Rex Murphy: Liberals’ ‘just transition’ a fist to the mouth of Canada

Rex Murphy: Liberals’ ‘just transition’ a fist to the mouth of Canada

Several thousand pro-pipeline protesters rally at Calgary’s Stampede Park in a file photo from June 11, 2019. A briefing document for the Trudeau government’s© Provided by National Post

Good morning sentients. I had a completely different post to present this morning but at the last moment have substituted, in its entirely, this great op-ed by longtime real Canadian journalist and TV commentator Rex Murphy. It is about the surreptitiously-imposed green agenda of JFTurvert. A ignominy–that dwarfs all JFT’s other corruption, scandals, arrogant diktats and general disgustingness.

First, watch the video below made by Alberta Premier Danielle Smith who says when she read the Federal government briefing document about the Just Transition she was sick to her stomach.

Now, please read the following Rex Murphy op-ed–that begins with the shocking quote made this past week at Davos by OLD ELITE Flunky Warhorse John Kerry. Please read the op-ed in its entirety and I will have a few comments to make thereafter:


“When you start to think about it, it’s pretty extraordinary that we — (a) select group of human beings … are able to sit in a room and come together and actually talk about saving the planet. … I mean, it’s so almost extraterrestrial to think about ‘saving the planet.’” — John Kerry at Davos.

Rex Murphy says: “What’s really, finally, at the heart of radical environmentalism?

An insatiable urge, an unslakeable lust to govern the lives, habits and choices of everyone — everyone — who does not think like them, who chooses not to see the world as they prefer them to see it, who questions their furious dogmas and resists their sprawling imperatives into every corner of every person’s real life.

It is far more about control of people, control in the smallest ways and control in the absolutely largest ways, than it is about — as they so pompously and vacuously put it — saving the planet.

It wants to order, and increasingly is ordering, individual people and entire governments to do only as they say. Nothing is too petty for them to stick their authoritarian noses into, nothing too huge and global

In their own green, glazed-over eyes they are The Ones Who Know and all the rest — that would be you and everyone you know — are heathens, heretics and ignorant peasants. Read again the John Kerry quote above. They are a “select group of human beings.”

Today Canada does not have a national government. It has a radical environmentalist government.

As between the two there is a massive disjunction. A national government has as its very core the care, well-being, security and preservation of the nation, of Canada.

The only core, fixed, not-to-be-abandoned principle and policy of the current Trudeau government of “post nationalist” Canada is green globalism. For all the difference it would make, they should move the House of Commons to Davos, and hold all serious cabinet meetings at the next COP conference, to make plain the source of their deepest agenda.

What national government that isn’t an unfathomable joke, has as policy, banning plastic forks and straws, tells you how you may bring your groceries home and what kind of food you should be eating, and sets legislation on what kind of car you may drive?

Have we no veterans in want, no airports to unclog, no passports to distribute, no food costs to control, no school boards to be forced back to sanity, no scandals to unravel, no gas taxes to reduce, no inflation to battle, no vast debt to diminish before it impoverishes the country?

Not while there are straws to ban and picnic forks to be made illegal. These are the petty things.

But now, and especially with government talking points, we may move on to the big stuff. The hideously misnomered “just transition.”

Say instead, the “Great Disruption” — the most concentrated, massive, reordering and dislocation of the national economy and the lives of working Canadians that has ever been contemplated, never mind about to be acted upon, since John A. Macdonald sat at the table in Charlottetown.

What shallow, careless, ideologically fixated minds in Ottawa are prepared — and bragging about it — to unleash what amounts to a total restructuring of how this country works — as a fiat, an edict, mind you. Every major area is targeted — energy, manufacturing, construction, transportation. From a briefing document prepared for the minister of natural resources and first reported by Blacklock’s Reporter:

“The transition to a low-carbon economy will have an uneven impact across sectors, occupations and regions, and create significant labour market disruptions.

“We expect that larger-scale transformations will take place in agriculture (about 292,000 workers; 1.5 per cent of Canada’s employment); energy (about 202,000 workers; one per cent of Canada’s employment); manufacturing (about 193,000 workers; one per cent of Canada’s employment); buildings (about 1.4 million workers; seven per cent of Canada’s employment); and transportation sectors (about 642,000 workers; three per cent of Canada’s employment).”

In response to subsequent outrage, the government said the figures merely represented the size of each workforce that will be affected, not the actual jobs that will be lost.

However, the briefing document did note that the oil and gas-producing provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador will be disproportionately affected. (As long as Ontario and Quebec are not so perturbed, all is well.)

Pierre Trudeau’s National Energy Plan of the 1980s was a tickle under the arm compared to this. “Just transition” is a fist in the mouth.

Sitting on the molehill of a 31 per cent minority government, the Trudeau Liberals are setting about to shut down oil and gas, revamp forestry and agriculture, and let loose Niagara-sized plumes of government subsidy to every dubious “net-zero” fantasy OK’d by their favourite “consultants.”

The just transition — an Orwellian term of the first order — is — I was going to write a waltz, but change that to a danse macabre into the economies of several provinces, a grotesque offence against the practices and spirit of our Confederation, a suffocatingly righteous authoritarian push from the princes of Ottawa greenism. It is madness. And a madness only not quite seen as that because the country was given much schooling in government high-handedness during the COVID mandate spree.

If implemented it will overflow with desperate negativity into the national economy, drive the western provinces to seek an equally radical response, and we Canadians will have the gloomy pleasure of seeing our once prosperous and equable country slide into a state of anxiety and sorrow, the sorrow greatly predominating.

National Post


Greencrow concludes: John Kerry has carried the water for the Satanic Elite ever since the days after the Viet Nam War when he pretended to be a peacenik. He’s been pretending to be a lot of Satanic flunky roles ever since. I remember when he was a presidential candidate who actually won the 2004 election by a landslide…but conceded defeat to George W. Bush immediately after one of the most fraudulent selections in US history. So, it was no surprise to see him spewing Satanic trash at Davos yesterday. Even grabbing headlines with a casual reference to extra-terrestrials. The Satanic elite have been wanting to terrorize humanity with an Extraterrestrial False Flag for some years now, but have demurred–due to too many skeptics still in the human genome…they have to rout us out with gene editing vaccines first.

Whenever I see these noxious green environmental/climate change diktats spew out of the mouths of politicians or their co-assets, I post the following Tweet:

“Humanity should not take any climate change diktats seriously until the proponents tell us: 1) Who is behind the global chemtrails psy-ops; 2) What is in the chemtrails; and 3) What effect, if any, do chemtrails have on the environment and climate?”

That usually shuts them up. Stay tuned

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