UPDATED: Beyond The Great Reset

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UPDATED: April 26, 2023 Yet another “Beam me up, Scottie” moment

UPDATED: April 24, 2023 Yet another Tweet about how far AI Transhumanism has already gone:


Good Sunday afternoon, sentients. As usual, I have about eight draft posts on the runway ready for launch. All I need is the motivation to fire them off into the blogosphere–which is becoming smaller and smaller every day–as the AI algorithms shut off all individual access to the wider public. I read just today where Elon Musk is asking the tech giants to at least “pause” the AI roll out for a month to evaluate the impact on humanity. He’s expressed fear on several occasions that AI could ultimately be a “civilization destroying” event.

In that vein, I have a few links to present to my wonderful sentient readers. The first is a short but unforgettable movie about the dystopian future that could be awaiting humanity after “The Great Reset” has been accomplished by the international globalist technocratic Satanists. Please watch and I will have more comments to follow:

Greencrow continues: You’ll note how much artificial intelligence is involved in the movie above. The drones and all the other vehicles. Even though disturbed by the dystopian imagry, I watched to the end. SPOILER ALERT: It appears Bruce might have escaped by being dumped into the garbage truck.

Mysteriously, in spite of his dire warnings, even Elon Musk does not tell us exactly what AI technology he’s referring to as having the potential to end civilization. I’m guessing it’s weather weaponization/modification. Below are several links to possible avenues of weather modification technology.

Is this article about AI cryptically referring to weather modification technologies?




Once they set the weather modification satellites in motion and activate them…it might be pretty hard to shut them off, or even tweak them, if they don’t modify the weather as planned. Regular readers will know that I have long been of the opinion that even now our weather is being controlled constantly and has been politicized–to punish ‘intransigence’ with droughts/other catastrophic events and “reward” compliance with benign and favourable weather patterns.

Of course, technologies like weather modification have been around for decades. Here’s a decades old Agreement between the US and Canada to exchange information on weather modification. I believe this agreement is still in effect. It’s globalism that drives these technologies–because if one nation or continent does not participate, then the impact is lessened. There’s also the chance that non-complying nations [like Russia] can ultimately prevail [due to the bankruptcy of the participating nations due to setting up the AI systems] The resistance might be able to shut the hellish programs down in time.


Agreement Between Canada and the United States of America Relating to the Exchange of Information on Weather Modification Activities



More information on weather modification via weather modification research pioneer Barry Trower:


BTW the Globalists pretend their Agenda 2030 includes environmental protection via ’15 minute cities’ and a “carbon tax” This headline proves they’re lying sacks of shit when they speak about protecting the environment as their CIA sabotage of the Nord Steam Pipeline [to separate Europe from Russian energy] a few months ago proves:

Nord Stream Blasts Damaged Baltic Wildlife – Scientists

Researchers say the pipeline explosions stirred up chemical waste, threatening cod and porpoise populations


Greencrow continues: But, the AI technology Elon Musk is warning us about may have nothing to do with weather modification.

Rather, it might have something to do with transhumanism. Listen to what the woman says below about the capabilities of the CRISPR technologies. That alone should keep some up at night wondering. With all the surrogate babies being born these days, how much their genes are being edited before being inserted into the womb? Is human compassion and our innate desire for freedom being edited out of these embryos in the petri dishes?

Greencrow continues: my longtime blogging colleague Penny of Penny for your thoughts had a couple of highly cogent comments to make about transgenderism [the forerunner of transhumanism] in a recent post:

Transgenderism is one part of the hate filled anti human/anti life movement


Finally, regular Twitterer, Laura Love opens up a whole new Pandora’s box when she referred, just this morning, to something called Wumao cyber military operations which she claims are already underway. This is a military-grade psychological operation to control humanity via cyber AI manipulations on the social media/news platforms. Please read her tweet of this morning:

Laura Love on Twitter:

As I’ve been saying for years. The actual function of the Wumao cyber military operations have always been confusion, contrarianism and overwhelming their targets with useless, repeated, distraction oriented and straight up fake information.

They WANT you to give up. They WANT you to feel alone, isolated, depressed and most importantly they WANT you to NOT hold our government accountable BECAUSE their agents are getting EXACTLY what they want from them right now and they are placed with and around them CURRENTLY to make their preferences in policy and law come to pass. DO NOT STOP ASKING QUESTIONS OF THE FI AGENTS, DO NOT STOP YELLING AT THEM AND DEMANDING TRANSPARENCY IN OUR GOVERNMENT. DO NOT LET THEM SEPARATE US.

“Cognitive domain operations seek to capture the mind of one’s foes, changing the thoughts and perceptions of an adversary to shape their decisions and actions. As another People’s Liberation Army outlet describes, a cognitive attack aims to “use an “invisible hand” to control the opponent’s will, making the opponent feel “I can’t” and “I dare not,” and then achieve the effect of “I don’t want to”. They literally do NOT care about your partisan choices in politics at all. They play, carefully cultivate their FI agents and gain the confidence of all and gain advisor status on every side so they cannot lose. DON’T forget that FACT.

P.S Journalists are also not immune and must stay vigilant.”


Greencrow concludes: Perhaps WWIII is underway…and it’s taking place in an AI battle for/in our human brains. Perhaps Bruce’s dystopian nightmare in “Beyond the Great Reset” was just that…all in his own mind. Perhaps the official narrative we’ve been tortured with the past three years is all a psy-op. The grotesque character of Klaus Schwab is mostly an actor/CGI figment. Perhaps the Plandemic HOAX was 90% psy-op and 10% bioweapon attack [this is what I’ve believed from the beginning].

Perhaps they have no ability to set in motion the weather control satellites and/or the CRISPR gene editing. If so, I’m waiting for Bobby Kennedy Jr. to tell us the truth. If he has time.

Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “UPDATED: Beyond The Great Reset

  1. Hi Madam Greencrow,
    Over the years I have often been accused by people close to me of being unnecessarily pessimistic. “Why do you read so much about war and politics? We can’t do anything about it anyways.” But they are wrong. I believe that the common, shared human will to survive will in the long run prevail over the dark forces that seek to control and exterminate the masses to create an upper class Utopia. I am a firm believer in government/elite incompetence. There is no doubt that the manufactured covid psy-op was to promote societal control, lock-downs and economic chaos. The gene therapies miscalled ‘vaccines’ are to promote de=population. That narrative was very successful initially but now around the world grass root movements and ‘ local ‘ administrators are waking up and ‘vaccine’ uptake is lessening. AI algorithms are terrifying but they will rely on complete coverage by 5G and 6G technology and that is far from the case and very difficult and expensive to install globally. I’ve been reading about DARPA and weather control since the 70’s but I have seen no proof that they’ve had much success with that. (Not that they are not trying.) The Nordstream pipeline was bombed by the US (with Norway) but. while profitable for the Americans now cannot but contribute to the eventual dissolution of the EU and NATO. The proxy war in the Ukraine and the growing confrontation with Russia and China will not go well for ‘the west’. The teeming masses of humanity in BRICS and the global south will not co-operate. Klaus Schwab will die and his cocaine-fuelled collection of puppet politicians will not achieve their woke Nirvana.

    The only thing that really scared me in your “Beyond the Great Reset” compendium was when you said you had articles waiting to be posted. The blogosphere is always in need of more Greencrow.
    A wise woman once told me “History is a race between knowledge and catastrophe,”
    ( Did you write that ? )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Mark
      No I did not write “History is a race between knowledge and catastrophe”. Someone else did–but it has been my credo all my adult life and is one of the mission statements of my blog.

      You make some very good comments about the AI race towards catastrophe. Hopefully much of it is simply fear mongering braggadocio.

      I now believe that Klaus Schwab is nothing more than a hired actor/boogyman. People ARE waking up. The next year, particularly with the RFK Jr. election campaign will be pivotal. As I said in an earlier post. Younger generations who never experienced a Kennedy campaign have absolutely no idea of what awaits.


    2. Greetings,
      Just watched the reset video. It does a great disservice by painting a boring but comfortable and tolerable future. Does anyone really think they’ll get a furnished studio apartment all to themselves? Stalin’s gulags and Xi’s labor camps will be the models. Unless Bruce is productively spending at least 14 hours of each day in arduous, chain-gang or sweatshop labor, he will be liquidated immediately and converted to soylent green. There will be no useless eaters among the coming slave/servant class. That’s the whole point of the Georgia Guide Stones: Reduce the world’s population of resource-wasting prols to 500 million, where 490 million slaves will keep the lights on and provide the finest amenities to the 10 million elites. Sure glad I’m not a pessimist. /s

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      1. Hi RAE42397

        You make a valid point in saying prisoners in the future will likely not have lives of comparative luxury. Perhaps Bruce is like a bug in a jar to the perpZ. They’re studying him to see how to control the resistance better in future. The short film stayed with me for days after not necessarily because of what it says about our future but what it says about what we just went through during the lockdown of 2020 to 2023. The loneliness, isolation and betrayal of Bruce by his partner resonated with me. Also the creeping sterility of the urban landscape. The townhouse complexes springing up like mushrooms [future 15 minute cities] around me now resemble the prison complex that Bruce was living in.


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