Australia is GONE!

Now Australians now need a “License to Live” – go to the 8 minute mark for this shocking expose

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti shares and urgent personal message to all followers, fans and partners, especially those in #America #USA – H/T Simon Hicks

Good morning sentients. As usual, I am overwhelmed with the amount of URGENT material that I must share with you to do my part in this War to the Death on Humanity that is currently raging all over Christendom. I have begun to use the word “Christendom” deliberately because it appears that the Christian and White nations of the world have been particularly targeted by this genocidal tyranny.

No more so than in the pathetic and overrun [by Satanic cockroaches] country of Australia. The above video is a must watch from the 8 minute mark to about the 20 minute mark. During that space, Pastor Steve Cioccolanti clearly spells out the current state of Tyranny that has enveloped Australia…which I have now started to call AuschwitZlia…and warns about the even further escalation of oppression coming in the very near future as the Diabolical Premier Dan Andrews passes “Emergency” legislation which will grant him powers that Stalin and other historical tyrants never dreamed of.

So I ask you to watch and listen carefully to this video between the 8 and the 20 minute mark and think very hard about where this is all going. Is this coming to North America? Is AuschwitZlia just a petri dish for Canada and the United States?

How much time do we have left, folks? Who will fight for us? Will our military, police and judges finally step up to the plate? Or, will we all be going down the sewer hole like AuschwitZlia has already gone?!

3 thoughts on “Australia is GONE!

  1. RAH here:

    Good informative post from Australia….it is getting very dire down there.


    Saw on news BC will be phasing out (9) MINK farms by 2025…WTF ?
    Claim is minks can spread Covid…WTF?
    Jim Stone reports a link that COVID infects deer WTF?

    The PerpZ, now that children are targetted as superspreaders..will ramp up fear porn that this “virus” can/will infect animals…ie ultimately your pets…. and you will have to vaxx and/or euthanize them.

    Simply more psych warfare.


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