My Pyrrhic vaxZine Victory

Good morning beloved sentients. It’s been a longer than usual time between posts and the reason for that is I was struck by an awful attack of gastritis which I’ve never had before. The lining of my stomach became severely inflamed and it came with a very deep heartburn which felt like a heart attack. I had to go to Emergency and was put on IV with three different medications. After that I felt perfectly normal–until the meds wore off the next morning…then it was back to the same symptoms. My Dr. prescribed a strong pill which I’m now on and slowly recovering. I haven’t eaten for four days…just drinking tea and water.

My surgeon says I need to lose weight before my knee surgery so this was a very harsh Kick Start to my weight loss program.

This post is about the Vaxxine Caper which seems to be reaching a denouement of sorts. Yes, dear readers, the bioweapon attack on humanity by the elite Satanist Deep State actors is virtually over and we anti-vaxers won. We won but there’s no cause for celebration. All of my own family has been infected with the noxious toxins contained in the experimental mRNA gene-altering therapy. That is all that matters to me. It’s truly a Pyrrhic Victory.

Below are links to some of the smaller victories in this war. First, we have proof that there is, after all, graphene oxide in the vaccine formula. Some bloggers insisted that there was not:

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Greencrow continues:

A week ago just before my gastritis attack, I went to an orthopedic surgeon re knee surgery. He saw from paperwork I’m unvaxed. He sympathetically told me his wife [also an anti-vaxer] and kids are also unvaxxed–but he had to get vaxxed to hold his job. I gave him my condolences. Most medical personnel IMO know that the vaxxine was a HOAX/caper/bioweapon attack.

When I was in Emergency over the gastritis attack I know the medical staff could see by my medical records [on computer] that I am an anti-vaxer. Nobody brought the subject of vaxxines up with me although they were constantly reminding me to put my face mask on properly. Here I was having difficulty breathing, with symptoms similar to having a heart attack, and all some of them could think about was me covering my nose. It made no sense! And I told them as much but they kept asking me and I kept pulling my mask down as soon as they walked away. Politics Trumps Medicine still.

Here is a video clip of some of the victims of the VaxxxZine caper:

From Dennis:

A 39 year old Alberta pilot for WestJet Airlines died suddenly on March 17, 2023

This is the cause of death of the young pilot:

Greencrow concludes: In addition to having all my family’s health compromised forever by the toxins…I lost my 78 year old brother to the Hospital Protocols. He went to Emergency in February 2021 with an inflamed prostate and, due to gross malpractice, neglect, isolation from all family, and no doubt inappropriate meds…he died six weeks later of “sepsis” caused by improper insertion of the catheter.

My brother shortly before he died.

I miss my brother every single day. And I will never forget that the Canadian Government[s] and medical establishment charlatans plotted and carried out his murder. I believe this was a strategy designed to lessen the pension costs for the boomers. They particularly targeted older men who lived alone and thus had nobody to protect them and advocate for them.

Finally, here is a very good interview with Bill Gates. The Interviewer pulls no punches. She goes to the very heart of his evil and does mention the horrible side effects and deaths resulting from his “product” that he made billions on:

Greencrow concludes: Yes, folks, it was a battle the world has never before seen. The attackers are greedy, depraved monsters. They wanted to make a bundle on the poisons and they wanted to save a bundle on social services for the elderly. IMO those were/are the two main reasons for the attack.

But we have won. They are exposed. But the cost has been enormous and I have a feeling we cannot even begin to comprehend/calculate the extent of our current and future losses.

11 thoughts on “My Pyrrhic vaxZine Victory

  1. Good to hear you’re still kickin’. What an ordeal with your GI system. We may not look quite so crazy for not complying with the nonsense the gov’t imposed with all that is daily revealed. In my shopping expedition today: elderly lady mask under chin; middle aged lady mask under nose. These sights were difficult to comprehend. I don’t seem to see men with this affliction and I wonder why? The war isn’t over yet. One day we will be able to celebrate. Yes, I agree that the gov’t was looking for ways to have more money for their salary increases and exhorbitant vacations. Simply kill the ‘useless eaters’. Here’s a testimony that I found interesting. What will come of it? Praying for justice. May you get the help you need from the system without being further compromised. I raise my glass to you moving forward pain free, with ease and grace. ❤ joan

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    1. Hi OkanaganGoddess:

      Thanks for that great link to the Rodney Palmer submission to the NIC re the CBC now becoming “the enemy of the people”. I put it on Twitter.

      He really encapsulates how the CBC wove its intricate web of lies and deceit. Thank God for the NIC which will hopefully get to the bottom of WHO was the mastermind of thie worst attack on humanity in modern times.


  2. Hi Greencrow, glad to see you back posting more hard hitting info!

    Sorry to hear about your body ailments kicking you around. Looks like you have a handle on it.

    Doing some fasting I see, how does it feel? I like to fast on occasion. Good way to drop pounds.

    Good to see the info on Graphene Oxide! The twerp Jeff Rense calls GO a psy-op. No more Rense for me.

    No doubt a “pyrrhic victory” is at hand!

    Still putting up with ALL the Perp distractions, and it’s getting tiring.

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    1. Hi FreakedOut

      I’m slowly regaining my strength after getting very ill for a few days. Dr. says it will take time to become fully recovered.

      Yes, the Graphene Oxide confirmation was interesting and how it ties in with the patent to track and trace all the recipients of the toxin via satellites and cell phone towers!

      Did you watch the video of the interview with Bill Gates? That interviewer missed the opportunity of a lifetime when she failed to follow upon Gates’s statement “That’s not how the world works”. She should have calmly asked: “How does the world work, Mr Gates?” and listened to his reply. We could have learned a lot about the mindset of the Satanists.


      1. Yes, interesting interview with Ba’al Gates and great point about missing an opportunity to really expose him for the creep he is. The guy makes me sick just looking at him. I’m shocked someone hasn’t caught up with him and blown his head off with all the harm he’s brought to the world.

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  3. What’s happened to Penny? Her blog “Pennyforyourthoughts2” returns as “forbidden”…
    Missed you, hope you get well soon



  4. And Baal Gates said to the interviewer: “That’s a very naïve way of looking at the world.” Guess all humanity’s care, compassion and desire for peaceful, lawful lives is regarded by the Satanists as merely naïve.


  5. Richard, I’ve been having quite a bit of trouble with spamming- and the mass consumption of my bandwidth, which I am paying for. I blocked a pile of IP’s
    You may have gotten caught up in that blockage.

    You can email me at but you’ll have to provide your IP address so I can check and unblock- If your uncomfortable with that, I understand.
    If you provide the IP, I can check the blocked list and remove if your IP is there.

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