And there is the whole Liberal gang – including Justin Trudeau – on the Facebook page of one of the Chinese police stations currently under RCMP investigation. How lovely.

Zoom meeting between Trudeau and his 11 payees of Chinese largesse to attain their parliament seats.

Good afternoon sentients. Continuing the countdown to the inevitable resignation of arch Traitor and Corrupt political criminal Justin Trudeau we have the latest from Twitter

English translation: “This evening, on February 11, 2021, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and 11 federal ministers and 33 federal deputies are celebrating the New Year on the Zoom platform and paying homage to the Chinese Community in Canada.  More than 500 Chinese-Canadian representatives are also participating in this gathering.”


Folks, little by little….just like “Chinese water torture” [lol] where drips of water fall incessantly on the victim’s forehead, the truth about the Chinese interference in Canadian elections scandal are released. I have draft posts on other topics growing stale on the launch pad while I keep posting updates on the resignation crisis of JFTurvert and the negative impact all this sturm and drang is having on Canada. Here are some recent links. Please review and I will have comments and conclusions to follow:

A Disaster for Democracy

Trudeau dodges questions about election interference warning


Tasha Kheiriddin: If Trudeau truly cares about Chinese Canadians, he’ll order a full public inquiry


Rebel News: China Crisis protesters descend on the Toronto Constituency office of Han Dong


Michael Higgins: Trudeau’s latest gambit to deflect attention from Liberals a disaster for democracy


SNOBELEN: Lack of honour and ethics suggest Trudeau should go

Greencrow comments: While the carry on between Opposition Leader Pierre Poilievre and Turvert in the House of Commons reminds me of that old saying used on blogs for time immemorial:

“Never get into a mud wrestling match with a pig. You’ll get all dirty but the pig enjoys it!”

Make no mistake, the stakes are very high in this struggle to preserve Canada as a nation based on democracy and the rule of law. The outcome is by no means certain. Under cover of the crisis, the Turvertians are pushing the same abhorrent Globalist Agenda 2030 that they have for the past three years at least:



Chinese-style 15 minute prisons.


Greencrow concludes: Yes, the song remains the same. The only thing that has changed in the past three years of absolute hell that JFTurvert has put Canadians through–is the attitude of the mainstream media. Folks, suddenly, about a month ago now, the Mainstream Media turned on JFT like a rabid dog and is daily tearing him to pieces. Why is this? Why, after three years of lying and cheating for him, have the Corporate/Deep State owned and operated Media suddenly got a target bullseye on his forehead?

My opinion is that the MSM has been ordered to ‘take him out’ in a surgical extraction…leaving all the globalist infrastructure intact. They’ve decided to switch to the other wing of the Uniparty bird–the Conservatives under Pierre Poilievre. Any examination of PP’s policies, beyond a superficial read of the headlines, shows that PP is stubbornly refusing to drop any of the Conservative Party of Canada [CPC] WEFer policies.

Even though Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada is nipping at the CPC’s heels in the public opinion polls...PP daren’t adjust policy to try and attract those disenfranchised and disenchanted PPC supporters. No! The CPC is going globalist all the way in spite of PP saying they won’t be attending WEFer meetings in DAVOS. What does THAT mean anyway? The real danger to humanity lie in the Sustainable Development Goals that are signed onto by WEF, the UN and WHO.

When asked about these SDG’s Poilievre played ‘dumb’, pretending he’d never even heard of them…even though Poilievre was the minister responsible for the environmental file when the previous government of Stephen Harper…actually signed the SDG’s into Canadian policy!

Canadians are tired of liars, we’re tired of duplicity, we’re tired of corruption, dragging our nation down to moral and fiscal bankruptcy day by day. We’re tired of the empty Grade ‘B’ drama going on in the House of Commons…we want Turvert OUT! and we want him OUT soon!

What do Canadians have to do to get rid of JFT? Light ourselves on fire in the city squares–like the citizens of a Third World Tyranny have to do???!!!

4 thoughts on “Resign!

  1. Will Trudolt prorogue parliament (hide away and get covid~ lol)? Does he perhaps think that a break from parliament will allow the Canadian people, those of little brain, to forget all the scandals and law breaking only to see him as the golden boy when he returns? Something foul is afoot. To be a politician is to be indoctrinated into the school of liars and cheats. Say what the people want to hear and full of duplicity behind the curtain.

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  2. Hi OkanaganGoddess:

    JFT has prorogued Parliament before when he found himself in a sticky wicket. Whatever his next gambit…it is clear that the gauntlet has been dropped. The Deep State handlers of Canadian politicians have decided he must go and are using THEIR mainstream media as a wrecking ball. The Turvertian edifice has so far staunchly resisted successive impacts from this wrecking ball. CSIS is also being used as a mere tool of the Deep State.

    As I said in the post, IMO this is a selective clinical extraction of the “damaged” puppet actor. They want to leave as much infrastructure as possible so the agenda will proceed even better than before with a new actor.

    Sometimes these operations get messy. Especially when the object of the extraction is an insane psychopath who will pull everything down around him like Sampson and the Temple.


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