Power corrupts.


Attributed to Lord Acton

This post is about…

Pure Evil

Good afternoon beloved sentients. I have been collecting some very important links during the past few days. Shocking links. As shocking as anything I’ve ever put up on my blog since first starting to maintain a blog full time in 2013. I’ve covered a lot of events since then, including the 9/11 atrocity, the Middle East Ziofascist Wars for Resources and culture…and, finally, the multi-pronged Globalist Cabal’s Great Reset with it’s false flags, including the CovID Plandemic HOAX, the “vaccine” genocidal bioweapon attack on humanity, and now the Climate Change [blackmail?] potential destruction of the planet–via roll out of weather modification technologies.

It was a lot to cover in the past decade and at times I didn’t think I would survive. But I have so far and now we’re at the point where the festering boil of rancid evil is about to burst. Over there in Davos the WEFer minions are falling all over themselves in a contest of who can be the most evil. Top Dog [so far] is the infamous warmongering former Prime Minister of the UK, Tony Bliar. Here he is taking the crown for evildom [so far].

Greencrow continues: Having a bit of problem with formatting folks, looks like the gremlins don’t like what I’m posting. Let them get their own blog! LOL.  Also, I just published this post and did not get a notification of publication from WordPress.  That means none of my subscribers got notifications either.  Hmmm. 

I’ll have to check into that.

Please browse through the next few links to see some runners up for the crown of evildom and I will have final comments at the end of this post:

New Zealand PM, Covid tyrant and authoritarian Jacinda Ardern is calling it quits. Good.

Here is Tucker Carlson’s excellent take on her resignation:

for some reason this link will not upload but you can access it here:

Democracy is not a partisan matter…or is it?

EmbeZZler Freeland hard at work  UPDATE:  Read latest Rex Murphy on Freeland at Davoshttps://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/rex-murphy-the-trudeau-liberals-are-coming-for-your-jobs/ar-AA16zN0C?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=12696bf109af41158135d1fa6c58ce74

Finance Minister Freeland needs 2 billion ‘right away’ for shares in a company that does not exist.


Cashless society means no financial freedom AT ALL!

Folks, this was one of the main reasons for the Plandemic…to usher in the communist social credit style-cashless society–where the government giveth and the government taketh away…
Greencrow continues:  The corruption is endemic in ALL Canadian institutions…even unions:

But, nowhere are the snouts deeper into the taxpayer trough than elected government officials:

How do you know the government considers you a slave?  You’re forbidden to travel:
Government workers don’t want to go back into the post covID HOAX workplaces and so they’re pleading all sorts of ‘woke’ excuses:

Due to pervasive lies over the past several decades at least, the CBC has an audience of perhaps 2%.  Now it’s crying poormouth.



Greencrow concludes: Why is Canada so prominent in the evildom categories? Two of our so-called “leaders” [Freeland and the Turvert] are so evil that they’ve garnered international recognition.

Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold“.

So said Irish poet W.B Yeats

And so it is with evil. It is a corporeal as anything else on this planet and has a definite shelf life. Don’t know why the current crop of evildoers doesn’t know that. As I type I can feel the vibrations around the volcanic, pus-filled boil on the back of humanity on this planet. It’s cracking and leaking [as shown by the recent resignation of arch witch of the East Jacinda Ardern]. Yesterday, JFTurvert had a heinous hissy fit before the cameras…lashing out at his mortal enemies, the ordinary people of Canada. He displayed his hatred for all those hundreds of thousands of citizens who would not knuckle under to his all-pervasive, perverted prevarication and who bravely supported last February 2022’s heroic Trucker Freedom Convoy. Was this ‘losing it’ a sign that JFT has finally seen the writing on the wall with the Ardern resignation? Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Power corrupts.

  1. So I’m watching a video on prepping by the Canadian Prepper and in the video he shows a short clip of Chrystia Freeland at the Davos WEF rat event and she says some pretty amazing things. My interpretation: something about continuing to support Team Satan(US/NATO) with weapons/money to defeat Russia and after Russia is defeated we’ll experience an economic boom! Talk abut RAT brains! 😲

    OK, let me direct quote Mr. Putin from the Telegram channel “Putin Direct”:

    “In the event of a nuclear war, those who attack Russia will be obliterated while the Russian people will go to heaven as martyrs.”


    “Threatening Russia’s existence means threatening the existence of the entire world.”

    Then you have this:

    “Russian Orthodox Church issues apocalyptic warning”

    “Some “madmen” believe Russia could be defeated, but this could trigger the end of the world, Patriarch Kirill has said…”


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  2. Hi FreakedOut:

    Perhaps it’s my advanced years but, in the event of an attack on Russia…I duly hope Russia responds effectively. I would like to know, in those last few ‘white light’ seconds, that Russia has at long last killed the snake!

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    1. Same here Greencrow.

      Stephen Lendman just came out with a great post at his blog that I thought was very fitting in regards to your post here, I love the title, says it all:

      “A Nation at War on its People Cannot Stand”

      “Planned long in advance of their rollouts, the two most sophisticated mind-manipulating made-in-the-USA propaganda campaigns are ongoing at the same time.

      One demonized Russia after pushing the nation to respond defensively to over eight years of US-orchestrated and directed aggression by Ukrainian Nazis against Donbass — escalated to include strikes elsewhere on Russian territory.

      It transformed most Americans and others in the West into Russian haters…”


      As I’ve mentioned before, my neighbors on each side of me are Ukraine supporters.😥

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      1. Hi FreakedOut:

        Re your two Ukraine-loving neighbours–there’s likely something to that theory the jabs deposit nanoparticles in the human bloodstream that then pick up TV signals and sends them to the brain.


      2. Yo… Greencrow….go figure….

        ““THE WALKING DEAD” – 5G & Patents to Turn People Into Zombies, Never-ending Viruses – Todd Callendar & Lisa McGee”


        Video description:
        “Todd Callendar & Lisa McGee from vaxxchoice.com join Maria to discuss US Department of Energy patents that virtually turn human beings into zombies through the COVID-19 injections, flu shots, and in multiple other ways.

        Todd and Lisa take us through a never-ending cycle of programmable viruses and illnesses now inside of human beings, all made possible through EMF signals, with humans now being considered “antennas”.

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