A Mountie Steps up



Folks I posted this interview to my post of earlier today about the Open Letter published by Mounties for Freedom. A reader challenged me on who was behind that letter so I did a bit of digging and came up with the spokesperson for the group, Cpl. Daniel Bulford who presumably is also one of the authors of the letter.

The interview he gave in the video above restores my faith in the Mounties that, like my faith in all government institutions and professions such as doctors and lawyers, has taken a real beating. I encourage all my readers to watch the entire video to the very end. These two Canadian men run the gamut of the entire CovIDian fraud from soup to nutZ. They do a lot of soul searching between them. You can see that they have suffered a lot of emotional pain in gaining the realizations they have about where Canada is at and the dangers we are in.

Cpl Bulford, in this one interview, in my opinion, has vaulted from anonymity to national hero status. I predict this interview will go viral shortly and you will see much more of Cpl Bulford. Unfortunately, we all know what happens when the ordinary citizens latch on to a potential hero and/or leader. Expect to read in the Legacy media how Cpl Bulford boinked his teenaged first cousin in the backseat of a 57 Chevy a few years ago. This is their only response when someone challenges their agenda…”search and destroy’. Never debate or respond in a civilized manner. So be prepared to learn a lot more about Cpl Bulford…some stuff will be lies and some will be innuendo…and most likely be of a sexual nature…that’s their favourite.

At the end of the interview, Cpl. Bulford challenges all of us to mentally picture what our “Line in the Sand” will be. What will the government demand that we simply cannot comply with. That’s very important because it will force us to imagine ourselves resisting and paying the consequences. I have been on to the CovIDian Caper since around January 20, 2020 when the Legacy Media blared out of all its orifices that the cruise ships all around the world were being ordered to port due to a “pandemic”. The very day I heard that I knew it was a False Flag…just because of how lockstep all the media were in reporting it. Folks, I learned my lessons well since 9/11. I can smell a False Flag from 4,000 miles away.

So when they started talking about PCR tests and mandatory vaxZines…that was about a year ago now…I did what Cpl. Bulford recommends and imagined what my personal line in the sand was…and it is the PCR test itself. I will never agree to have that graphene oxide torture implement shoved up my nostrils. I will ask, nay DEMAND to be dragged off to a gulag–rather than have the test or the Kill Shot. I do believe that the Kill Shot has been designed to strip us of our humanity. It is the Mark of the Beast. I intend to die a Pure Blood.

So that’s my line in the sand. I am prepared to meet my maker…to as Max Igan says…”Face Infinity without Flinching.” However, I will admit to getting some encouragement when David Whitehead, the “Truth Warrior” interviewer in the above video, told the audience that he believes the perpZ are already in “checkmate“. I believe that’s likely the case. However, as Vladimir Putin discovered as a young boy chasing rats around his St. Petersburg tenement apartment building with a sharp stick…never corner a rat…because it will likely jump right out at you in desperation.


H/T Rebel News

4 thoughts on “A Mountie Steps up

  1. I had just been informed by my doctor that I am in an excellent health considering the blood and urine test I had, just that as a senior citizen I never saw any need for any flu vax or for the corona vax and neither walk around with a nappy (diaper) on my face at all. As a child I had ample of needles poked into me and well didn’t want to have this as some life ambition. With my Scribd blog “INSPECTORRIKATI” I pursue to expose those traitorous politicians and medical professionals to be legally accountable and award them with a fitting death penalty if and when convicted.


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