Freedom is our Birthright

LOLOLOL BREAKING NEWS: I can’t keep up with the tsunami of corruption that’s engulfing Twitter since Musk opened the floodgates of truth. Here we have Finance Minister Freeland volunteering she and JFT have a very deep, pervasive conflict of interest with the CEO of McKinsey, the ‘consulting firm’ that got hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to create a response to the “Covid Pandemic’ .

NOTE:  I had some problems with formatting this post folks, so your patience with the layout is appreciated.

Good morning Wide Awake Sentients. So much stuff to cover in these final days before the “Great Awakening” which is going on as I type. Birth Pangs are painful for the sheeple as they emerge from the darkness and constrictures of the birth canal into the light. My advice is to have compassion and go easy on them.

The links I’ve chosen for this post are some “In depth backgrounders” to the truth that the sentients have known for decades. If you feel brave enough, introduce these links to those sheeple who may have
questions. Of course, as we all know to our ineffable sadness…the sheeple HAVE definitely been innoculated…but it’s mainly by the TV NEWZ against hearing the truth. So the chances they will even watch/listen to these videos, much less learn anything from them…Is 1) slim and 2) none.

The Link below needs to be accessed by clicking on the YouTube link within as it has been blocked by the author. Katherine Watt lays out the last century of Globalist Bankster Tyranny by Stealth like a neat waiter. Anyone can follow her step-by-step history of treachery. It’s mainly a refresher course for most of us but the sheeple would be gob smacked by how “in your face” the entire caper was/is.

Katherine Watt: In her own words
On January 24, 2023 Katherine Watt was an attendee at a press conference that discussed the ongoing emergency use rollout of bioweapons being marketed as Covid vaccines. She discussed the legal framework for which this is happening and provides ways to circumvent the WHO/BIS/DOD initiatives that undermine sovereignty.


Greencrow Continues: Corinne Mori, featured in the video below, is a British Columbian Nurse who was/is fired by the government for refusing to get the gene-editing injections. She extrapolates on her own personal persecution and pillorying by her government and her nurses union–to what she sees as the collapse/weaponiZation of the entire Canada Healthcare system. I loved listening to Corrine describe how her union stabbed her and the other nurses in the back on behalf of the Globalists

…but this video is problematical to watch due to the annoying intrusiveness of the interviewer. Why couldn’t he just shut the fuck up and let Corrine tell her story? We’ll never know—but someone should do British Columbians a big favour–take this video and edit him out of it.

Corinne Mori – Canada’s Collapsing Healthcare May Be by Design

This is an important interview to listen to if you are Canadian but especially if you are in BC. The unions & bureaucrats in this province are like something out of a Kafka novel. It’s a complete clown show that is causing our medical care to implode.


Greencrow concludes: Finally we have documentary producer [Plandemic Series] Mikki Willis admonishing truthers not to fall into the age-old trap laid for them by the Perps – the old “Divide and Conquer’. Before I was a child protection social worker for the Government of British Columbia and while my two sons were still at home, I spent about five years as a community activist. During that time in the early 1990’s I started up a Non Profit Organization called “Tri-City Family Place” in my Coquitlam/Port Coquitlam neighbourhood. I conceived the idea–based on my own needs as a stay-at-home parent–put an ad in the local newspapers advising of an organizational meeting in my own home to set up a “Board of Directors” for the non profit. Well, to make a long story short, I did form a Board of Directors, with myself as President, and set up the ‘Family Place Drop-in for pre-school children and their caregivers’ at a location I found at a local community centre. Tri-City Family Place is still a going concern today, more than 20 years later.

Mikki Willis warning about the major pitfall of social activism–infighting

One of the learnings I had from the experience is the inherent dynamic of a Non Profit — and it’s Board of Directors. Giving people who’ve been powerless all their lives a modicum of power creates a dynamic that can be positive…and it can also be negative. People with the power to hire and fire sometimes collude to manipulate, lie and punish. Hellooooowww. Well–the perpZ know about these human frailties/predilections–and use the inherent dynamic to destroy activists movements–from the inside. After a few years, and once the Family Place had become established and stabilized, my Board of Directors turned on me and ‘ousted’ me at a board meeting. LOL.  I can laugh about it now–but at the time it was devastating.

Seems that a couple of the board members had links with a big omnibus community charity in Coquitlam ‘Share’. This big community charity wanted to absorb Tri City Family Place–which they proceeded to do–after my ouster.

Suffice it to say, after a period of grief and mourning, I went on to bigger and better things…I went back to university [at night and by distance] got my BSW, became a child protection social worker…entering the most emotionally fulfilling and financially rewarding decade of my working career. But, enough about me. Watch as Mikki Willis describes this same negative dynamic but on a global scale…and stay tuned.



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