Alliance against globalism/vaxZines: Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Archbishop Viganò and RCMP Cpl Bulford

A Survivor of concerted, decades long effort by Deep State to take out his entire family…Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Carries the Family Mantle of Greatness and Tragedy with Enormous Courage

James Corbett interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about Kennedy’s New Book on Dr. Fauci

Good morning folks, We are in the middle of yet another “Atmospheric River” [TM] but little moi is high and dry–so far. No flooding ever since the maintenance people came and cleared the culvert in our back yard. My concern is for those living in the Lower Vancouver mainland Fraser Valley and particularly in the Sumas Region. As this geoengineered weather weapon continues its evil work it is becoming apparent that the farmers living in those areas which are, coinkydynkally, the richest farmland in Canada…are soon going to “Own nothing…and be Happy. [TM]” if you know what I mean.

Today I am going to present three videos about three of the emerging leaders in our existential War for Humanity. I would call these three “Generals” in our Resistance forces.

The first one is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who in the above video is being interviewed by Canadian real journalist James Corbett. Kennedy talks about his new book about Dr. Mengele Fauci which is now on the US bestsellers list. In his book Kennedy calls Fauci the “hub” of a crime ring–with many spokes going out in all directions to the various usual suspects–Big Pharma, the CIA, The FDA, the Mainstream media, all the labs in all the US universities. hospitals etc., etc. Fauci controls the money in government grants [taxpayer funds] coming and going from these agencies. He has used his enormous power to weaponize coronaviruses/vaxZines then use both to create a Fake pandemic/order mandatory injections–in order to bring in a totalitarian globalist government [run by the usual suspects].

Kennedy is the only leader who has called what’s going on what it is–an Apocalypse. Corbett agrees with Kennedy that this is the biggest battle humanity has ever faced in its existence.

The two other “Generals’/activists emerging from within the Globalist construct are an Archbishop and a policeman. Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò is literally the only non Satanic member of the Catholic Church leadership at this point in our history. As I have posted about several times…The Catholic Church that I was raised in has gone “full Satan”. Priests are exhorting their “flock” [of sheep] parishioners to line up for the kill shots which, incidentally, have aborted fetal cells in them. So much for the Catholic Church’s “principled stand” on abortion! In the video below It is wonderful to listen to Archbishop Viganò’s bugle cry/clarion call of sanity rising up from the depths of iniquity that the Catholic Church has sunk into.

The Only Leader of the Catholic Church not Swallowed Up and Spat Out by Satan

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano

Previously 21WIRE reported on an incredible interview which took place between Inside the Vatican editor Robert Moynihan and Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò (image above) based in Rome, about a global takeover currently underway, waged by powerful financial and ideological actors, and with grave consequences for the future of humanity should this new elite international combine succeed in its designs. 

Watch the full address by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò above:

This week, Archbishop Viganò returned with a follow-up address to the world, this time calling for the creation of a new “Anti-Globalist Alliance” to counter what he describes as a ‘global coup d’etat’ targeting governments and institutions under the guise of an alleged global pandemic, and marketed under the World Economic Forum’s “Build Back Better” agenda currently being pushed by leading world powers like the United States, EU, UK, Canada, Australia and numerous others.

In his video address, the 80 year-old Archbishop from Rome called on members of the Christian faith to join together “under the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the only King and Savior,” in order to fight back against the establishment of an insidious ‘New World Order.’

Viganò proceeds to call-out ‘change agents’ embedded throughout government, the judiciary, mainstream media, institutions and foundations, seduced by financial gain, status and social affirmation. He describes how the agenda seeks to stage-manage a series of global crises in order to consolidate its power and control over the executive, legislative and judicial branches of stakeholder government in the global plan.

“Today a health emergency, tomorrow an ecological emergency, and after that, an internet emergency,” said Viganò.

He went on to add, “It is a world war, where the enemies are all of us…..It’s a war fought not with weapons, but with illegitimate rules, wicked economic policies, and intolerable limitations of natural rights.”

He also described the current globalist takeover as a drive to “centralised power, so as to establish a planetary dictatorship. It is the Great Reset of the World Economic Forum and (Agenda) 2030 of the United Nations.”


The Last Real Mountie in Canada

Greencrow continues: The last leader presented in this post is a very unexpected one. Cpl Daniel Bulford came out of nowhere a month or so ago as the spokesperson for website Mounties for Freedom.

Mounties for Freedom posted an eloquent manifesto defending the fundamental rights of all Canadians from the broad daylight theft of our most precious freedoms by King Herod the Turd and his nationwide cabal of criminal Premiers and so-called HELLth Authorities. Cpl Bulford said tearfully in his first public statement that his personal “line in the sand” had been crossed. He has had to quit his job ironically supervising the personal protection of the Turd to defend our country for the sake of all Canadians…but particularly our children. Bulford, a father of three, says he wants to be able to “look them in the eye.”

RCMP Corporal Daniel Bulford

Speaks about Legal Rights now being Stolen from all Canadians

Listen carefully to every word that Canadian RCMP Cpl Daniel Bulford says. Each word is heavy with meaning and fundamental principles.

As you listen and watch General Bulford eloquently and movingly describe our rights and freedoms that are being systemically stolen from us...think back to what lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr says about Dr. Fauci–a career criminal who has stolen the health [and constitutional rights] of Americans over a period of decades–by surreptitiously amassing HELLthcare power through control of budgets. Bulford stands opposed to criminals like the Turd and Fauci. Archbishop Viganò stands opposed to the now Satanically-controlled Catholic Church. Kennedy, Viganò and Bulford are our new generals…leading the sentient resistance to the worst terror threat that humanity has ever faced. He says: “The Time To Be Strong is Now!” Cpl. Bulford quotes actor Denzel Washington at the end of his speech. This quote reminds me of what Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has said about his own family’s backbiting. My own family is of the same ilk as Kennedy’s in that regard:

“Your own family will talk shit about you when you’re in the process of breaking all their generational curses. This ain’t for the weak.” – Denzel Washington.

6 thoughts on “Alliance against globalism/vaxZines: Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Archbishop Viganò and RCMP Cpl Bulford

    1. I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the USA’s obsession with arguing minute [distractions] points while sitting back and allowing the tyranny to descend on them…without a shot being fired!


  1. Most top church leaders are onboard with this satanic agenda. Not only are they encouraging their members to take the kill shots but are also not allowing any leader to give another member a religious exemption to excuse the member from the kill shots! They are charlatans!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Even worse than charlatans, they are murderers by proxy. They were given huge bonuses by the governments to shut their churches down during the Plandemic HOAX…instead of offering their churches as refuges and places where information can be shared. When the churches were most needed they were MIA. They are exhorting their parishioners to get the Experimental Kill Shot Jab…without informed consent, They are war criminals in this Battle for Humanity.


  2. Hey Greencrow!

    It’s Bob the Infrastructure guy!

    I saw RFK Jr being interviewed by Tucker Carlson. RFK’s book about Fauci et al. is Horrible! But is now a best seller.

    Being a dog lover whose little Chi dog died recently. I really hate this little sadistic evil bastard. Having little Beagle puppies being eaten alive by flies.

    The man tortures animals in the most horrific ways and kills orphans with poison drugs and dumps their little bodies in mass graves!

    Not seeing if the drug given to these orphans was effective BUT TO SEE WHEN IT WOULD KILL THESE ABANDONED ORPHANS!

    The health agencies are completely captured by the Pharma and big medicine. They get most of their budget from these criminals. It’s like the US Environmental Protection Agency getting most of their budget from big coal!


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