Getting away with Murder in CANADA

UPDATED: February 24, 2023 Folks I’ve updated this post many times, so if you want to make sure you’ve seen all the evidence, browse through again. Including this video I received today from Inont. Apparently a Watchdog Ottawa Civilians group collected this and other evidence of the incident. My question is: If they did, why didn’t they present this evidence in a report to the POEC? The complete absence of all official comment on this incident is the most damning of all!!!

Having examined the above video at least a doZen times my assessment is it is a carefully doctored cover-up. The overview at the very top of this post shows clearly two people being trampled. The YouTube video above shows nothing of the sort. It is too grainy and dark to make out any individuals. Somebody is engaged in a cover up for sure!

Good Morning readers. “Heather” on Twitter just posted the above video, which is a compilation of videos from the Morning of February 18, 2022 in Ottawa, Canada, just in front of the Chateau Laurier Hotel in downtown Ottawa. This sequence of videos shows police mobilization against the demonstrators and at the end shows Police Horses trampling two of the Trucker Freedom convoy protesters.

In the final 15 or 20 seconds of the video you will see a seconds long video, shot from above, likely taken by a member of the police–from the window of one of the suites in the Chateau Laurier where the police were the only occupants at that time. This last video clip shows two men dragging the lifeless body of a man through the snow towards the Chateau Laurier hotel entrance.

The man in the tan jacket trampled on by police horses, then photographed lying prone in the snow and then shown being dragged, lifeless by his arms through the snow by two uniformed men has never been identified.

UPDATE: Below is a compilation of photos of the murder of the Man in the Tan Jacket in order of occurrence to the best of my understanding:

The above photo is a screenshot taken from this video uploaded to Twitter by Kyle Kemper, the half brother of Justin Trudeau. You can find the above image if you scroll to minute 3:51 of the video copied below.

Below are a series of screenshots from the video at the top of this post. They show the body of a lifeless man dragged by the arms by two men in uniform. This image was never explained and the mystery grows by the day. Who was this man and what happened to him? With an event so heavily investigated, why is this mystery allowed to persist.

Greencrow concludes: This is how you get away with murder in the West, folks. If you’re high up enough and powerful enough to control the police, the judiciary and the media–you can simply ignore murder in broad daylight. Just like on 9/11 when 3000 innocent workers at the WTC were murdered in broad daylight in downtown NYC. Just continue to ignore the evidence hiding in plain sight forever afterwards…and keep scrubbing the Internet. After a while, the sheeple will have moved on to the most recent fear porn psy-ops you’ve prepared for them.


19 thoughts on “Getting away with Murder in CANADA

  1. Greencrow, Can’t Trudeau be ousted for sheer incompetence? Of course I know the answer.  We have Biden! I was a Transportation professional for 33 years and I never imagined that a US Secretary of Transportation could take over a month of Paternity leave.  If I were president I would fire Mr Buttigieg the second he requested this leave. Now Mr Buttigieg took almost two weeks to even address the East Palestine, Ohio train catastrophe! Biden is now funding the pensions of Ukranians! Biden is so despicable that his first wife probably committed suicide by driving into a large truck. Her and her young daughter were killed.  The truck driver was not at fault, but Biden claimed he was drunk! The man in the tan jacket is definitely seriously injured.  Why the RMCP used these horses is beyond me. The rumor is Trudeau is out.  He is too stupid even to be an NWO stooge!

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  2. Those photos are difficult to decipher. Did no one miss that man? No family, no friends, no employer? How many people paid off to keep their mouth’s shut? We need a leak in the dyke to bring this to the people.

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  3. Hi OkanaganGoddess:

    No. He has never been identified. The closest thing to an official acknowledgement that he even existed was given by the Police Sargent in the video above when he noted that “two” people were trampled. But he inferred that neither had been seriously injured. We later heard that the woman in the red jacket was hospitalized with a broken collarbone. No mention of the man who had obviously been stepped on by one of the horses.

    Nobody wants to break the Omertà over this. Why? I’ve sent the links to the videos and my posts on the topic all over on Twitter…to the Convoy supporters and their lawyers. Not one reply!


  4. Whether or not the individual is dead or injured, at the very least he should be receiving medical attention. Look how all the officers jumped into action to help other cops in Sannich “robbery”( black op ) for example. I believe the police are obligated to provide first aid while waiting for paramedics . Given that they considered these peaceful protesters to pose a public threat, EMS units should have been nearby. They should be charged with standing around like overpaid goons failing to provide assistance to an injured human being. No wonder these cowardly ass holes hide their faces and their names and badge numbers. Disgrace to humanity.
    Are the cops not helping because they know the man is dead?

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    1. Hi Inont:

      We can only go by what is revealed in the videos and photos as there has been absolutely NO comment by police or politicians other than the Police Sargent Bell saying that two protesters were injured by the police horses. Other than that no follow up or identification of the Man in the Tan jacket. These omissions in and of themselves are very suspicious.

      So, according to the photos the man in the tan jacket was knocked down by the police horses and his chest was stepped on according to the photo. Then we see him lying spread eagled on the snow. His left leg appears broken. Police are standing back. I have commented that this is likely because he had been declared dead. The body and the scene then immediately became a ‘crime scene’. The police had been ordered to stand back to “protect the evidence’.

      Then we see some SWAT TEAM dressed individuals dragging the man off by the arms through the snow. They would only have done this if he were dead. Otherwise they could have injured him further. They were dragging him in the direction of the Chateau Laurier where the police were conducting their operations from and where the video was being shot from a window in a floor or two above.

      The most curious aspect of this murder mystery is why the Trucker Convoy Supporters and their lawyers have not spoken out and asked about the welfare of this man. Were they paid off? Were they threatened? It throws a cloak of suspicion/corruption over the entire POEC, all the police and all the politicians involved–as well as the lawyers, supporters and organizers for the Trucker Freedom Convoy,

      Because I was a Truth Blogger throughout the 9/11 False Flag Atrocity I am familiar with how this cover-up works. Just say nothing, outwait the truthers and keep erasing the evidence. That’s IMO why my Blogger blog was eliminated…because I had so much evidence on it about 9/11.

      All it would take to blow the murder of the man in the tan jacket case wide open would be one courageous reporter asking one politician what happened to this man on live TV..


      1. The organisers were all arrested by this time. I followed this closely. I heard the guy was okay. There was talk of a man having a heart attack and dying and the police leaving him in a snowbank to die. When I brought that up, that I had heard this I got shot down. I had no evidence, it was hearsay.


  5. Hi Greencrow.
    Thanks for your response emphasizing the possibility of protesters lawyers being threatened or paid off. Sadly we always have to consider this possibility.
    I agree that the man who was trampled is the man who was dragged away. However I believe that the video of the man being dragged was shot by one of three officers stationed on the roof of the Senate building directly across the road from the Chateau Laurier . The overhead video of the trampling may have been shot by either a drone , or as you surmise from the Chateau Laurier. I also believe that two of the SWAT members on the roof of the Senate building were snipers.
    I sent my explanation of this with photos to your gmail account last night.
    I am not trying to contest any of your conclusions, but, only make sure the camera angles match the narrative. The man sprawled on the ground is in front of the Westin which is just around the corner.
    I also think that if snipers were stationed on the rooftops of buildings, the possibilities of what may have happened had protesters been truly violent become much more terrifying.
    All cops carry guns- cops stationed on rooftops with guns are by definition snipers as well as reconnaissance. Maybe someone should as Daniel Bulford for his opinion.
    Is it generally known that snipers were in place? I like most Canadians don’t know, but this could affect public perception .
    Please look carefully at the photos I sent and let me know what you think.
    Feel free to not post this or to use info from email as you see fit.

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      1. No, This is not true. The man had dark grey pants [could have been jeans] on in all photos. In the photo where he’s lying lifeless in the snow that is a screenshot I took from a video Kyle Kemper [half brother of JFT] loaded onto Twitter on Feb 18, 2023. Because it is a screen shot the entire photo has a bluish hue to it which the original video shot did not have.


    1. Hi Susan

      “The organisers were all arrested by this time. I followed this closely. I heard the guy was okay. There was talk of a man having a heart attack and dying and the police leaving him in a snowbank to die. When I brought that up, that I had heard this I got shot down. I had no evidence, it was hearsay.”

      What does the arrest of the organizers have to do with the fate of the Man in the Tan Jacket?

      Who told you the man was Okay. This is a huge piece of evidence. Surely you must remember the exact details.

      When and with whom did you bring up the information that a man had a heart attack and was left in the snowbank to die. Who “shot down” the notion?

      You had no evidence? What about the three sets of photographic evidence? 1) the trampling 2) the identically dressed man lying prone in the snow and 3) the videotape of an identically dressed man being dragged by the arms through the snow.

      You don’t call this evidence? Then you don’t know what evidence is. I believe you don’t have a clue what happened–but are trying to spread disinformation to end the inconveniently incendiary discussion.


  6. Hi Inont:

    Please don’t send any e-mails to either my gmail or my Pronton mail accounts. Neither is operative for different reasons. Just put a comment on this blog if you want to connect with me. Thanks. I’ll have to think about how I can give you my personal e-mail to get photos.

    The Man in the Tan Jacket may have been dragged in front of the Westin and photographed there. I am convinced that the Man in the Tan Jacket is the SAME individual in all three locations…trampling, lying prone on the snow…being dragged away.

    I am also convinced that if we could get this death out into the open it would be the force necessary to end the three year nightmare that Canadians have been enduring. That’s why I keep harping on it. Thanks for helping with this process!


  7. Something doesn’t add up: The man in the still image (lying in the snow) is wearing a glove on his right hand, yet the man being trampled in the video is not wearing gloves.


    1. @Carlo
      I have a screenshot of the tan jacket man just a second or two after the horse trampled him. He is not wearing gloves on either hand. He has both hands up trying to protect his head. However, he might have put gloves on afterwards. We still need answers.


  8. Hi Carlo Mostacci:
    The man being trampled does not have a glove/mitt on his left hand.

    The man lying prone on the ground has a mitt on his right hand. Because of the angle of the photo you cannot see whether the man lying down has a glove/mitt on his left hand.

    For me, the biggest tell that all three images are of the same individual is the jacket/pants combination. Tan jacket, dark pants. Tan is not a usual colour for a winter jacket. The chances that three different individuals wearing identical clothing would be involved in these altercations with police are astronomical.

    All I want from the Ottawa authorities is a simple yes or no to my question: What happened to the man in the Tan Jacket who was trampled by police horses on Feb 18/22. I was following the incident live on the Internet on that day and we heard an early rumour that someone had died. At first it was thought it was the woman…but she turned out only to have a broken collar bone. We never did hear what happened to the man although from photos, it was he who received the more serious impact with the horses.

    The longer this goes on the more I’m convinced of a cover up from the highest levels of power in Canada.


  9. Please review the video you posted above showing the man lying in the snow, in slow motion.
    Stop the video at 3:49 , 3:50 , and 3:51. Screenshot all three frames. Zoom in on the head area of each and compare them .
    This is the method I followed , but if you do it yourself you will know that the images have not been manipulated.
    You will see that the man moves and open his eye . He is not dead.

    Not only do his jacket and pants resemble the man who was trampled, but his boots which are even more distinctive seem to match as well . On the other hand; he is wearing gloves and appears to have a beard.
    I have another photo from a different angle showing him laid out in the snow with a line of protesters calmly taking pictures on one side, and police on the other. Cameras are everywhere. Why are their not more pictures?

    Another video contains evidence that indicates the “trampled” man was not severely injured that I would be happy to share through email.
    We have to acknowledge new information and adjust our interpretation of events to avoid being misled. We know that virtually all of the information we rely on is provide and filtered by government agencies whether it comes from a widow , a rooftop, a drone or even an agent in the crowd .

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  10. Hi Inont

    Due to you sending me e-mails which I was unable to receive I have opened a new e-mail account via WordPress. My new e-mail account is

    I look forward to receiving your new information re:

    “Another video contains evidence that indicates the “trampled” man was not severely injured that I would be happy to share through email.”

    Why would Kyle Kemper release a video that showed the man lying on the snow which was a still photo–not a video?

    What was going on with the dragging of the lifeless body?

    Too many questions unanswered. All that needs to happen is a simple explanation from the police authorities in Ottawa. Why wasn’t that included in the POEC? They talked about violence and ‘threat of violence’ at great length but studiously avoided the only incident of real violence–other than police beating up protesters.


  11. Please . Watch the video again . Even at normal playback speed you will immediately see a Canadian flag moving in the 3 seconds that shows the man. This is clearly a short video clip like the rest of the video. I wonder if the video was ended so abruptly because showing more might take away from the intention of the editor to depict a scene which lead us to assume the man was dead.

    I would also ask why police would release one of there own videos of officers dragging a dead man , to where, and to what end , if it shows them committing a crime? I know they will drag belligerents and leaders away from the crowd to make the rest more controllable. There were first hand accounts of protesters being arrested, and driven out of the city only to be released.
    Im sure there are many levels of deception in their playbook to cover their asses such as plants in the crowd and the selective release of camera and video images which are low resolution, brief , suggestive but inconclusive. I’m sure there’s nothing they would like better than be dragged into a court or public hearing accused of killing someone who then shows up as one of the witnesses.
    I will send emails with more information as soon as I have a chance. Thanks Greencrow

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