and much more bioweapon newZ

Courageous man standing up for what is right. No one ever should have been forced to inject themselves. God Bless and congratulations ⁦@DjokerNole

Novak Djokovic


Good morning sentients. There are still patches of snow on the ground up here on the Malahat after our second cold snap of the season. Warming temperatures and rain, however, are in the forecast. I’m finding it harder and harder to get down to writing and publishing a post. Maybe it’s the tsunami of daily newZ that inundates every time I go to Twitter for my news [one of the few sources I seek out information from] or maybe it’s checking my WordPress Stats and seeing the steady algorithmic decline in my readership over the past year or so. I have written before about how the JFTurvert Lieberal regime is working on legislation making it harder and harder for blogging platforms to operate in Canada. Eventually in another year or so the goal is to have all blogging platforms to pull out of Canada due to these roadblocks.

Bloggers will be silenced once and for all.

But, while I’m still here, I might as well shout out into the diminishing Blogosphere a few more times. Below I have assembled a series of cogent and timely links and reports. Above, I celebrate one of our few sentient victories of the past few years. The dominance of one of our fellow unvaxxed sentients in his chosen sport of Tennis. Novak Djokovic prevailed this year in the Australian Open Tennis Championship after being booted out of the country last year for prioritizing his bodily sovereignty over his tennis career. Novak again drew attention to the fact that in spite of all the Plandemic fear porn spewed out over the air waves 24/7365 for the past three years…we unvaxxed are doing VERY well in terms of our health and, in particular, our immunity systems, thank you very much.

The bigger picture of how the Plandemic and now the Climate Change HOAXes fit into the bigger Globalist Agenda is now becoming clearer thanks to incredible investigatory research by unknown and unsung heroes like Katherine Watt, below. Please listen carefully to what this Legal Assistant has to say and I will continue afterwords:


Project Veritas parked a Led Cube Truck with a video of their Sting Operation playing outside PfiZer’s head office in New York City.

PfiZer Sting Update

Remember folks last week the hilarious [yet atrocious and horrific] Sting Operation conducted by Project Veritas against PfiZer head of research Dr. Jordon Walker? I’m still laughing over the details of the donnybrook that took place in a New York bar when Walker was on his “third date” with the Whistleblower who was also a PfiZer employee. If you haven’t seen the two videos…you really should…even if it’s only to get a good belly laugh. Here is a FOX report that has links to the entire Sting operation embedded


Greencrow continues: One of the strategies of the Globalist Perps is to juggle so many issues–get so many balls into the air that it’s difficult if not impossible for the average sentient citizen to even keep track of them. Recently they’ve launched another ball into the air…fear porn about the “15 minute city”. I wrote about this in my previous post linked below:

Greencrow continues: If you’ve already read the post above, check it out again because I’ve added several new and highly significant links. Just last night I saw on Twitter where Chris Sky admitted to living with his wife AND his girlfriend…lol.

I Tweeted back:

“I have no problemo with that…just as long as your wife and gf are able to live with you and their bfs.”

LOL. No wonder folks like former Ontario MLA Randy Hillier didn’t want to touch Chris with a 10 foot pole. But as Chris says…he doesn’t care about popularity…just the truth and resistance.


More from Twitter about the Novak victory:


Greencrow continues: Here are some more links I’ve collected over the past week or so:

Did PfiZer Just Admit they Caused The Pandemic?

by Andrew Paquette


– ELON MUSK admitted that after his second booster he HAD VAX ADVERSE EVENT

Remember two years ago when Naturopathic Doctor Amandha Volmer published a report she did on what was said about Chromosome 8 in the mRNA vaccine patent application?



Greencrow continues: now with all the light being shone on the Plandemic VaxxZine HOAX they’re switching immediately to the Climate Change Hoax:

Greencrow: Speaking of poverty and homelessness…some incredible reports have come to Parliament’s notice about the profligate spending of the JFTurvert Lie-beral regime with it’s “Finance Minister” Chrystia Freeland. Some of them absolutely boggle the mind. It’s a wonder Canada hasn’t experienced a complete financial collapse by now. Here’s just one below. I’ll try to post about the half doZen others in the weeks to come:

Greencrow: The mind is boggled by the numbers in the report above…just today there was more news about the quarantine hotel spending in 2020. Apparently 10 quarantine hostages ran up half million dollar hotel bills EACH which were then paid by the taxpayers...all to spend a few days/weeks in a dedicated Calgary hotel in 2020. Back in the day, when Canada was a functioning democracy, news like this would result in immediate resignations! Not anymore…It’s just bidness as usual…till the cash suddenly runs out [probably immediately after JFT gets defeated in the next selection and skips the country].

Below is a chart/video showing the interconnections between the corporations, the media, and the so-called “Health Industry”. It is easy to see how the scam was set up and operated by following the connecting lines.

Greencrow: So, folks, it appears that if you took the jab you were playing Russian Roulette with your health. Each successive injection of the Experimental mRNA gene-editing concoction was like putting another bullet into the chambers. Some people [and I hope/pray my family members were amongst this group] seem to have avoided the horrible outcomes that the vaxed injured are now joining forces to fight the governments for compensation about. Please review the link below to learn more about the vagaries of the jab:

Greencrow: Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jordon Peterson is one of the few heros amongst Canadian Professionals who has dared take on the Turd mano a mano. [via his writings and social media]. Of course the Trudeau Foundation re$ipient groups have banded together to “cancel” Jordon. As you will see in the link below, Jordon held a huge assembly/lecture last week with 5,000 paid ticket-holders in attendance. It went off without a hitch, in spite of the best efforts of the Turdlovers to cancel the event:

Dr. Jordon Peterson made a very interesting announcement. He said that he and other like-minded folks have formed a WEFer-like consortium and will be having a founding meeting shortly in London, UK to set up a competitive group to WEF. They will operate along the same lines…just a bunch of unelected deep-pockets coming up with rules and an agenda to rule the world—based on their philosophy–which we hope will be the antithesis of the WEFer globalist agenda. Anyway, that’s potentially very good news for humanity. Competition is always healthy!


15 minute city plans cause controversy

Finally, we have an extremely good “Must Read” about the latest fear mongering agenda of the PerpZ–the 15 minute city. This is from The Oxford Student and outlines what’s going on in the Oxford, England pilot project. Forewarned is forearmed. And Stay Tuned!


  1. Greencrow, It’s almost like Novak needs an asterisk by his name for his tennis accomplishments. He is now competing against ‘vax’ injured players!

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  2. Great summary article as usual, young lady..

    I may want to ‘borrow’ this one and put it up in my Friday “news” report as just more interesting news from a Canadian perspective… With full kudos to yourself of course..

    Hopefully you do not mind.. It does give some extra exposure to your site and the work you do here…

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