Let’s Not Demonize the Vaccinated

Good morning readers. The same as all sentients during this era of the CovIDian Cult HOAX, I have my good days and my bad days…I have days when I even dare to think we might be winning…and then days when I fight off suicidal ideation like the bête noire it has become in my life.

This past week, I was up and down like a yo yo. One moment estatic about the peace and tranquility I have discovered in my bug-out…the next moment in despair because my family has been torn asunder by the fraud artists–even my children totally brainwashed and hostile towards me.

That is why when I read the following article by blogger Henry Makow it at least offered me the solace that I am not alone…many, many, in fact MOST others are going through the same dynamic…which is part and parcel of the “divide and conquer” masterplan. Please read Henry Makow’s amazing disclosure and I will have more comments to follow:


Makow says:

Many of us have spouses and family members who buy into the pandemic hoax. They have been vaccinated. How do we relate to them?”

by Henry Makow PhD


My wife is a libtard. She got vaccinated without telling me, jeopardizing her health and mine.

She wears a mask when we walk outdoors. As though a covid germ will fly up her nose.

She has been gas lit by the media and sends me links.

One compared vaccine hesitant people to folks who resisted seat belts in the 1980’s.

She is not interested in watching people talk about their adverse reactions.

“Why would I watch a video about people having car accidents?” she said. “Adverse reactions are one in a million.”

Because people aren’t being forced to drive cars? But I don’t bother arguing with her.

I explain what is really happening on my web site. But neither she nor any members of my family are interested.

I suspect that at some subliminal level, they know the truth is not good for the Jews.

(By sponsoring antisemitism, the Jewish leadership has ensured that ordinary Jews become their human shields. “Anti Semites” have made resistance to satanist tyranny look like bigotry.) 

My family is proof of Mark Twain’s dictim that it is easier to deceive someone than convince them they’ve been fooled.

My wife is not a stupid woman but my politics are anathema to her.

So how do we continue to have a decent marriage? By not talking about covid of course.

Quite simply, we have agreed that, instead of arguing, we’ll let time reveal the truth.
If covid is not gone by January 2022, I’m right.

If it is, she’s right. (She’s already hinting at an extension.)
I did not marry her for her political smarts. Why ruin a good marriage just because “one of us” (she thinks it’s me) has been duped?

(Also, she loves me, a task only my mother could accomplish!)

I humbly offer my marriage as an example of how to treat the vaccinated.

We will never reach them intellectually — through the head.

But we can reach them through the heart, spiritually. “I love your soul.”

I say to the vaccinated, you were under excruciating pressure. I don’t blame you for trusting the government and media. You were duped.
I want to be wrong. I don’t want any harm to come to you. I will get no pleasure in saying, “I told you so.”
I have never so wanted to be wrong in my life. It would mean a return to “normal.”
Even though some of you talk about quarantining us, or worse, I say: I love you. I don’t want any harm to come to you.

Ever since the covid crisis began in March 2020, my work has been dedicated to sounding the alarm.

We all belong to the same human family. We are brothers and sisters.

God has a purpose for us.

We are One.
First Comment from Claudia

Dear Henry, it’s 3:30 am and I can’t sleep thinking about my parents who got jabbed without telling me.
They too, surrendered to pressure, mainly by their friends and Dr.
Now my dad has “suddenly” developed pulmonary fibrosis courtesy of Moderna.

My dad is suffocated, afraid, malnourished. I try to give him supplements, emotional support, nutricious food and any known antidote on Earth. Both he and my mom keep sabotaging my approach.
They just have a “death cult” approach to life.
They watch CNN daily, eat poorly, hardly exercise. Even though we’re Catholic, I find their approach to faith is superficial (They’re Opus Dei)
In eighteen months they didn’t allow me in their house, we had a terrible fight about mask wearing and  experimental vaccines.  Now that my dad’s health has been compromised I go there and spend  most of my day taking care of them.
They still want me to get jabbed, they still wear their mask indoors, when someone visits.
You’re right, I can’t convince them with articles and videos about the fact that I’m not a human weapon trying to make them sick. I get them through the heart, by taking care of them and showing up whenever they need me. They’ve finally accepted the fact that I’m not wearing a mask when visiting.

I really needed to read your article. I was feeling so tired and sad, about to give up. We definitely have a purpose in life, a God given purpose.  Thank you Henry, God bless you.”


Folks. I would wager that every single family in the West has been impacted like myself, Makow, “Claudia” and “Colleen” the woman I met at Michael’s craft store yesterday. Here is my rendition of that story as told to FreakedOut:

“Just had the most amazing discussion confrontation today at Michael’s craft store.  I was looking for artists paints as were a mother and her 10 year old son.  Neither of them was masked.  She had her mask pulled down under her chin, as did I.  I made eye contact with her, smiled and told her how great it was that she did not mask her son.  She started to tell me how she and her husband were very much at odds with their son not wearing a mask—to the point where he refused to come shopping with them.  I said I understood that dynamic completely and that as a retired social worker I had never seen more serious child abuse than what was going on re the masking and the vaxxing.

Well she took out her cell phone and asked if she could record me saying that when all of a sudden…a masked woman about 65 years old broke into our conversation, said she was a teacher and that she fully approved of masking children and no harm was coming to them…in fact, they were thriving. 

I have to admit I kind of lost it there.  I told her she was “brainwashed” to think that children “thrived” when their ability to breathe was hampered. The mother of the boy was more measured in her response, trying to calmly reason with the woman.  The spontaneous three part debate carried on for at least 10 to 15 minutes…the Mother and I throwing fact after fact at the masked woman while she told us to watch certain videos etc.  The masked woman and the mother and I were obviously living in parallel universes.  She did not know what we knew and vice versa.  The topic veered into the realm of the new threat to vax our kids and that’s when it became even more heated.  The masked woman said her daughter worked as a nurse in an ICU hospital dept and her daughter told her the vaxZes were “safe and effective”.  I told the masked woman that a hospital ICU unit had killed my brother last March with covID-related gross malpractice and negligence and that, further, her daughter would lose her job if she said anything contrary to the covID agenda.

I told the woman that hospitals were killing people all over the world by refusing to prescribe medications like Ivermectin that work…and by shoving ventilator tubes down their throat, suffocating them.  She said that ivermectin was “horse medicine”…and I responded: “You know why Ivermectin works?  Because it is to get rid of parasites in horses and the vaxZines have parasites in them.”  Then I asked her if she knew what was IN the vaxZines.  She mumbled something behind her mask.  I said:  Four things are in the vaxZines:  Graphene oxide, mRNA fragments, metals, and parasites.  I asked the mother if she knew that and she gave me a blank look.  Up until that point, she and I were completely synced as to what we knew about the agenda.

Finally I bowed out and left the two women to make nice with one another and “agree to disagree’.  I went behind an aisle and wrote my name, cell phone number and  blog name on a piece of paper then came back and handed it to the mother.  I suggested she check out my blog.

We made quite a disturbance in the otherwise quiet store…you could hear us quite clearly…I’m surprised none of the staff showed up to see me, the mother, and the boy, all facing the “masked woman”.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.”


Greencrow concludes: All the while the above exchange was taking place at Michael’s part of my brain was observing Colleens’ response and wishing that I could calm down and be like her, instead of being so triggered by the masked lady. I believe that’s one of their strategies…trigger us with more and more insane propaganda/fear mongering in the Media…as regurgitated by their brainwashed sheeple…and then call us “crazy conspiracy theorists”.

Throughout, Colleen remained calm, although I could see…and from what she had told me early on…I knew she was under at least as much stress as I was due to division between herself and her husband. In the end I believe she and Henry Makow are going about it the right way. I will make every effort in future to respond to the triggers with love and with silence if needs be…rather than the angry word spoken.

FOOTNOTE: Librti just put up this excellent video on “How to Easily Wake Up Your Friends and Family”.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Not Demonize the Vaccinated

  1. This article by Henry is perfect. I have stopped caring about who is vaxxed and who is not. Their decisions are made one way or another. What I care about is their attitude towards the issue. It is the enforcers we worry about. My retired surgeon sis in law is off on a local island today running a vaccination center there. She has been running them since the start. There is no way I dare even discuss the vax with her or my brother!

    You know my situation with my son in law. Again impossible to discuss. It seems, in his case as with so many others, a good education in one subject makes one an expert on ALL things! I just avoid it all as much as I can because of the divide and conquer aspect of this war against the family. My brother and his partner of a decade parted ways a month ago because she refuses to be vaccinated whereas he, a much more social being, took the shot.

    From my peers, some accept my status, some do not. That makes me sad, but so be it for now. The aspect of compassion and empathy is important when dealing with some folk, including me. Believe me, my spiritual side is really struggling to keep on an even keel especially when Dr. Medjev and Stew Peters and all . prove to me that my deepest instincts about this satanic induction must be avoided at all costs.

    Me? I look at my 5 month old grand daughter smearing avocado all over her face and wish there were more I could do to save her from what she will grow up to face.


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