UPDATED: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. A candidate we haven’t seen the likes of in over 50 years

Treasured Family Memorabilia. Letter my mother received from Robert F. Kennedy just months before he was murdered by the CIA. This letter is worth a few hundred dollars at last assessment. But I will be keeping it and handing it down to the next generation of my family…just as it was handed down to me.


Well, folks, It’s begun. The Election campaign of your lifetime officially began yesterday when Robert F. Kennedy Jr. formally declared his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President. The Democratic convention will be held in August of 2024 so hang onto your seats. It’s going to be a rough ride. Youngsters like yourselves [most, if not all of you are younger than me] will never have lived through a Kennedy campaign. If you doubt the charisma and the impact this dynasty has on audiences just watch and listen to the video below of his first campaign speech. Listen to what he says, and feel the impact his words have on his audience, including yourself. This is just a tiny taste of what is to come.

UPDATED: Here’s another excerpt from RFK Jr’s first address as a presidential candidate. This is what he said about the Healthcare/Autism crisis in the US. Listen to the level of discourse/communication skills the man has! Can you even imagine him in a debate with demented Biden? Or, even Donald Trump. He will run intellectual circles around them. This is what the perpZ are most afraid of…raising the level of political discourse beyond comic book/moronic level.


Greencrow concludes: Watch carefully how the establishment in the US responds to the candidacy of RFK Jr. First, there is and will be absolute silence. While they change their soiled underwear and come up with a PLAN. Then their inevitable cancel culture campaign will begin. They will NOT be able to attack him on the basis of his main reputation–advocacy for children to protect them from Big Pharma–particularly childhood vaccines known to cause autism, cancer, etc. They do NOT want to bring up that topic at all because RFK Jr. has an impeccable record on it. They do not want to wake up even more of the sheeple! It will have to be something totally unrelated to the vaccines. I already saw a fake Tweet yesterday which has a quote of him being FOR gun control. That might be it, or at least one of the multiple prongs of their attack.

They will definitely try to get his family to speak out against him. He has a large family and many of them, including his older sister Kerry are adamantly opposed to his vaccine stand. Kerry has even called him “a dangerous man” in the past. I think that once his candidacy gains traction, the family will shut the fuck up and silently support him. It would be in their best interests to do so. Otherwise, once he becomes immensely popular they’ll look like the fools that they are.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. must have been thinking about this move for many many years…if not all his adult life. He must have a long range plan in place and know who most of his major supporters [team] are by now. One of the genius moves of his uncle and father was their ability to attract very high caliber supporters from ALL WALKS OF SOCIETY. Watch for this. You will be absolutely amazed at who will join his team. I do believe, for instance, that Elon Musk will join his team. They are absolutely aligned on most issues–even the vaccination issue–ever since Musk had his “near death’ experience after his second vax.

Lastly, contemplate for just a moment on how much courage it must have taken for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to follow this path…the same path that his uncle and father took, with catastrophic results. This is the greatest act of personal courage that I’ve seen in my lifetime. RFK Jr. will be meeting face to face with the inheritors/descendants of those who murdered his father and uncle. He will either prevail–and finally bring truth and justice to his martyred father, uncle [NOTE: and likely his first cousin, John F. Kennedy Jr. who was also assassinated] and most importantly to the United States of America–or he’ll die trying [likely in the same way]. No matter what will happen–Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is already a winner…he has already thrown down the gauntlet to avenge for his family. He has, no doubt, already instilled the fear of public exposure/retribution into the minds and hearts of the evil cabal/Deep State assassins.

The descendants and inheritors of the evil cabals–who murdered his father, uncle and first cousin–know they must at last face the victims of their evil acts. History will record the Kennedys did not go away after their leaders were cut down and “shot like dogs in the street”. They rose again. RFK Jr’s metaphor– asking his supporters for “a piece of ground” and a “sword to fight”–is not without the most intense meaning in the spoken history of the USA.

So stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “UPDATED: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. A candidate we haven’t seen the likes of in over 50 years

    1. Hi FreakedOut

      Thanks for posting that link about the fire alarm going off in the building when RFK Jr. was giving his first campaign speech. I did not know that and it’s an absolutely crucial indication of the tack the perpZ will be taking with him in the initial stages of this war to the death. They will try political and gaslighting stunts like that.

      Hopefully he will strengthen his team with some football players to provide security and watch the fire alarm stations–like his uncle and father did before him [i.e., Rosey Grier]



  1. Hello,
    The fact that RFK Jr. is ideologically estranged from some of his large family might in the long run ( and it will be a long run of many months of media circus ) be beneficial to his candidacy. Hopefully it will serve to distance him from the shady dealings of his grandfather and the politics of the old Boston-Catholic ‘mafia’. I read his latest book and he is obviously a serious scholar and a courageous ‘anti-establishment’ crusader. The contrast with the Biden/Harris ticket will stand out to all but the most befuddled voters, but he must be careful not to campaign solely on the ‘vaccine’ issue as that only resonates with the enlightened minority of Democratic voters. He would do well to become an ‘anti-woke’ candidate at least until he gets elected. If he can steal the “automatic nomination” from Biden he might get some last minute corporate funding as the military/industrial complex will have to choose who they fear/hate more, him or Trump. I wish him well and hope that he “keeps his head up” for dark forces confront him from within his own party.

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    1. Thanks for your comments, Mark. Truly this is the campaign of the century so far. So much history coming full circle. Having lived through the era of JFK and RFK I can say from observation that RFK Jr is by far the most naturally gifted of the three [or four, including JFK Jr. who was also murdered by the same cabal].

      JFK and to a lesser extent RFK were naïve, having not experienced the true evil of the Deep State until the final seconds of their lives. RFK Jr. goes into the battle fully armed with the knowledge/experience of who his true enemies are. how powerful they are and what their tactics [gaslighting/elimination] are.

      Perhaps this coming battle to the death is what’s needed in the US to finally rouse the citizens from their moribund slumber and get them to finally throw out the parasites that are bleeding their nation dry.


  2. Hi Greencrow,
    I too lived through the turbulent 1960’s as a petulant child and soon to be Canadian “hippie”.
    I agree with you that JFK jr. was murdered along with his wife and sister in law in 1999. The tail section of a well maintained Piper Saratoga doesn’t “just fall off” causing a direct descent straight down to oblivion, especially as he was just about to enter politics and run against Hillary Clinton for Governor of New York. ( As you said so aptly; ” the same parasite cabal”. )

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  3. Killary has a very long hit list which does include JFK Jr. Mark. With all the airbrushing and erasing of recent history, survivors like you and I with long memories become even more important. We must go out of our way to share what we know about what really happened because:

    “History is a race between knowledge and catastrophe”.


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