Nato and EU React to Chinese Peace Roadmap for Ukraine

The 12-point document elicited a cold reception in the West

Good morning sentients. Well, I’m back on the Malahat and things are very cold here -5 with snow. I have about seven posts backlogged on the launch pad but have not been posting anything new for days now for two reasons:

One: I wanted the post on the Canadian Murder in Broad Daylight that has not been acknowledged–never mind being investigated to sink in with Canadians. I want as many Canadians as possible to understand that the federal government can murder/disappear anyone they want in broad daylight with police standing all around–and nothing will be done about it. Most Canadians don’t even know it happened, because the criminal media has been in on the cover-up.

Two: The other reason I haven’t been blogging is due to my health…specifically my arthritic knees have taken a sudden downturn and I am so much pain I have to take painkillers for the first time. I take the minimum dose but still they make me sleepy. I had X-rays done a few weeks ago which said both knees are now in the “severe” category. I’m scheduled to see an orthopedic surgeon in late March for an assessment. In the meantime, I cope with a cane and now I also have a handicapped parking pass.

On the positive side, I finally took steps to get a new Blog e-mail address so readers can communicate with me and send me links. I had two e-mail addresses previously that both went kablooey at the same time for different reasons. I have said many times NOT to use my proton or gmail e-mail addresses.

My new address is this:

This e-mail address is connected with my WordPress blog platform so it should be good for a while. I know I can get help if it malfunctions…unlike my Proton e-mail which got hacked and there was nothing I could do.

Now, on to the topic of the day…the Breaking News development that China has come up with a 12 point Peace Treaty to end the NATO proxy War on Russia via Ukraine. Please read the following report from this morning’s RT and I will have more comments to follow:


“The Western backers of Ukraine in the ongoing conflict with Russia have offered a reserved reaction to a Chinese proposal for bringing the hostilities to an end. The 12-point roadmap was published by the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg effectively brushed off the proposals, stating that Beijing lacks “credibility” to float such a settlement plan altogether. 

“China doesn’t have much credibility because they have not been able to condemn the illegal invasion of Ukraine,” Stoltenberg told reporters, while mentioning the close ties between China and Russia. 

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen offered a similar reaction, stating that the roadmap was, in effect, a vague set of principles rather than a concrete plan of action. She also accused China of already siding with Russia, despite Beijing maintaining a neutral position in the hostilities. 

“You have to see them against a specific backdrop, and that is the backdrop that China has already taken sides by signing, for example, an unlimited friendship right before the invasion. So we will look at the principles, of course, but we will look at them against the backdrop that China has taken sides,” she stated. 

Some individual members of the EU have voiced their opinions on the roadmap as well. German government spokesman Wolfgang Buechner, for instance, said it included some “important elements,” but also lacked other positions, namely a demand for Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine. 

Poland, one of the top supporters of Kiev, provided a more positive reaction, with President Andrzej Duda stating it could help pave the “way towards peace.” “We cannot ignore such a great partner and such a great power as China,” he said.

Unlike most Western countries, China has refused to condemn Russia’s military operation in Ukraine and has not imposed economic restrictions on Moscow. Top Chinese officials have repeatedly said that Beijing wants to find a peaceful solution to the hostilities rather than fuel them through arming Kiev. 

The 12-point roadmap urged each side of the conflict to “stay rational and exercise restraint,” while calling upon the international community to encourage all efforts to end the year-long hostilities. “All parties should support Russia and Ukraine in working in the same direction and resuming direct dialogue as quickly as possible, so as to gradually deescalate the situation and ultimately reach a comprehensive ceasefire,” the document said.”


Greencrow comments: Knowing how close Xi and Putin are, I’m sure that Russian President Vladimir Putin [who has a masters degree in international law agreements] probably drafted the 12 points himself. [Compare that with our own PM Turvert who has a BA and was kicked out of Teaching school for having a sexual relationship with one of his underaged students].

The good news is…because the NATO countries [including Canada] are so beholden to China economically they can’t really ignore China’s Peace overture. LOL Canada, in particular, has to be careful in its response because a CSIS whistleblower has just revealed that 12 Canadian Federal MP’s were ‘on the take’, taking bribes from the Chinese to facilitate their re-selection in the 2021 Federal Selection Campaign. Folks, the Turvert would not even be Prime Minister if it weren’t that the Chinese wanted Canada to have a Lie-beral Regime Minority Government to bat around like a cat plays with a mouse.

NOTE: I am using that metaphor deliberately due to our cat Peeko having killed another mouse last night. She had it in her paws this morning and it was still barely alive…her having batted it around for hours, probably. My husband had to deliver the final, merciful coup de grace…but, I digress…

With regard to Canada’s response to the Chinese Peace Proposal…watch for the usual Turvertian/PP weasel words…mewling about “mean Russia invading Ukraine‘…when, in fact, Russia’s invasion was in response to years [since 2014] of shelling of ethnic Russians in the Donbass...and evidence of Western Labs placed in Ukraine poised to strike within Russia itself with bioweapons.

Canada also has another Chinese scandal simmering on the stove—that being the several Chinese police offices that have been set up in various cities across Canada. Nobody knows exactly WHY these Chinese police offices were allowed in Canada–what was the quid pro quo? I mean, we know why the Chinese government would want them–in order to continue to harass and beset their expat Chinese emigrants–even after they’ve left China. BUT what’s the advantage to Canada for these police stations? Is it to have a secret foreign militia of Chinese set up here to harass Canadians? Was a certain individual politician bribed to approve the setting up of the police stations?

As usual, Canadians are the very last to know the answers to these questions. We live in an informational vacuum, folks. After all, if Canadians aren’t allowed to know what happened to a Canadian man who was trampled by police horses in downtown Ottawa in the middle of a crowd of police officers…I guess there’s absolutely nothing that Canadians are entitled to learn…under the Turvertian Tyranny. At least!

Stay tuned!

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