breaking news: cdn Pediatric Nurse says her hospital is full of severely vax-damaged kids in mental crisis

Greencrow concludes: A warning about this video. It is very hard to listen to. It describes a major crime under way in our hospitals–aided and abetted by the governments and the media. The Pediatric nurse lets it all hang out…she says that now vaxZine-injured children are showing up in hospital with horrific vaxZine injuries–like Guillian Barre syndrome/paralysis, bleeding gums, rashes, blood disorders and “vaxZine induced” myocarditis. The hospital doctors/staff do not connect the dots between the vaxZines and these strange and unprecedented injuries to these children. Mental health is also out of control and the nurse connects it to the “Zoom” education and the masking the children are subjected to. Some of the the children are so damaged physically and mentally…that a doctor even suggested they put a particularly mentally damaged child into palliative care. The Nurse says the hospital never asks or enters on a child’s chart whether that child is vaxZinated. But she says she always asks the patient and inevitably they ARE vaxZinated. The nurse says the hospital doesn’t even track vaxZine injuries and she considerers that to be negligence.

At the end of the interview the nurse advises all parents NOT to allow this to happen to their children. She says the vaxZines are very dangerous.

3 thoughts on “breaking news: cdn Pediatric Nurse says her hospital is full of severely vax-damaged kids in mental crisis

  1. Only parents that have taken the shots will have their kids take it. If the agenda is depopulation (I think it is) then our overlords must be thinking “if the parents are gone then who will look after all the orphans?”. That would be a big problem for them. Maybe that’s why they want to get rid of the whole family.


    1. I do believe that’s part of it Ron. Also there’s the revenge factor. Kids whose governments have killed their parents may grow up to be quite vengeful. But there’s also the suicide factor. Parents who suddenly realize they’ve murdered their own children by allowing them to be vaxZinated will certainly develop negative emotions about their right to remain alive. The evil plot is all-encompassing and ever extrapolating.


  2. RAH here:

    These Satanic Scum have zero respect for life at any age or state.

    The bio weapon they have unleashed knows no bounds, it runs the gamut from infertility, spontaneous miscarriage, breast milk poisoning…..right up to culling the elderly and everyone in between.

    In their arrogant bravado,currently , they are shamelessly putting the death jab bullseye on our children.


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