Urgent plea for help from Australia – Gov is trapping/fORCE vAXzINg aBORIGINALS!


Folks…this is a must watch Stew Peters RANT sent to me by RAH. “This is a Land Grab!”–So cry out the Aboriginal Leaders from Australia. This is something I’ve also said in many previous posts about the CovIDian Cult Hoax Genocide. It is a world-wide land grab–revealed most succinctly in the Globalist mantra: “You Will Own Nothing and You Will Be Happy.”

The “Great Reset” is in fact a colonization and land theft–much like the colonization and land theft that went on during the colonization of Australia and Canada and other nations during the “Age of Columbus/Discovery”. Only this time they’re colonizing our own bodies–extracting the DNA and other biological resources–AS WELL AS stealing our land after we perish from the vaxZines–or by sending us to gulags and stealing it afterwards, should we resist the “Kill Shots”.

As Stew Peters says…It’s up to all of us to speak up and act urgently on behalf of the Australian Aboriginals who are being quarantined, force-vaxZinated, deprived of the essentials of life and killed. The First Nations of Canada are next on the chopping block…and then all of us, one by one–vaxZed and unvaxZed. They have in mind that only “they” [the Satanic elites and their political and HELLth Authority assets–and their families] will emerge unscathed.

One thought on “Urgent plea for help from Australia – Gov is trapping/fORCE vAXzINg aBORIGINALS!

  1. In Alberta First Nations are at the head of the line for the booster shots. On Nov 8 the Alberta government announced all residents aged 70 and older, as well as First Nations, Metis and Inuit residents 18 years old and up will be able to access the booster shots.


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