PfiZer Sting Update – Plus push back on Turvert Tyranny

…And a mystery is finally solved!

Mysterious Hot Air Balloon finally spotted, identified and photographed – HT FreakedOut

Good morning readers. As usual these days, the compelling headlines are more numerous and ominous than ever–in a sliding scale with the algorithms. More headlines to post about and less people to read what I post. But ever the dauntless blogger here I go with my latest cache of “End Times Reports”.

First we have the “Bombshell” out of Thailand. This is the news that has been bubbling on Twitter about a daughter of the Thai King falling into a coma as a result of a CovID vaxxZine booster…and the King and his advisers vowing to cancel contract$ and kick PfiZer out of Thailand.

Yes, I saw one of my favourite Truther doctors [if not my all time favourite!] Dr. Sucharit Bakhti has been speaking out on Twitter about what happened in Thailand.  He said he was contacted by higher ups in the Thai government because he is half Thai/German in citizenship and because of his expertise in the covID vaccine adverse effects.  Apparently, the daughter of the Thai King has been in a coma for some time after losing consciousness some weeks after taking a booster.  The Thai people are up in arms and want to strip PfiZer of any rights to sell their shit in Thailand.  Also Thailand wants to pull out of the WHO agreement that binds all nations to impose the toxic slop on their citizens.

Thailand drops a BOMBSHELL on @pfizer

and they’re PISSED! The narrative is collapsing!

H/T FreakedOut

I am watching the volatile PfiZer situation closely.  Especially after the latest ‘drop’ video from Project Veritas where the grindr idiot [aka Director of Research Dr. Jordon Trishton Walker] admits: a) that PfiZer is aware and concerned about the plethora of menstrual irregularities being reported, but b) isn’t doing anything about the concerns–because PfiZer has “moved on from the covid vaccine” onto other projects”.

To watch the Project Veritas videos please click on the links below:

Greencrow continues: At long last and perhaps too late…the cooler heads that we were sorely missing in Ottawa have begun to raise their heads above the sewage crud swamp that exists there. Below is a Rex Murphy op-ed about one of Canada’s unelected senators speaking out against the horrific Bill C-11 that threatens to cancel Freedom of Speech for all Canadians on the Internet–which of course includes all bloggers in Canada. Please read the op-ed at the link below. It is to weep to finally have some sanity spoken in those “halls of horrors”:

Sen. David Adams Richards, seen in a file photo, spoke out strongly against Bill C-11 — the Online Streaming Act — in an address to the senate on Jan. 31© Provided by National Post



And here’s another op-ed I read this morning about how phony “Grade B” Actor Trudeau is with his “Canadians are racists, misogynists” clap-trap:

Jamil Jivani: Quebeckers expose Trudeau’s anti-racism performance art


And, finally, we have the answer to a mystery from way back at the beginning of the Covid Plandemic Hoax Lockdowns/Vaccine Mandates nightmare. Remember when I attended nine demonstrations/marches in Downtown Vancouver in 2020/2021? Yes, I would make my signs, get on the Skytrain, travel to downtown Vancouver on a Saturday and spend the afternoon, rain or shine, standing outside the Vancouver Art Gallery and then marching around the nearby streets.

Well, during one of those demonstrations, not far from where I was marching, there was an incident that I did not witness but which was later publicized in the Mainstream Media. One of our activists, a [actually very funny] comedian, a young man was riding as a passenger in a car down Robson Street and shouting through a bull horn at the shoppers…berating them, for being sheep–getting the vaccine–when a man rode up to his vehicle on a bicycle and proceeded to attack the passenger side with his bicycle. Here’s a photo I posted on my blog of the man in the Vancouver attack.

“Bicycle Man” attacking activist in car with his bicycle.

At the time I suspected that the “Bicycle Man” could be the same creep who beheaded a young man while both were travelling across Canada on the Greyhound Bus a few years earlier. This murderer looked exactly like the man in the photo above. We know that the Greyhound attacker had been mysteriously pardoned and set free from prison–had changed his identity–and was/is living in the community.

But, it turns out I was WRONG!

Below the mystery is solved. According to a report in The Western Standard, the bicycle attacker was/is none other than Dr. Kim Nguyen Chi, a Doctor of Oncology, an ‘esteemed’ member of the Vancouver/Provincial medical community.

“…The Provincial Health Services Authority selected Chi as the leader for BC Cancer in 2019, referring to him as a highly respected member of the community…”

Someone who was appointed to the BC Health Authority [headed by the Infamous “Dr” Bonnie ‘Mengele’ Henry] and who was, no doubt, gleaning a handsome income taken from the public purse. Here’s the story from The Western Standard and I will have final comments to follow:

Watch: Anti-Mandate Comedian Identifies Alleged Attacker as Top BC Cancer Doctor

Greencrow concludes: Here is what I posted on Twitter after learning that the great mystery of the “bicycle attacker” had finally been solved:

“Unlike the Freedom Trucker Convoy Leaders–who were totally peaceful, this violent attacker was “too high up” in government authority to be charged/jailed. We must instead feel sorry for this well paid factotum. He was after all–“under stress”, unlike Convoy leaders who had lost their jobs, etc.”

This kind of selective compassion and leniency has been one of the horrific hallmarks of the CovIDian HOAX Cult era. Crocodile tears shed for CovIDian Cult attackers…BUT nothing other than clanging jail cell doors and froZen bank accounts for Freedom activists who are only exercising their constitutional and Charter rights. Folks, as you can see from all the links above…the worm is indeed turning. The sheeple are finally waking up. I can hardly wait until I start getting abject apologies from my formerly derisive and ostracizing friends and family! Stay tuned.

10 thoughts on “PfiZer Sting Update – Plus push back on Turvert Tyranny

  1. I have been reading your posts for well over a year now and check for updates daily. I have learned a lot and like your humorous writing style so would hate to see you stop blogging. With regards to future censorship do you think the use of VPN’s would be a solution?


  2. Hi Joseph:

    Thanks for your comment and in particular thanks for complimenting me on my humour. I was so touched I called my vaxed husband to my computer to read your comment. He doesn’t think I have a sense of humour at all!

    Regarding the VPN. I have seen on Twitter that the VPN is the answer to the censorship that will be foisted on Canadians with the passage of Bill C-11. I saw an ad on TV last night for NordVPN

    I dunno. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is all a money grab. My bottom line has always been this. No matter what virus software you install etc., etc…. They can always hack into and see what you’re viewing or blogging. And no matter how they try to prevent the public from looking at some web site…there’s always a way around it. For instance I always go to the Browser BRAVE to read RT.

    Over the years, I have built up an immunity and an indifference to the [tax payer funded] government agencies that want to snoop into my computer. Let them do it! And if, some day, they want to come to my door and arrest this 76 year old grandmother…and take me to jail for browsing the Internet and/or posting on my blog I will just say: “Wait a minute until I get my knitting…I don’t want to be bored in jail.”


  3. Hi My West Coast Sister in Arms. I always look forward to reading your posts. With my two jobs and a family, your concise updates and links is very much appreciated. I simply do not have the time to dig through to find truth. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Greencrow;

    Hmmm. A balloon floating from Alaska to the Carolinas carrying something the size of three buses underneath it; the blame for this event being cast on China.

    My suspicious mind thinks this might be a good set-up for the next plandemic if the balloon’s cargo was another bioweapon being being released along the route.

    I also look forward to reading your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi CanadianNotCommunist
    Thanks for your comment. I immediately wrote the balloon off as a distraction/psy-op/potential bioweapon. The PerpZ are absolutely desperate as their narrative is totally falling apart. Collapsing under the sheer weight of the absurd cult lies and diktats. I didn’t spend any time at all looking into it.

    All those billions spent on toxic vaccines which now the public refuses to be conned into taking. We should be seeing some of them head for the hills/underground bunkers soon.


    1. Greencrow;

      I also wondered if Canada even noticed this balloon?
      The lack of reporting from NORAD has me completely mystified as every Christmas Eve there is an update every half hour on Santa’s progress.

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