UPDATED: Who’s behind the Trans Agenda

Updated: April 5, 2023 Just wanted to add an important new link to this post:


The Real Story Behind Drag Queen Story Hour

Aimed at children, the phenomenon is far more subversive than its defenders claim


An important paragraph from this analysis is quoted below. This tells us exactly where this drag queen psy-op is going:

“…A radical theory of sex must identify, describe, explain, and denounce erotic injustice and sexual oppression. Such a theory needs refined conceptual tools which can grasp the subject and hold it in view. It must build rich descriptions of sexuality as it exists in society and history. It requires a convincing critical language that can convey the barbarity of sexual persecution.” Once the ground is softened and the conventions are demystified, the sexual revolutionaries could do the work of rehabilitating the figures at the bottom of the hierarchy—“transsexuals, transvestites, fetishists, sadomasochists, sex workers.”

Where does this process end? At its logical conclusion: the abolition of restrictions on the behavior at the bottom end of the moral spectrum—pedophilia. Though she uses euphemisms such as “boylovers” and “men who love underaged youth,” Rubin makes her case clearly and emphatically. In long passages throughout “Thinking Sex,” Rubin denounces fears of child sex abuse as “erotic hysteria,” rails against anti–child pornography laws, and argues for legalizing and normalizing the behavior of “those whose eroticism transgresses generational boundaries.” These men are not deviants, but victims..”


Good afternoon sentients. Another day past my recent illness and I am feeling exponentially better by the day! We had a snow blizzard this morning that was unpredicted by the weather arrangers so that was interesting. It’s sunny and warming the last I looked.

The YouTube video below is ground breaking and a must watch ASAP because I don’t know how long YouTube will be keeping it up. I heard today that YouTube is taking down videos being put up of witness testimony by the people appearing before the National Citizen’s Inquiry into the Canadian Government’s CovID response [NCI] so if they take that kind of video down they’ll take anything down!

Jennifer Bilek has my undying respect and support now that I’ve watched her presentation about the most recent of a never ending series of military grade psychological operations humanity in the West has been subjected to–the Transgender Movement. Jennifer deconstructs the adult male sexual fetish apart carefully and tells us who are the players — mainly Big Pharma, the Medical Industry and the Tech Industry. What she reveals is shocking and mind blowing. It is essential knowledge for all sentients. Please watch and I look forward to your responses in the comments!

7 thoughts on “UPDATED: Who’s behind the Trans Agenda

  1. Greencrow, this is OT but you said your email was not working so I thought I would send this information to you here.

    You were wondering why the Dogecoin crypto currency Icon is showing up on your Twitter feed. Here is the explanation. It was done on purpose by Elon Musk. I think it is an indication he is no longer accepting Bitcoin for his cars and could be ready to accept a different (Dogecoin?) crypto currency instead.


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  2. Thanks Ron:
    But, at the same time as the Avatar was placed at the top of my home page I also lost the ability to post links on my Tweets. Wonder what that was all about.


    1. This may explain it:

      Zane Simon
      We’ve actually had to stop posting direct links to all our articles on here and instead post a pre-tweet and then the post, because Twitter treats all outside facing links as spam and will ding them no matter the quality.

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  3. Greencrow says:
    “and tells us who are the players — mainly Big Pharma, the Medical Industry and the Tech Industry.”

    IMO… as directed by… the Cabalists/Satanists/Luciferians, and, of course, Communism.

    Something interesting to note on Transgenderism:

    The Autism/Transgenderism connection:


    Weaponized Autism- Why are half of “trans youth” autistic?

    ♬ original sound – AngryPatriotMedia

    Many of us KNOW what causes Autism.

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    1. Hi FreakedOut:

      Thanks. The link is not accessible unfortunately. I would not be at all surprised if they have not been experimenting with traditional children’s vaccines for decades in all sorts of ways…sexual being just one.


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