UPDATED: February 16, 2023.


UPDATED: February 16, 2023. Folks I am going to leave this post up until after the POEC report becomes public. I want the photo above to get as much Internet traction as possible because it is an historical Canadian photo. ‘The Smoking Gun’ as to the murderous criminality of the JFTurvert Lie-beral/NDP dictatorship. Looking more closely at the photo above there is no doubt in my mind at least that the man lying in the snow surrounded by police is ‘The Man in the Tan Jacket” who was trampled by Police Horses on Feb18/23…and that he is dead. If he were NOT dead, there would be paramedics around him tending to his injuries. Why is he lying there unattended? IMO, because when it became established that he was indeed dead…the scene officially became a crime scene and the police instinctively reacted by standing back waiting for investigators to arrive…”not disturbing the evidence” as it were.

Everything happened in a matter of seconds/moments. Seconds after the above photo was taken, the secret police of the government arrived and swiftly dragged off the body towards the Chateau Laurier hotel. How do I know this? Because I have seen a video of the police officers dragging the body off through the snow towards the Chateau Laurier. I have posted this video several times on this blog. I do not now know what post I published it in and it likely has been removed from the Internet anyway. It was first published by former Ontario MLA Randy Hillier. Shortly after he posted it on his blog, He was forced out of office and banned from all social media sites. Just a month or so ago, the great Canadian, Randy Hillier, was allowed back on Twitter.

Two days ago, RCMP Commissioner Brenda Luckie resigned from her office as head of the RCMP. This was on the same day as this photo became public. If there had been an investigation into the death of the Man in the Tan Jacket, she would have ordered it. Folks, do you not see that this is all a cover-up that is now unravelling? They are trying to control the collapse of the narrative…getting rid of Lucki before the news that she did not investigate this death becomes public.

Stay tuned.


Good morning readers. Happy Valentines Day! Today is Valentines Day and It is also the one year anniversary of the invocation of the Emergencies Act in Ottawa to break up the Trucker Freedom Convoy that was holding demonstrations there for the preceeding two weeks in February 2022.

I was going to post this song called “Trucker Love” with a Valentines Day motif but then was absolutely shocked to see a brief image right at the end of the video…which was posted this morning on Twitter by none other than Kyle Kemper…the half brother of JFT himself. Kyle and I follow one another on Twitter. Kyle is one of us…an anti-vaxer who quite a few years ago now had to flee Canada with his large family to avoid the repercussions of being related to Turvert and the vax. First, here is the #TruckerLove video posted by Kyle:

Last #ValentineDay the Canadian government invoked the emergencies act to freeze the bank accounts and intimidate the concerned Canadians who supported the Truckers peaceful protest. This song is a tribute to the truckers. #TruckerLove #neverforget

Kyle Kemper Ж



Greencrow continues: I don’t know how long this will stay up on Twitter. Might not even make it till I publish so I will make this post short and elaborate on it later. Look at the screen shot of the man lying on the ground in the snow above. I am sure that’s the ‘Man in the Tan Jacket” who was trampled by Police horses. What the Fuck! He looks dead to me. Was this photo shot just before he was dragged away by police–as was shown in another video I’ve posted throughout the past year?

The POEC report is due on February 20th. Some are saying it could be posted on Friday which would be the 17th. Damning information about governments is usually posted on a Friday to miss the weekly news cycle. So we’ll see what happens. Heard the Canadian House of Commons is taking a very convenient two week holiday.

As if the above wasn’t shocking enough. Below is another Breaking News Story about the Freedom Convoy as it related to the Truck barricade set up at Coutts Alberta a year ago. Read and watch the report below and prepare to be absolutely shocked. As I say, I want to get this published ASAP so will save my comments till later.

RCMP Planted Evidence at her home

Joanne Person’s daughter told her not to hang up the phone but to leave it on the counter before she was arrested by the RCMP. So she followed her daughter’s advice and it resulted in five hours of recordings of the police planting firearms in her home.

After a weapons charge against her was dropped, a supporter of the Coutts blockade is alleging the RCMP brought weapons into her home.

At a recent event to commemorate the one year of the anti-COVID mandate blockade, Coutts, Alberta, local Joanne Person took to the microphone to share her story. Joanne was arrested in the early hours of February 14, 2022 after the execution of search warrants by RCMP.

Joanne was charged with Possession of a Weapon for Dangerous Purpose and Mischief Over $5,000. She was later charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

On January 16, 2023, her weapon and mischief charges were dropped at request of the prosecutor, and on January 28, she announced she may have evidence suggesting the RCMP planted weapons in her home.

To be clear: Rebel News is not suggesting that the RCMP planted evidence at the home of Joanne Person.

We haven’t seen or heard Joanne’s evidence at the point of this recording. We’re reporting these allegations she has made as a newsworthy claim, and we will continue to stay on the story as it develops.

We will do our best to independently confirm any of the allegations made in today’s video. Nonetheless, what Joanne is saying is another part of the story of the Coutts blockade that our audience should hear, from this Coutts local on the blockade that led to the lifting of COVID restrictions in Alberta and catalyzed the former premier’s resignation from politics.

Greencrow concludes: Well readers about 5 minutes after publishing the above post the Internet went out at our place. That’s happened many times in the past…when I post hot button news like the one above. Additionally, the only comment to this post so far was an irrelevant one from a pest that I believe might think he works for the CIA. I “trashed” his comment and will have to block him again as I have already blocked him twice under different names.

The overall stats for this post are up from the usual lately [but of course drastically down from before the Internet fell under the censorship of AI/algorithms]. Overall I believe the above post has been largely shadow banned. Rule of thumb with truth blogging is the more shocking the story, the less traction it gets.

I ask Canadian readers to share this post on their social media and give it as much play as possible to see if any more photos of the man in the tan jacket suddenly appear.

And as far as the equally shocking second story about the woman who left her cell phone on and caught RCMP planting weapons in her home…a year later, four young men are still in jail over the falsified charges based on that planted evidence.

IMO, these two stories are far from over.


  1. Greencrow;

    Another excellent report. Thank-you.

    I was thinking it must be about a year since the Prime Minister became the Prime Murderer.
    The principle is the same, whether it’s tanks in China, bulldozers in Israel or war horses in Ottawa, once a government crosses that line and releases the war machine to mow down their own citizens there is no going back. It is tyranny and the government should face the full repercussions from the citizenry.
    Those war horses should be located and destroyed, by the way.

    Thanks again for all that you do to keep the important stories in front of us.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. IMO the men who rode those horses likely weren’t even Canadian…flown in on those “UN flights” to North Bay, Ontario. That could be why nobody can touch this huge piece of evidence lying like a rotting fish on the Canadian body politic. If the matter of the dead Man in the Tan Jacket were exposed it would open so many cans of worms the jails could not hold the guilty!


  2. HI Hi CanadianNotCommunist;

    Thanks for your comment of appreciation for this post which I do believe is one of the most important reports I’ve ever published as a blogger. I am going to leave it up until after the POEC report is made public and add to it then and draw more conclusions if required.

    I see the photo of the Man in the Tan Jacket above as Iconic in Canadian history. Very appropriate it was first published by JFT’s half brother Kyle Kemper. That was an extremely courageous gesture on his part. Kyle has earned his place in history with that photo.

    And, as usual, this kind of Boom separates the wheat from the chaff. So far on Twitter, not one acknowledgement. I will keep looking for reactions and will post any that I find at the top of this post.


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