UPDATED: Canada is Lost

“Justice Paul Rouleau justified the use of the Emergencies Act, not because the Freedom Convoy was a threat, but because the government failed in their duties at all levels. Government Incompetence is now the threshold to suspending Civil Liberties in Canada.”

Comment from Twitter


POEC decision supports JFT’s dictatorial imposition of martial law last February 18th, 2022

“Investigation” Did Not Tell Us what Happened to Man In Tan Jacket


Greencrow concludes: JFT’s relative by marriage “Justice” Paul Rouleau rolled over and gave his relative what he wanted. Trudeau in the Bahamas as his uncle-in-law says he didn’t do anything wrong invoking the Emergencies Act.

My previous post contains crucial information as to the evidence that was not addressed at the now recognized to be Fraudulent POEC Hearings.

The “judgement” handed down this morning by “Justice” Paul Rouleau–Liberal donor and likely relative/family friend of JFTurvert today–in my opinion–marks the beginning in earnest of the Western Separatist movement.

Greencrow concludes: Canada is lost. It’s a Turvertian Shit Sho now. Watch as JFT comes on TV this afternoon at his presser and repeats his racist slurs against white Canadians…furthering division within our former nation.

I would not be at all surprised if JFT now calls a snap [s]election to solidify his stranglehold on Canada for his foreign Globalist WEFer handlers. This would call a halt to all the stinking scandals that are bubbling up through the Federal floorboards. It would also nip any emerging popularity that the CPC’s leader Pierre Poilievre has.

In summary. This is, IMO, the blackest day in Canadian history for the past 76 years that I’ve been around. I saw it coming but even I hoped for a miracle. Even I hoped that Rouleau would not be the usual corrupt judge that is ‘par for the course’ these days. Canada is lost.

Maxime Bernier


Former Liberal activist Paul Rouleau was named by Trudeau to cover Trudeau’s ass. He delivered spectacularly. Liberal corruption at its finest.


Greencrow comments: Meanwhile…not a word from CPC “leader” Pierre Poilievre. He’s still got his wet finger up in the air checking to see which way the political winds are blowing;

UPDATED February 18, 2023: While Poilievre was the last of the Canadian Federal Leaders to speak on the Rouleau Report he did make a statement and here is part of it:

“Canada died today when Rouleau let Trudeau off the hook. I just checked PP’s timeline and NOT a word from him wrt to the verdict handed down today. Like I have been saying he is a FAKE.”

Greencrow: Meanwhile, the massive Lie-beral corruption continues. Just today [buried by the POEC Fraudulent report] the Globe and Mail [hidden behind a pay wall] published a report from CSIS admitting that Turvert lied in Parliament months ago when he said that China did not interfere in the last Cdn Federal Selection:

Today was a much better day for JFT than May 30, 2002…thank heaven for taxpayer-funded lawyers and corrupt family member judges!

Trudeau with underaged student. Their affair led to him losing his student teaching license in 2002.

19 thoughts on “UPDATED: Canada is Lost

  1. Most disheartening to see how untouchable and outside the law that tyrannical little sockboy puppet is. Now we all know for sure that much of the justice system is run by the puppeteers as well.

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  2. Hi Okanagan Goddess
    It seems the only way out is Western Separatism. Watch that explode, especially in Alberta.

    The only thing left for Canada is the requiem. There was a rumour that JFT and “Justice” Rouleau are related by marriage. Pierre Trudeau’s sister married a “Rouleau”. This rumour was never confirmed nor denied….in this day of “ancestry.com” and such it should have been an easy matter to either dismiss it or confirm it but, just like the fate of the “Man in the Tan Jacket’…that seems totally beyond any “investigative journalists” these days.


    1. My fear for us on the West Coast who are Conservative might never outlive the extreme crazy Liberal mad critters on the West Coast. You know the types I refer to. West of the Cascades is a danger zone for most of us already.


  3. Yes and No to the darkest day in Canada.
    I believe we are already too deep under to rescue ourselves. We still have a few internal court challenges in the wings, but legal and law enforcement corruption is near complete. However, several international tribunals and court filings have recently sprouted roots, that should rock Trudeau’s world.
    Dr. David Martin’ s case in Utah https://rumble.com/v2868vw-the-university-of-british-columbia-exposed.html
    Swiss Banker taking Swiss President to task. With international ramifications.
    Thailand royalty readying to run their own tribunal.
    Until we restore our law enforcers to protect the people, instead of ‘aiding and abetting’ criminals, our hands are tied.

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    1. Today, after being a patriotic Canadian for 76 years…I have become a separatist. I will support any separatist movement that separates Western Canada from the eastern sewage cesspool.


      1. We should take a very close look at that. And is possibly already set into motion by Premier of Alberta response to Feds regarding the ‘Just Transition’ bullying. We’ll see where that is going momentarily. As Alberta says: not going to take it.

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      2. This is a particularly downer day but the Rouleau report was pretty much what I expected it would be. I’ve been a separatist at heart since I was a member of Western Canada Concept, led by BC’s Doug Christie. I actually left Canada for a period of time when I couldn’t stomach Pierre Trudeau anymore. I most definitely cannot stomach his son either but now I’m trapped in Canada by virtue of being too old to move and unsure if there’s anyplace on earth I’d find significantly better conditions. I felt such joy, pride and relief during the Freedom Convoy but now I have only the warm glow of those memories to stave off the cold and darkness which frequently overwhelms me. I wish all the people at Camp Hope in Manitoba a happy, safe gathering this weekend. I’ll watch for video clips to see if can take a little solace from that.

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    1. Hi M.R.

      The “Rouleau Report” will give Western Separatism a boost that it never had before. I became a believer for the first time today. We need to rid ourselvese once and for all of the terminally corrupt Eastern provinces east of Manitoba.


  4. I am not one bit surprised by the outcome. It was expected . What else was the enemy of the people to do? I’ll just keep collecting guns, bullets, gold and silver . F$&@ They .

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  5. I live in Alberta. The sentiment for separation is really strong here so we will probably be the first province to go, followed soon after by Saskatchewan. Since Alberta has been Quebec’s cash cow I would expect them to leave next as no other province could or would fund their massive transfer payments. I think that money flow is the only thing keeping Quebec in Canada. The Maritime provinces would then be completely isolated so I suspect they would have to join the US.

    BC would then have to make a decision. They would be cut off from what is left of eastern Canada so it would make sense for them to join with AB and SK instead of going on their own. Also the Yukon and the NWT would also have to join. Ontario would have to go on their own.

    I am not sure what Manitoba would do. It would make sense for them to join the west instead of sticking with Ontario.

    When the dust settles there will not be much left of eastern Canada but Western Canada would be united and strong.

    If this comes to pass I suspect a lot of people will leave what was eastern Canada and move west.

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    1. Replying to the last sentence in Ron’s comment;

      I live in northern Ontario. This is a province clearly divided between north and south . Trillions of dollars flow out of northern Ontario, mostly in the form of mining, forestry and agricultural products, never to be seen again. It would be nice, if when the west separates the line could be made along Hwy 17 – Sault Ste Marie to Mattawa, ( to include northern Ontario with the west) as northern Ontario attitudes align more with those of the west.

      If not, I suppose we will be one of those families pulling up stakes….

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  6. Hi Ron:

    If you do a cursory examination of the electoral map and see the numbers of MP’s per Province and unelected Senators appointed per province you will basically know how Canada will separate. BC Alberta and the West have been horrifically short changed in democratic representation in Ottawa for at least 100 years.

    There is no motivation on the part of the East to give us our rightful number of representatives and that’s why every selection in the past 50 years at least has been a shit show with the decision being made before Western polls are closed.

    BC is currently in crisis with a Premier who nobody knows who the fuck he is yet he’s making all these unilateral diktats and forcing them down our throats. We still don’t have our unvaxed health care workers back in the hospitals and the “health minister” is still dealing deadly drugs to our kids. Now they’ve legaliZed hard drugs and our downtown east side is going to explode with overdose mortalities.

    There’s a recall action against the unelected Premier but it only has a tiny chance of success.

    British Columbians are impressed with Alberta’s Danielle Smith. I think if she were the elected Prime Minister of a new country made up of Provinces west of Ontario that would be a fresh new start. The idea of cutting loose from the economic blood suckers in Ontario/Quebec is tantalizing to say the least,


    1. Hi Mary:

      How you share depends on who you want to share it with. Here is the URL [link] to the article which can also be found on your Browser line:

      UPDATED: Canada is Lost

      Say you wanted to share the post on Twitter or with a friend in an e-mail or on another forum, all you do is copy and paste the URL onto the post or in the e-mail.

      Sharing more broadly… I don’t know about because I’ve never done it.


  7. Poilievre spoke in both languages responding to the outcome of the commission. It sounded more like an election platform rather than a response/ critique of the decision. B.C. is a political snake pit. I truly want to believe that Eby can be recalled and that the hard work of volunteers educating the Point Grey riding will lead to more than enough signatures. Even though the winters are more harsh in Alberta I’ve been dreaming of a move to the province of my birth. Praying for Danielle Smith to win the election in spite of nasty Notley and her impotent federal leader, Simpering Singh. May the dream of independance from Ottawa come true. God help us all.

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  8. Hi OkanaganGoddess:

    I did see that Poilievre made a statement on the POEC decision. He waited most of the day testing to see what direction the political winds were blowing before he did. Meanwhile Max Bernier the PPC leader came out, both barrels blazing, against the report.

    If Eby were recalled it would be a stunning rebuke of the political status quo…and a warning to all politicians in Canada who have keep their snout in the tax-payer funded troughs for three years,,,never even raising their eyes up to look and see the hell Canadians have been put through.


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