Severe Snowstorm and/or Cyberattack will shut down financial systems

Good morning fellow sentients. It is a dark and very rainy day deep in the mountains of the Pacific North West. We are apparently being treated to a series of “Atmospheric Rivers” [TM]. Folks, I am old enough to remember back when the weather came from God. It was waaaaaay more benign back then. Now, it’s ordered up by Satan and it is very malevolent. Nobody dares say anything about it. The Demons of the MZM have made sure that anyone who does allude to the geoengineering/weaponiZing of the weather is “cancelled” immediately as a “conspiracy theorist”.

I’m going to be reporting on the next weather-related Globalist Reset strategy planned by the Satanists shortly but first, here is a TWEET that I picked up yesterday from the Internet and that should be sent to all parents of 5-12 year old children now being honed in on by the government/HELLth Authority mass murderers:

Yes, the warning could not be clearer than what Dr. Robert Malone says above. Any parent who reads but doesn’t heed his warning is a child murderer, IMO. I would love to send this to the parents of my two granddaughters but, sadly, if I did they would likely cut me off from contact with their daughters. That’s how demonic/satanic the purveyors of this de-population strategy are—that they so carefully arranged the isolation of the children from all who would save them.

Now on to another prong in the Globalist pitchfork of attack on humanity–weather geoengineering/cyberattack. These two strategies apparently go hand-in-hand. They want to shut down the Internet and financial services [access to our bank accounts] but they need to do it in a way that disguises/covers up their evil [“By way of deception we shall do war”]. So they will blame the shut-down of all the banks on a [“once in a lifetime”] “Weather Event” such as a snowstorm/rainstorm–that brings down the Internet. Here’s a video where Stew Peters interviews a financial expert on the latest World Economic Forum video. Remember the last one: “You will Own Nothing and you will be Happy”? Well, this one predicts a “snowstorm” or “cyberattack” that will result in us not having access to our money. Please watch at the link below, and I will have more comments to follow:

Yes, folks Stew Peters and his guest seem to acknowledge the concept of geoengineering/weaponiZing of our weather by defaultwhen they allege that the WEF is going to “cause” a snowstorm that will bring down the Internet. That is as far as anyone is allowed to go when discussing weather geoengineering…IMPLY that it is going on. So how does one “cause” a snowstorm???? This is the elephant in the Stew Peters broadcast studio during the above interview. The Globalists’ ability to “cause” a snowstorm dwarfs the closing of the banks by a cyberattack, or whatever. We need to drill down further into what Stew and the interviewee mean.

As far as closing off our access to our bank accounts/pensions/wages/investments is concerned. That has always been in the cards from the beginning of the nightmare. Yes, and when [not IF] it happens, the sheeple will be as oblivious to the cause-and-effect nature of what’s going on–as they currently are to the cause-and-effect nature of the Plandemic and the mandatory biometric/depopulation vaxZines. Sheeple are congenitally unable to connect dotZ.

What to do when we are denied access to “our” money? Well, here’s economist and long time truth teller/prognosticator Catherine Austin Fitts with some timely advice:


H/T Dennis

Greencrow continues: My advice is to diversify and prep. Those two words should guide our every decision and action from now on. Diversify your assets into three categories:

1) Cold Hard Cash. Yes, folks, we’re back to the dayZ of stowing bundles of greenbacks under our mattresses. They will gain more interest under your sheets than they will in a “savings” account nowadays anyway–what with negative interest rates.

2) Real Property. Don’t keep large amounts of money in stocks, bonds or “bitcoin” or anything that can be evaporated overnight in a covert weather weaponiZed cyberattack. Pay off your mortgage or buy a small bug-out somewhere you can retreat to…perhaps with a bit of land attached for a garden.

3) Prep/Barter. Invest in hard ware and food staples that don’t easily spoil. Prepare for being without access to funds/purchasing power for several months. You should have been jarring jams last September after the harvest. Even if you could never eat all the contents of dozens of jars of blueberry jam yourself–you would be able to barter them with friends/family/neighbours for other essential items.

But, folks, it is clear that even if you did all of the above and are fully “prepared”–you will never be able to hold out forever against their de-population siege of humanity WHEN [not if] it happens. All of the above MUST be combined with a global human resistance to the Satanists. Equally as important as any financial or supply “prepping” we must all get back in touch with our Creator. We must say the “Our Father” daily and we must humbly beg him/her to come to our rescue. We must speak out and become active in our resistance…and…in the end…and this is the scary part…we will have to physically fight and claw for our survival. We will have to go onto our roof tops with rifles and snipe at the attackers…we must stab them when they break down our doors.

This is the reality we are being faced with–and that is still being couched in such careful language as Stew and his guest used in the video above when they talked about a “Snowstorm” shutting down the banks.

10 thoughts on “Severe Snowstorm and/or Cyberattack will shut down financial systems

  1. Greencrow, please hear what I’m about to say. You mention getting back in touch with God, and that’s wonderful! But he definitely has a way to do it that doesn’t involve murderous thoughts. First, we must repent, and turn away from all our sins, humbly begging him to forgive us for offending him all this time. (Read Jonah 3 by way of example.) We must come through faith in the blood of Jesus Christ, who died for our sins, we can come no other way. We must confess and forsake all our sins to obtain mercy. Saying “our Father” however many times a day will not do anything. If we do not take up our cross daily, we cannot follow him. We must forsake all that the world has to offer, and seek to please God alone. We must stop desiring to kill them, that makes us just as evil as they are. I hope you can hear this. I’ll be praying for you and all others who are getting desperate in these desperate times.


    1. I don’t know about murderous thoughts Canadian Wildflower. I was talking about self defense. We can still do THAT now, can’t we? Also, saying the Our Father once a day is just a way of opening the communication lines between humans and God.


      1. The bible says repentance is what opens the lines of communication with God, not repetitious prayer. Many folks are panicking these days, but Jesus said he gave us his peace, and that our hearts need not be troubled. This is what I hope people will seek for, not for temporal “peace”, which cannot last.


      2. It’s precisely because we ARE in a crisis that I would think folks would want to be sure they get heard when they communicate with their Creator… Just sayin’.


  2. I was visiting friends on one of the gulf islands awhile ago. They bartered with their friends and neighbors. Each family had a specialty. My friends had a huge garden, someone else raised chickens others would produce firewood, others wine, etc. A side benefit was they all got to know each other and could rely on their trading partners for help and support. Nowadays most city residents don’t even know their neighbors. It’s hard to depend on people you don’t know.

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    “But he definitely has a way to do it that doesn’t involve murderous thoughts.”

    You might want to listen to Father Bugnolo on the unvaxxed and protecting yourself:
    At the 14:30 MM he says” prepare yourself, move to the country and arm up”.

    ALSO, are you aware of the history of the Communists and how many Christians they murdered?
    Read “The Gulag Archipelago” by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.


    1. I have read the Gulag Archipelago, and am also well aware of how many Christians get murdered by evil regimes. This has been ongoing since Christ was crucified. His true followers have been targeted ever since. But one thing about true Christian martyrs, they FOLLOW Christ, and, yes, millions have died, and will die, seemingly for nothing. If people’s hope is connected with this corrupted world, they have everything to lose, and they will fight. But if their hope is in Christ’s promise of eternal life, they have nothing here to lose, and will take up their cross, and follow Christ. This is what it means to be his disciple. If we’re not willing to do that, we are not worthy to be his disciple.


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