Have a very covidian christmas

Good morning readers. We are bracing ourselves for the latest “Atmospheric River”[TM] that has been scheduled to come across the Pacific North West today…from it’s birthplace somewhere in the Pacific–where these geoengineered monsters are technologically manufactured by the Satanists–to be marketed under the guise of “Climate Change”[TM]. That’s why King Herod the Turd wants to charge Canadians a “carbon tax”–to pay for all the satellite-controlled, high tech giZmos used to create “water spouts”, etc., etc.

But, I digress.

The topic of this post is all the hype on the Talmudvision leading up to Christmas. The Globalist Perp Satanic monsters are shameless. They’re using our love for our children to wring the last dime out of us before they ‘off’ our children/grandchildren with vaxZines. My advice to parents is to drastically cut back on giving commercial/corporatist gifts this year. The corporations who profit from the Christmas shopping sprees/debt loads have not stepped up to save our children [that they profit off of]…on the contrary…they’ve been pushing the CovIDian fear porn in their advertisements all year long…now they’ve cynically carved out a tiny 6 week window of love and jubilation to reel in the suckers–before the Sword of VaxZine Damocles falls again in January, 2022 with mandated booster, upon booster, upon booster.

So, instead of buying tons of that useless CRAP that holds a child’s attention for perhaps one hour tops…why not invest in prepping for the coming Armageddon? Buy staples that can be stored and used such as batteries, fuel, canned goods, powdered milk. There are many websites with lists of prepper “must haves” online. And don’t forget to top up your First Aid Kit and medicine chest with common cures [and vitamins] for ailments such as colds, cuts and even splints and slings/compression bandages. Look into detoxes [like MMS] from the vaxzes already taken by your sheepliZed relatives and/or spike protein shedding that may damage your health when you associate with them during the holidays. In other words, stock up on anything that could prevent a trip to the Hospital Emergency Room which, during the past 12 months has morphed into a Killing Field.

With the building MZM hype about the newest “variant” which is really a disguise to cover-up the escalation of “adverse effects” of the vaxZines [aka vaxZine injuries], I predict they will use the manufactured new “crisis” to shut down travel within or outside the Western [NATO/EU nations] for Christmas.

H/T pusnboots2
H/T Dennis

It will happen with little or no warning…that’s always their gambit…the Perp Political Assets will suddenly forbid all travel outside the countries. Those who have planned long-postponed visits to relatives in foreign countries for Christmas will suddenly be told after months of planning…those trips are off. Already they’re fear porning would-be Canadian travellers against leaving the country–with blatant lies and fabrications. Se Chris Sky‘s message below:

Chris Sky tells the truth about travelling without having to take the jab

Thanks, Chris, for disabusing us of that particular ‘King Herod the Turd’ lie. Even I believed I was not allowed to travel outside the country unjabbed.

But if, as I predict above, there is another shut down trapping Canadians in their own country–contrary to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Constitution–Why not, instead of crying in our eggnog, don’t we go out into the streets and protest– like the Aussies are doing as shown in the video below.

Protest demonstrating is a much better use of our time…and much cheaper! Let’s spend the money we were going to spend on travel and/or on useless and wasteful commercial ‘fluff’ purchases–on prepping for the the next assault by the Covidian cultists. After all, the WEF has warned us about coming extreme weather events/food shortages and bank closures…coming soon to a community near you in the New Year 2022. So Stock Up and Stay Tuned!!!!

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