Haley’s Mother speaks out –

28 year old daughter Haley died 2 days after ModeRNA VaxZine

Haley Brinkmayer’s mother Shauna speaks out against the VaxZine Genocide

that murdered her daughter

FreakedOut sent me this e-mail this morning:

Good Morning gc

This morning in my email Inbox I got my usual latest report from Health Impact News editor Brian Shilhavy which contained an article on a still grieving mother of a young lady who died shortly after the kill shot. Haley Link Brinkmeyer is the 28-year-young newlywed who died just 2 days after getting the jab. I believe you reported on this death on your other blog when the info just became available last winter.

Not sure what’s on your desk this morning but I thought you might like to have a look at this video testimony by Haley’s mother Shauna. Shauna speaks some powerful Truth and her message is clear as a sunny day.

Grieving mother who threatened Health Impact News for publishing daughter’s death now goes public


Unfortunately, dear Shauna, the PerpZ have got you and your entire family in their crosshairs….AND…the government isn’t going to help. I hate to rain on a parade but let’s be honest here, shouldn’t they have shut this criminal genocide program down a long time ago?

Let me know what ya think…


Greencrow responded to FreakedOut accordingly:

Hi FreakedOut:

Watched the video of Haley’s mother.  I, too, get panic attacks when I think about my granddaughters getting vaxZed.  Will post right away.


Greencrow concludes: Grandparents all over the world are now suffering the tortures of the damned as the Corrupt, Criminal Tyrannical Governments close in for the kill on their precious grandchildren. I, along with Shauna above, am no exception. Every day I torture myself with questions like: “Should I warn them now [my granddaughters’ vaxZed parents]? Would it alienate them and cause them to cut me off from my granddaughters entirely?” If I wait too long, will my granddaughters be vaxZed without even a warning to the parents? Will the government apprehend children who are not vaxZed? It is a fate that is in some ways worse than death. The following two photos/graphics illustrate what is going on and how dire the situation is:

The Sesame Street TV production company has been bribed by Big Pharma and the criminally corrupt governments to brainwash our children into going meekly to the slaughter…to be maimed, sterilized and “transhumanized” without their informed knowledge and/or consent. How bestial is that?!!!

Finally, the 8-year-old boy who wrote the letter below was asked by his teacher to write a letter to a service member as part of a Remembrance Day project. He chose to write to the best friend of his father…who then posted this letter on Twitter with the caption: “Must remember not to talk politics around my son.

Time is running out Folks! Time used to be “money” but, now, time is literally the lives of our children and grandchildren...STAND UP AND SPEAK OUT!!! This, from Twitter this morning:


“NIH: “Non-fulminant active myocarditis has a mortality rate of 25-56% within 3-10 years owing to progressive heart failure and sudden cardiac death” Damaged heart cells never regenerate in humans so any damage done is permanent and often progressive. Protect your children!

Quote Tweet

Dr. Gina – RAV (@RealAmVoice)@RealDrGina · Nov 2 If a 5 year old develops “mild Myocarditis,” there is a 50/50 chance they won’t live to see their 15th birthday. This is what we are doing to our CHILDREN, for political statement!

12 thoughts on “Haley’s Mother speaks out –

  1. RAH here:

    (BTW: S75P posted this a couple of days ago..but I think it got buried as new post occurred shortly after .We will be doing a CoronoGate analysis of this)



    IMHO…this one of THE best videos re Covid scam…approx. 10 minutes packed with EXCELLENT info and analysis.

    Dr Chetty lays out what we are up against and how truly insidious the vaxx is.
    His “parachute” analogy at end is awesome.

    In essence, I would submit that if one wanted to sabotage an electronics company..simply unleash hungry rats where wires are clustered…one has no idea what they will damage but damage will be done regardlesss. Dr Chetty states that the vaxx will target and exacerbate pre-existing conditions, whether one was a cancer survivor….heart issues….etc etc.

    Pure and simple this vaxx is a bio weapon meant to kill in stealth mode and other factors blamed.

    Strongly urge others to share this video !!!


    1. Hi RAH:

      Watched the video and the “Skydiving” analogy the Doctor gives at the end is priceless. They are threatening to push us out of the plane if we refuse to skydive to protect humanity. When will the insane nightmare stop!


  2. Dear gc: I can only imagine how hellacious it must be to worry about your duty to your grandchildren under these circumstances. I am blessed in that my only remaining family are not gripped by normalcy bias. The only advice I could offer is to study the techniques of the elite’s think tanks, the psychologists that are behind the propaganda campaigns that have brought the populace to this point. Use their techniques to break your children free of their trance.. As advice I know it sounds cryptic, but this task is akin to deprogramming a cult member, a mine field where they could walk away from you at any moment. Best of luck to you.


  3. RAH here:

    Re: arrogant (deceased)cardiologist noted above..how’s HELL like buddy?
    How many did you, an “expert” , lead astray to their doom before it came back and bit you in the
    ass ???
    Reserve a seat for Fauci….Dr Bonnie…etc.

    Separating wheat from chaff…I doubt many will ever trust medical profession again(nor the military, police, legal system etc.)

    Re Haleys Mom…this end result will be increasingly repeated..a tsunami of deaths will be forthcoming.
    Thus,….I am anticipating a wave of parties who have lost loved ones due to the vaxx “Going Postal” once they get their heads out of their asses and face blunt reality….and exacting their own justice, morseo since all the traditional institutions have failed miserably.

    Fasten Your Seatbelts !!!


  4. Hi Pizzagal:

    Thanks for your support. It is indeed the worst kind of emotional torture to have worked as a social worker in child protection during my career but now to be helpless to save my own children and grandchildren from the worst kind of child abuse in the history of humanity.


  5. In Dr Sherri Tenpenny and Dr Larry Palevsky’s latest episode of “Critically Thinking” Dr Tenpenny mentions some grandparents coming to see her who are in tears over their kids who have “drank the kool aid” and “cant wait to have their kids jabbed”. Dr Tenpenny asks Dr Palevsky… what makes parents want to do this to their kids? Dr Palevsky comes up with some very good explanations as to what he believes is some of the mechanisms at play on why parents do this to their kids.
    A really good episode!


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