JFT’s ‘Special Racketeer’–and other SHTF newZ

Good afternoon sentients. I took an extended break this past Easter. Had the whole family up to the cabin for Easter brunch and it took me this long to decompress from all the excitement.

One egg in Easter Egg Hunt 2023

So now that Easter is over I’m slowly coming down to earth and getting back on the newZ groupie bandwagon. The big story this morning is the mass resignation of the entire Board of Directors of the Trudeau Foundation. Please read the following two reports and I will have comments to follow:


The Entire Trudeau Foundation Board of Directors has Resigned

Lilley: Would anyone notice if the Trudeau Foundation disappeared?

The Trudeau Foundation was given plenty of taxpayer money but what has it done for Canada? Very little.


“If the Trudeau Foundation ceased to exist, would Canadians notice? It’s a question worth asking as the entire board of directors, including Justin Trudeau’s sister, resigned alongside their president and CEO on Tuesday morning.

A statement from the foundation said the political pressure of recent weeks had become too much.

“The circumstances created by the politicization of the foundation have made it impossible to continue with the status quo, and the volunteer board of directors has resigned, as has the president and CEO,” the statement said.

Those circumstances would be the questions about the foundation’s decision in 2016 to accept a donation from sources that have since been linked to China’s attempt to influence Canadian policy and the Canadian government. A $200,000 donation from Chinese businessman Zhang Bin in 2016 has been the focus of questions alongside the broader story of China’s election interference attempts.

The president of the foundation at that time, Morris Rosenberg, wrote the report the government released earlier this year stating there was no issue with foreign election interference. Another person affiliated with the Trudeau Foundation, David Johnston, the former governor general, was appointed as a special rapporteur to look into allegations of Chinese election interference. Johnston is a member of the Trudeau Foundation, meaning he’s one of the people who helps select the board.

Who will Johnston recommend for the next board now that people like Sarah Coyne, Trudeau’s sister, have stepped down.

It’s all very cozy at the Trudeau Foundation and it’s interesting the connections back to the organization as we look into the matter of China’s election interference. An attempt to offer donations to gain favour, a former president then giving the last election a clean bill of health, and a senior person at the foundation being asked to investigate new allegations.

Before the foundation got in the news due to headlines about these issues, most Canadians wouldn’t know that the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation existed, and they wouldn’t shed a tear at its demise.

Certainly the academics, journalists and politicians who have received grants and awards from the foundation would notice but the average Canadian wouldn’t notice if it just went away.

Which it should.

The Trudeau Foundation was created in 2002 by the Liberal government of the day with a $125-million endowment. The goal was to create a program to rival the Rhodes Scholars program and, after 21 years, I’m not sure they can claim success on that front.

There are surely some worthy academics who have received rewards but much of it is the same banal material academics produce elsewhere. For a program that was launched as part of the Chretien government’s innovation strategy, this is a program that delivers more of the same academic work we see elsewhere.

Excellence does not appear to be in the Trudeau Foundation’s DNA.

Meanwhile, the foundation sits on a $144-million pile of cash and investments while doling out small amounts of money for their scholarship programs. Their latest charity filings with the Canada Revenue Agency show that their scholarship programs awarded $2.4 million in the fiscal year that ended in August 2021, the same amount the foundation spent on salaries and other office expenses.

So as the foundation considers what to do with itself in the wake of a political scandal, perhaps the board should consider closing up shop and handing all that money back to the taxpayers.”



Greencrow continues: The Chinese Interference in Canadian government elections scandal should and would have brought down any government by now. Can you imagine? The past TWO federal elections were likely the result, not of the democratic will of Canadians, but greasy political machinations of the Communist Party of China–strong arming, threatening and bribing Chinese ex pats living in Canada!

But, as Canadians have discovered over the past three years at least…JFT does not follow the normal trajectory of a politician who has been determined by the majority of the citizens to be criminally corrupt. He has not been arrested and put in jail for Treason. He has not even had to resign. No. He still takes up prime time on every evening newZ, staring into the camera, telling more and more outrageous lies…night after night. He clings to power even as behind the scenes he destroys more and more of our national constitutional and Charter of Rights infrastructure…brick by brick. He destroys it…in order to solidify his ‘reign of terror’ forever? Canadians don’t even know what his game plan is anymore. All we know is that JFT WILL NOT GO AWAY!


Below are some links I gathered before Easter that shows that David Johnston has a long established partiality towards the Chinese and even before this morning’s turn of events was not an “objective” judge in the matter.

Only Justin Trudeau would get away with appointing a close family friend who was personally involved in advancing the interests of Xi Jinping’s United Front to investigate election interference in Canada by… the United Front. This farce of an investigation should be rejected.”

Howard Levitt: On the China file, Johnston fails the test of Caesar’s wife — and he must know it

“…as the National Post’s Terry Glavin has pointed out, Johnston has been involved in establishing the Confucius Institute, part of the Chinese government’s propaganda machine, and has received honorary doctorates from three Chinese Universities. Three of Johnston’s daughters also went to university in China and the board of directors of his own Rideau Hall foundation are, as Glavin put it, “a snapshot of the who’s-who of Beijing’s best friends and business partners in Canada.”..”


Greencrow continues; Finally, we have a list that appeared on Twitter a week or so before Easter. Regular Twitterer/Investigator “Laura Love” provided the following which is very interesting in terms of what MP’s were compromised by the Chinese ‘interference’ [aka fraud] :


The recent revelations of CCP interference in the Federal level make this case moot. If China has control over our government…then, wasn’t it China that ordered the Emergencies Act? It fits their communist dictatorial Tiananmen Square style to a “T”!!!!

Laura Love@Panopticonomy

“Naming those names, although I think we have a fair idea of many of them and the ridings that are targeted. “We have seen similar ridings constantly being targeted, particularly where there was a great number of Chinese-Canadian residents,” testified Michel Juneau-Katsuya former chief of the Asia-Pacific desk at the Intelligence Service.  “These are the hunting grounds of the consular offices.” “Would it be productive for you to furnish this committee with a list in writing of those ridings?” asked Conservative MP

@MikeBarrettON (Leeds-Grenville, ON).  “I could try to put it together,” replied Juneau-Katsuya.”

Top 14 Members of Parliament whose elections were likely interfered with by cCP:

Markham-Unionville – Paul Chiang https://ourcommons.ca/members/en/constituencies/markham-unionville(770)…

Richmond Center – Wilson Miao https://ourcommons.ca/members/en/constituencies/richmond-centre(922)…

Scarborough-Agincourt – Jean Yip https://ourcommons.ca/members/en/constituencies/scarborough-agincourt(807)…

Steveston-Richmond East – Parm Bains https://ourcommons.ca/members/en/constituencies/steveston-richmond-east(928)…

Scarborough North – Shaun Chen https://ourcommons.ca/members/en/constituencies/scarborough-north(810)…

Burnaby South – Jagmeet Singh https://ourcommons.ca/members/en/constituencies/burnaby-south(900)…

Markham-Thornhill – Mary Ng https://ourcommons.ca/members/en/constituencies/markham-thornhill(769)

Vancouver South – Harjit S. Sajjan https://ourcommons.ca/members/en/constituencies/vancouver-south(937)…

Vancouver-Kingsway – Don Davies https://ourcommons.ca/members/en/don-davies(59325)…

Richmond Hill – Majid Jowhari https://ourcommons.ca/members/en/constituencies/richmond-hill(801)…

Don Valley North – (Vacant) was Han Dong https://ourcommons.ca/members/en/han-dong(105091)…

Vancouver-Granville – Taleeb Noormohamed https://ourcommons.ca/members/en/constituencies/vancouver-granville(933)…

Markham-Stouffville – Helena Jaczek https://ourcommons.ca/members/en/constituencies/markham-stouffville(768)

These are all taken, in order from this chart above maintained by Journalist David Akin and reshared here for reference.


Greencrow concludes: Well, folks there you have it. Above are the most likely members of the Canadian Parliament who had their selections aided and abetted by Chinese Communist Party ‘interference’ aka fraud. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is prominent on the list. I remember when he first ran in that riding I thought “There’s no way an Indo Canadian candidate will be elected in that Chinese ethnic riding.”...How Wrongo was I?! Little did I know that that was exactly WHY he WOULD be selected.

Two others of note are the Corruption Queen of Parliament Mary Ng and the Minister of Defense Harjit S. Sajjan. Can you imagine the atrocity of having our Minister of Defense corruptly shoehorned into power by the Communist Chinese!?

Can it possibly get more disgusting?

Did the Trudeau Foundation Board of Directors suddenly resign en masse to pre-emptively avoid testifying at an upcoming inquiry?

And how long will JFT drag out this extreme mental torture of an entire nation? Stay tuned!

And this, hot off the Twitter scroll:

If a federal election was called today, who would you vote for?

  • CPC36.6%
  • LIBS0.6%
  • NDP0.8%
  • PPC 62%

1,254 votes·2 days left

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