UPDATED: ‘Turdblossom’ Telford is Toast?

Graphical depiction of Turdblossom Telford and JFTurvert above


UPDATE: March 21, 2023 – MSM is reporting this morning that the Lie-beral Regime under JFT has caved after weeks of filibuster in committee and agreed that PMO Chief of Staff Katie “Turdblossom” Telford will testify re the Chinese Interference election scam after all. It would appear that JFT did not have enough votes to defeat a Confidence motion and so decided, instead, to cave and perpetuate the now three year and counting national nightmare of his catastrophic, evil, regime.


Good afternoon readers. I’ve been calling JFTurvert’s Chief of Staff Katie Telford “Turdblossom Telford” for years. ‘Turdblossom’ is what warmongering/9/11 arch criminal US president George W. Bush called his advisor Carl Rove. Rove was the ‘brain trust’ of ‘W”s administration and came up with all the political dirty tricks that ensured the survival of the deeply corrupt/criminal [and intensely stupid] George W. Bush.

Well, Turdblossom Telford’s career is hanging in the balance tonight, as the Conservatives have scheduled a parliamentary vote tomorrow to see whether the NDP will support them in demanding that Turdblossom Telford appear before a parliamentary committee investigating the Chinese election interference scandal. This latest scandal was brought about by an anonymous CSIS whistleblower, who provided evidence to Toronto rag, The Globe & Mail that the Chinese Communist government [CCP] set up secret police stations in Canada, from where it threatened, bullied and bribed the Chinese immigrant diaspora to vote strategically–to create a Liberal minority in the past two Canadian federal elections.

If you have not been following this saga, please review the two MSM reports below and I will continue thereafter:

How a looming vote on Katie Telford may test the liberal/NDP deal

Conservatives attempt to force top Trudeau aide to testify on Beijing interference


Greencrow continues: It’s difficult to judge who is the more stupid of the two: former US president George W. Bush, or Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It’s an interesting comparison because both catapulted into their positions simply as a result of being the spawn of an earlier leader. On their own, their resume was/is sublimely paltry. George W. Bush was a coke-head flyboy for the CIA–a drug runner from the drug producing nations of South America.

Justin Trudeau never had a job in his life, except for once when he was given a plum [student] teaching job at a pricey exclusive high school in Vancouver. Well, we all know how that went:


While 9/11 mass murderer George W. Bush has mercifully retired to his ranch in Texas, Justin is still running amok in Canada…narcissistically destroying everything for his own ego. Canadians have to laugh, otherwise we’d all apply for his MAID program. Here, in the Tweet below, is JFTurvert speaking about flat earthers to yet another “captive” audience…a group of firemen–who were forced to listen to an evening of his drivel–while protesters outside shouted the usual obscenities. Listen closely to the video and you’ll hear them in the distance.


But back to the latest crisis that will unfold in the House of Commons tomorrow. Following the initial disclosures by the CSIS whistleblower last November, more and more information and details have trickled out…something new every couple of days. It’s become like Chinese Water Torture lol. A drip relentlessly falling on the forehead can lead to public madness. Here the scandal expands…..to a flood….of campaign donations flowing from British Columbia–directly into Trudeau’s Papineau riding campaign coffers:

“The now unfolding #PapineauScandal is going to be a fun one for @telfordk

to explain away. You know Katie you could hire me for $5,000$ an hour to let you know about what you don’t know about, beforehand? ( JK, grrrl I wouldn’t find myself under your employ even if you paid me 10k an hour) I don’t *do* nor do I look away from corruption as a chosen career path. Just wait until the names on the donation #PapineauRiding lists gets tracked back to “individuals” and their llc’s and corporation networks. Yes, it’s true the tenacious and frankly amazeballs Canadian public has nothing but time on their hands and doesn’t need FINTRAC to do it, toots!

Charles Burton@cburton001

·Le Journal de Montréal has reported that 83 per cent of donations to the Papineau Liberal riding in 2016 came from outside of Quebec, including Toronto and Vancouver. Two thirds came from around 50 donors of Chinese origin, and were given in the span of 48 hours.”


Greencrow continues: So, lemeseeeeee, how many angles to this Chinese interference scandal have piled up so far…like plops of cow dung on a pasture?

— Chinese Police Stations set up throughout Canada harassing, surveilling, bribing diaspora to vote for liberal candidates

–Chinese community media in Canada pressuring AGAINST voting for Conservative candidates–denying them donations

–China giving money to the Trudeau Foundation of which the “Special Rapporteur David Johnston” is a Foundation member

–China also interfering in local elections across Canada, including the mayoralty race in Vancouver, BC

–Trudeau’s choice for ‘Special Rapporteur’, David Johnston was previously the appointed head of the Federal Election Debates Committee from which position he blocked PPC leader Maxime Bernier from participating in the last two election debates–simply on the basis of [likely fake] poll numbers.

–Another scandal about Trudeau’s NDP bum boy Jagmeet Singh has just surfaced…where the Indian government [where he’s banned for being a terrorist] has cut off Jagmeet’s Twitter account in India because he’s using it to foment Khalistani separatist terrorism…as is his want. This is the calibre of MP we have folks. Crooks and terrorists. They should all resign en masse because the last two elections [which I have always called ‘selections’] have proved to be illegitimate.

None of the Federal Canadian Members of Parliament have any legal standing to pass laws and legislation–due to the fraud that nullifies the past TWO elections!

Greencrow concludes: Folks, as is common with little moi, I have a different take on the evidence. It has become clear in the past week or two as this all unfolds that this “Chinese Interference” is NOT JUST A CANADIAN PHENOMENA”. In fact, it appears that the CCP has been interfering in ALL of the Western NATO nations’ elections such as Australia, UK and even the EU.

I see it not so much as China wanting to take over these nations–as these nations’ corrupt leaders hiring China to do their dirty work. I mean, setting up police stations????…C’mon. That level of corruption could not possibly have taken place without the active participation of Canada.

I see China simply doing what it does best–provide a cheap, highly functional product–i.e., in this case, election corruption–for a fee. What that fee is, we don’t yet know. I don’t think it was money…the western currencies being as paltry as they are. I believe it was land and resources. But THAT information is something that certainly SHOULD be included in the investigation, if there is one. What was the quid pro quo? is a question that certainly should be asked of Turdblossom Telford–if they ever get her on the stand. Which I doubt.

More than likely, the Turd will collapse the government, prorogue parliament and call an[other] election. Every time he does this…and he’s done it before…all the many investigations into his non-stop corruption are mothballed, dontchaknow.

So, we’ll see what tomorrow will bring. Stay tuned. And remember…

“You don’t have to protect the truth. The truth is like a lion”.

5 thoughts on “UPDATED: ‘Turdblossom’ Telford is Toast?

  1. Great article. Good video. Praying harder for Singh to stand like a lion for truth, like his name states. Will he be honourable or tuck his tail between his neutered legs and let this evil continue. We shall see.

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  2. Hi OkanaganGoddess:

    Re Jagmeet Singh. I have no hope for him. I added a link after publishing the post where the State of India has cut Singh’s Twitter account in India due to him using it to foment Khalistani Terrorism from afar. Can you imagine a Canadian Member of Parliament getting away with such dangerous shenanigans?


  3. If Telford testifies, I wonder how many times she will answer a question by saying “that’s cabinet confidential”. I think it will be a lot.

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  4. Hi Ron:

    She will try every trick in the book: National Security, Cabinet Confidentiality…whatever works. JFT looked a bit rough in videos taken today…perhaps he knows the end is nigh.


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