Two Faced

Good Sunday morning beloved sentients. Unprecedented snowfall and sleet have wreaked havoc on our Malahat getaway. Leaky porch roof, collapsed storage tent…treacherous icy walkways…make for yet another day spent inside with my arthritic knees. It’s getting on two weeks since I ventured outside for more than a trip to the garbage. Walking my small dog is out of the question.

I finally started to do wood carving again yesterday but, after an hour or so my old Dremel broke. Have to go down to Victoria and buy another one tomorrow. But there’s still a lot to do here today with crafts and baking….and blogging of course!

Folks, the more I think about it…I’m becoming more and more suspicious that JFTurvert has hired a clone to share his public duties with. Look closely at the photos above and judge for yourself. If you’re thinking he wouldn’t stoop to such a risky, juvenile, distainful ploy…think again. After all, it’s pretty well a gone conclusion that his equally pathetic partner in political crime to the south, Biden, has a clone. We’ve all seen the pics of two entities that “play” Biden…one with a glimmer of residual intelligence in his eyes and the other completely demented…’Gonesville”.

I’m thinking perhaps all of the Western Puppets have clones…the better to keep the farce going if one of them goes off reservation or is otherwise eliminated. I’m sure Turvert enjoys insulting Canadians with his “Fatface”…or is it “Skinny Face” clone. Now that sentient’s are beginning to suspect the ridiculous ruse, however, perhaps we’ll only see one or the other. I think “Fatface is the real Turvert.

H/T FreakedOut

Greencrow continues: How many times over the past five years or more have I predicted the imminent collapse of the Turvertian Liberal regime? Perhaps half a doZen. I remember predicting he had only days left at the height of the SNC Lavelin-Jody Wilson-Raybould corruption scandal. I thought for sure the “elite” Lie-berals would turf him. But they did not. Now I know why…the CovIDian Cult Masking/VaxxxxZination scandal/genocide was in the hopper and just ready for rollout. Couldn’t dump their main man when he was the only one with the charlatan chutzpah to pull it off.

Now we’re in the midst of what I detect to be a much more serious effort to offload an unselectable puppet–the Chinese election intervention scandal. This one is just perfect. It doesn’t have even a whiff of the odeur of the Big Pharma drug dealing, vax killing/maiming caper that has just been carefully swept under the rug. In fact, that’s the biggest clue that it’s a puppet removal op—it is a sterile, unencumbered scandal…tailor made for puppet removal without implicating any of the vested interests in the continuing destruction/globalization of our nation.

Here are some links about the terminal Turvertian corruption I have gleaned from the Internet. Please review/browse through them and I will have final comments to follow:


I posted a Tweet recently:

“This Chinese Interference scandal is being spun the opposite way of the truth. China did not interfere in Cdn elections–rather, IMO, Trudeau paid China [allowing it to buy lands and investments] to bully Chinese expats to vote his candidates into office.



Trudeau APPROVES CHINA For Security Contract In 170 Canadian Embassies Worldwide


Greencrow continues: One of my regular readers from Nova Scotia wrote me yesterday to list all the Chinese “investments” in Nova Scotia over the past few years. Nova Scotians, members of the Metis population in particular, are very concerned about this mass buy-up of their province. Who’s aiding and abetting this? Doesn’t the federal government need to approve all foreign investments in Canada? Please read and I will continue afterwards:


The Chinese In Shelburne County, Nova Scotia   –  2023

Shelburne County is located in sou’west Nova Scotia and has a population of some 7,000 – 8,000 inhabitants. As you would expect, the main (only) industry is fishing. The following is a compilation of known and/or suspected investments in this area alone. It would be natural to suppose similar situations are taking place throughout the province.

> Huge canning factory built on Cape Sable Island – West Head, CSI

> Vacated Royal Bank building on Cape Sable Island bought by Chinese interests and made into a restaurant.

> Apartments in Barrington Passage  sold to Chinese interests; local tenants told to move out. 

>Trailer Park in Barrington sold to Chinese interests (land only as trailers owned by renters). Nothing done on land yet.

>Very conservative estimate: al least one half of fish plants in this part of Nova Scotia now in the hands of Chinese. I know of ONE that is still privately owned on CSI. Difficult to determine true ownership in many cases.

>Large house in Barrington Passage bought by Chinese. Houses many persons.

Also own a house on Sherose Island, Barrington Passage.

>ChiCan lobster pound on CSI part owned by Chinese. Connected to canning factory mentioned above.

> Vacated boat shop, CSI bought by Chinese.

                             Outside Shelburne County

> Mavillette – Large restaurant n ext to beach. Bought several years ago but never opened. Digby Co.

>Restaurant/Dairy Treat – Dayton, Yarmouth Co.

>Restaurant – Meteghan – Digby Co.

>Very large tracts of woodland being sold at phenomenal prices, anywhere.

>Motel suspected of housing ‘Asian’ families – Yarmouth.”


Greencrow continues: Perhaps this is why there are persistent rumours, over the past eight years that JFTurvert’s net worth has skyrocketed from over a million dollars–to over 300 million dollars. Perhaps he’s getting a cut of the action from these massive Chinese investments in Canada. We know he’s getting a cut of the vaxxxZine corruption scandal via two British Columbia research companies, Acuitas and Arbutus.

If nothing else during the past three+ years Canadians have learned—do not put ANYTHING past JFT.

We seem to be finally coming down to the wire, the short strokes, with this vile puppet. JFT’s been surrounded by an appropriately “sterile” scandal. All that needs to happen now is for the match to be lit under the cauldron. That could come late next week in the form of a “non confidence” vote in the House of Commons over Tervert’s refusal to call an investigation into the Chinese election scandal.


LILLEY: Trudeau’s refusal to call public inquiry sets stage for showdown next week


Greencrow concludes: Something none of the MSM pundits factors into the Chinese Election Corruption Scandal: China works with Russia. They’re close military allies. Why would China enter into a corruption scandal with such a piss poor military power as Canada? I have a totally different suspicion of what went on….

IMO, Trudeau/NATO was USING China to bully expats into voting Lib to maintain power. In retrospect, there is NO WAY the Trudeau regime would have won the past two minority governments without the chicanery that JFT was able to pull off–by having China bully and manipulate the Chinese expats.


Liberals’ election monitors kept warnings of Chinese electoral influence to themselves


Now, IMO, the Liberal Party Self-Serving Elites and the Globalist/NATO Deep State are USING China to get rid of Trudeau…because to use any of JFT’s OTHER shitload of corruption scandals would endanger THEM.

H/T FreakedOut

10 thoughts on “Two Faced

  1. Hi Green Crow,
    I think you’re on to something about a double , look alike for Trudeau.
    I also have been looking into this Double, look alike and here’s a few links.
    1 says: The Real Trump died in October of 1989 ,
    The other link says: Senator Biden Died in 1988 and was Replaced By A Double a Look Alike.



  2. Hi Jimmy:
    I’m going to leave your comment up because of the Biden link. I personally do not believe Trump died or that a double has taken his place. Often the perps swamp the alternative media with trash in order to cover up one kernel of truth.


  3. The gap tooth Trudeau first showed up after his trip to Costa Rica if im not mistaken ? Totally different person came back with a longer face, beard and dirty gapped teeth . As far as Trump goes i think he has a few different stand ins . Hillary imo is done like dinner along with pedo Joe , Barry and first tranny Mike mandingo . I think we would see a lot more of those sickos on the MSM if they were still on earth. JMHO. Love your writing Greencrow . Take care !


  4. Thanks, Jody. I will have to look into anti-inflammatories. Don’t know whether it’s the weather we’ve been having here…but the arthritis is becoming more of an issue.


  5. Hi Greencrow, for arthritis, have you tried stopping eating potatoes, tomatoes, chilli pepper, sweet peppers and egg plants? These are all of the nightshade plant family.

    I used to be really stiff jointed and have the most horrible leg cramps that went on for ages. To the point where I hardly dare move in bed and I was really slow at walking. Getting in and out of my car was agony and I lived in fear of cramp.

    Then I read about stopping eating the nightshade plant family so I thought what have I got to lose? So I gave it a go and it”s the difference between night and day. I can move in bed, I can walk much better, I get in and out of my car normally. I’ve only had cramp about three times since and it’s only lasted at most 2 minutes. I can leap out of bed and walk it off now if I feel it starting and it happens less and less.

    Yes it does make life awkward as those are basic foods and going out to eat becomes super difficult but it’s well worth it.

    It might not work for you and the experts say there’s no proof, but my experience is that it does work, at least for me so it’s well worth the difficulties such a diet presents.

    All the best.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Clare Riffi:

      Thanks for your reminder that certain foots can seriously increase inflammation around the arthritic joints. Over the years I have read this information but have selectively “forgotten” it so that I can enjoy the forbidden foods : (

      Now that you have reminded me, I’m watching my intake of potatoes and tomatoes…two of my favourite foods.

      Ultimately, I’m looking forward to my upcoming appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to see whether surgery is an option–before I’m relegated to a wheel chair! Stay tuned.


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