consumables, all seemingly without a scintilla of embarrassment about their massive personal carbon footprint.

Klaus Schwab, founder and executive director of the World Economic Forum, also has lofty ambitions. His “Great Reset” would use intrusive government and multilateral regulation to perfect society, a mission he promotes to Davos attendees by boasting “the future belongs to us” and that WEF participants have “penetrated the world governments.” Though Chrystia Freeland is a member of the Forum’s board of trustees and Justin Trudeau has been following its policy playbook, Liberals would have us believe the WEF’s influence on them is a wacky Conservative conspiracy theory.

Sustainable finance and stakeholder capitalism are two tools WEF activists want to use to transform society. Under them, companies and investors embrace environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals in addition to pursuing financial returns. That will inevitably undermine the free enterprise system, which has elevated billions of people from poverty, disease and hopelessness and, not incidentally, provided the economic growth that generates the tax revenues to fund generous social programs.

Can progressives’ momentum be halted and even reversed? Not without a concerted effort by Canadians who value freedom and prosperity and talk the language of common sense and national pride. Let 2023 be the year in which their influence begins to grow.

Joe Oliver was minister of natural resources and minister of finance in the Harper government.


Greencrow continues: Next, we have a commentary from Australia about the latest tyrannical diktat coming from the JFTurvert regime. Turvert bullied/bribed? the Ontario College of Psychologists to censure well known Psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson and force him to undergo ‘re-education’ or they will take his license to practice away. Peterson is most famous for diagnosing Turvert as a ‘narcissist‘ on national TV.

Following Dr. Peterson’s Tweet announcing his potential delicensing, I went on Twitter and called Dr. Jordan Peterson Canada’s Solzhenitsyn and predicted he would be sent to Baffin Island for 20 years of reeduction. Some pundits have speculated that the Covid Tyranny has simply moved from the lockdown/mandate phase to another phase where those dissidents specifically identified during the lockdown/mandate phase will be personally targeted.



Greencrow continues: Even within the alternative community, there are some activists who have been shunned by their own as too extreme. Chris Sky is one of them. I have always supported Sky because he was one of the first to speak up for noncompliance by the population as the best way of fighting back against tyranny. Here is his latest video–where he says the families of the victims of the mass die-off at a US rock concert last year [due to a mass injection with the Moderna vaccine at the concert] have been paid off by the pharmaceutical company and removed from society to keep them quiet. I would not be surprised.


Greencrow continues: Here is another acknowledged leader of the resistance in Canada speaking out. Tom Marazzo was a college professor in Ontario–who was fired for his activism. So I guess you could say he now has “nothing to lose” and everything to gain by fighting back and regaining his fundamental rights.

Greencrow continues: Meanwhile, the stats on the harmful effects of the covID-19 gene-editing injectables continues to mount. I saw a stat last week where 50% of Americans believe the ‘vaccines’ are harmful. The collapse of Damar Hamlin a few days ago should have been a wake-up call. Sadly, dozens could collapse during the same game and the perpz would find a way to cover it all up–and proceed with the genocide. Below are several links to proof that the global experiment is a deadly one.


New Study Found A 9-Times Increased Rate Of Myocarditis In Males After mRNA Booster | 3 Or More COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Associated With A 6-Fold Increased Risk Of Infection Said Cleveland Clinic | ETC



Finally, we return to the ‘HellonEarth” that is Canada today. Just a little bit more background before we watch the next chapter unfold. Even Trudeau’s half brother is convinced JFT’s a pawn of the evil doers on this planet:


Greencrow continues: More details of the depths of corruption going on in the upper echelons of the JFTurvert Regime in Ottawa, The scheming to brainwash and manipulate Canadians into a tyranny is also bankrupting our nation:

Greencrow concludes: The question raised in the title to this post is “Qui Bono?” [Who benefits?] this is always the first question asked by the police and by lawyers when a crime has been committed. IMO, the goal is to bankrupt Canada so that Canadians will be reliant on a welfare state utilizing AI, technocracy, biometric ID and digital surveillance. This benefits the investors in these technocracies–to the impoverishment of the middle class. So the answer to Qui Bono? is JFTurvert, his fellow assets, minions, the bribed institutions, medical associations and “Colleges of Psychologists” all benefit [in the short term] from the stripping of our national wealth and assets. The good news is that some of the upper middle class [as evidenced in the Financial Post op-ed above] are becoming wise to the long term end game and the fact that with the complete destruction of the Canadian economy…they’ll be left in the dust. They have begun to resist–and thank God for that!

There’s a debate going on on Twitter between the supporters of the Peoples Party of Canada and the Conservative Party of Canada as to whether the PPC should fold and deliver its votes to the establishment party, the CPC–so as to defeat the Turvert. My position on that debate is NO! There is simply not enough daylight between the policies of the two wings of the UNIPARTY [the Lie-berals and the Conservatives] for there to be any ethical reason to support the CPC! As an example, one of the platforms of the Conservatives is support for the NATO proxy war in Ukraine. This is a diabolical war for resources, the goal of which is to soften up Russia so the historical international parasites can invade, grab its resources and stave off their own bankruptcy by attaching themselves to the Russian wealth like the vampires they are. Humanity is tired of this formulaic Satanism. We’re DONE! And nothing convinces us more that we finally have to take a stand [and stick with the Peoples Party of Canada which opposes the Ukraine War] than testimony from those in the front links like the pour souls pouring their hearts out in the videos below.

That’s it for this post. Let’s vow to clean up these global and national parasites in 2023 and, to that end, Stay tuned!

A Message from God‘ – H/T FreakedOut

8 thoughts on “Qui Bono?….And other questions for the new year 2023

  1. Interesting report from Chris Sky!

    No big surprise, especially when Big “Harma” is involved somehow.

    I remember it being the big event on Telegram everyone was talking about. All of us crazy conspiracy theorist nutjobs NEW it was the bioweapon jab. Some interesting things I remember were: the concert goers were told there will NOT be any cell service at the venue….AND… you needed the jab to attend. Travis Scott made this bizarre comment about ” seeing you on the OTHER side” near the end of the concert. The testing of 5G at the concert was also brought up( without allowing user access). Was that the 60Ghz OXYGEN absorbing frequency they were trying out? Many stricken concert attendees were having difficulty breathing and were collapsing according to concert goers captured video.

    Things that make you go hmmmmmm….🤔

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi FreakedOut

    I did not follow that False Flag…just too much going on in Canuckistan I guess. How many kids died? What was the official story? Was there ever a formal investigation?


    1. Hi Greencrow,
      I don’t remember how may died exactly, maybe around 6 or so, but many complained of not being able to breathe and gasping for air. I forget the official story( maybe” heat exhaustion collapse”(?)… Texas heat), but just like that it disappeared from the radar. Like you, many of us were overwhelmed with other SCAMDEMIC news at the time, I remember that was around the time the bioweapon shots were released to the children(ages 5-11?).

      Truly an ODD event!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow Greencrow;

    Great collection of information.

    I personally think the globalist end-game is the transhumanist agenda; their goal being to hook people up to the Internet of Things whereby they will use synthetic biology to mind control their subjects/slaves – at least those that survive.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi CanadianNotCommunist:
    Certainly a lot of evidence for your POV. They had lofty [?] aims that fell flat because of their greed and hubris. Now it’s just a matter of time before they tuck their tails between their legs and head for the hills [bunkers].


    1. Maybe…
      I think they’ve learned a lot about what they can and cannot do with their transhumanist technology. As the push-back builds, expect them to be ever more devious in their agenda. There are indications that they will put the components that make people transhuman into food or cosmetics, etc., as a way of bypassing those who resist.


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