Canadians Were Never Good Enough for Trudeau

Good morning beloved sentients. The above headline sums up why Canada is in the mess we’ve been forced to wallow in for the past eight+ years. JFT has never respected Canadians...Gawd knows why, but he was hardwired to consider us as backwater hosers who could be played for our tax dollars…which then he would use to enrich himself and his cabal in order to impress those he really admired–the international Satanic elite/illuminati WEFer types. To say that Canada has been rendered a hellhole due to his presence in our midst is a severe understatement. He has dragged Canada down beyond recognition. Instead of the expansive, welcoming, peaceful society it was for two centuries… JFT has turned Canada into a fearful ’15 minute city” that spans almost 10,000 km! Canadians have become like rootless travelers wandering through a cultural and spiritual desert!

Consequently, over the past eight years of the JFT dictatorship in Canada, his removal from office for one or more of the never-ending and escalating series of treasonous scandals has been like a mirage in a desert. It appears to come closer to the traveler dying of thirst [aka sentient Canadian] and then…suddenly moves further off into the distance again.

Is this Trudeau Foundation scandal yet another false desert oasis? At the moment, especially after this morning’s latest headlines, it does not appear JFT can survive the week…but we’ve seen all this before. Please browse through the series of links I culled from this morning’s Twitter and I will have more comments to follow:


Trudeau Foundation Donation From China Was Never Returned & Reason Given For Resignations Was Dishonest According To New Report Spencer Fernando

From Twitter a typical reaction to the news of this morning:

“What a pack of crooks. From threatening behavior to the people who took the money, investigating themselves! This is exactly how liberals roll.

“According to an internal document La Presse obtained, the name on the donation wasn’t the actual name of the donor, and the Trudeau Foundation didn’t have the real name anywhere. As a result, the donation was not refunded.” One would think the BQ & NDP would be licking their political chops. Yet magically Jagmeet Singh is protecting Justin Trudeau.


Rex Murphy: Trudeau Foundation board defenestrates itself

Opinion by Rex Murphy 


Greencrow continues: Here is the op-ed that I got the concept of Canadians not being good enough for Trudeau from:

Why Canadians were never good enough for Trudeau

No, Canadians are just stupid rubes–to be used, exploited and abused by JFT and his greasy cabal–like Gerry Butts and Turdblossom Telford who will be providing a much needed distraction this coming Friday by testifying before the Commons Committee looking into the Chinese election interference scandal. Significantly, everyone in JFT’s world is a potential piece of raw meat–to be thrown to the wolves that increasingly arrive at his door…even long time ‘family friend’ Special Rapporteur David Johnston:


One notable ‘piece of raw meat’ that has been used recently by JFT is his political comrade-in-arms Jagmeet Singh. Singh has been notably quiet throughout all the recent JFT scandals–and particularly this latest Trudeau Foundation one. Why is Singh not speaking out against the obvious corruption in the Chinese Intervention Scandal and the mysterious $200,000 contribution by an anonymous Chinese donor to the Trudeau Foundation?

May I suggest the answer can be found in my previous post where I outline how Jagmeet Singh’s Burnaby BC Riding, with it’s very high Chinese immigrant population, was/is an overly ripe target for the CCP trade mark intervention [fraud] tactics of bullying, bribing and blackmailing Chinese ex pats to vote for the ‘appropriate’ candidate. I submit that Jagmeet Singh and the NDP have been fatally compromised and corrupted by owing Singh’s selection in the past two federal elections–to CCP corruption.


And so the ‘song that never ends‘ goes on. The Trudeau Foundation scandal described above is soon to become subsumed in the coming Federal Public Sector nationwide strike. Of course, the federal employees, seeing that the MP’s recently gave themselves generous raises in the recent federal budget…want to get their hands in the Canadian taxpayer’s threadbare pockets as well….

BREAKING: Members of largest federal public sector union vote for strike mandate

Greencrow concludes: Folks, I see everything that has happened in the past eight plus years in Canada as a continuous roll out of a military-grade psychological operation


Military leaders saw pandemic as unique opportunity to test propaganda techniques on Canadians, Forces report says

A plan devised by the Canadian Joint Operations Command relied on propaganda techniques similar to those employed during the Afghanistan war.


…False flags, triggers, cultural/spiritual degradation, repeat: False flags, triggers, cultural/spiritual degradation. How very Chinese Communist in strategy and style.

Now it has reached a point where, if I even see JFT’s face in photos and/or videos, I get triggered to flashback to his entire eight-year reign of terror and despair. I know I’m not alone. Removal of Justin Fuck Trudeau’s face/voice from the Canadian scene can and MUST be the first step on the road to healing.

4 thoughts on “Canadians Were Never Good Enough for Trudeau

  1. What Turdo “et al”, including all the presstitutes pushing the “officail narative” forget; is the comments by communist defectors to the effect that “those who have helped in the overthrow the target nation will be lined up and shot also, because they have committed treason once…they will do so again.
    This is our hope, because we have lost the battle and those waiting in the wings to save the nation in the next election are nothing more than manchurian candidates of the W.E.F. perhaps with the exception of CPC.

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  2. CPC? I don’t believe so Gord. Pierre Poilievre has never renounced the WEF Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030 which are the draconian environmental policies, 15 minute cities and the like. Pierre Poilievre’s CPC also supports the LGBTQ+ agenda and the War on Russia via Ukraine. All these policies are identical to the Lie-berals!

    The only ethical choice in the next selection is Max Bernier and the PPC. I have voted PPC in the last two selections and will be doing so again in the next!


    1. Thanks GreenCrow21
      You are correct. I am mixing up the initials of the parties and have and will copy your voting example, for whatever good voting does these days. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst and pray.


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