VaxZine victim casey tells her story

Casey Tells her Story

Casey speaks with Liz Gunn

Casey Hodgkinson talks with Liz Gunn.
Casey was excited to get her first d* of P***.
She has been in a wheelchair since.
Her symptoms have been minimized and denied by the professionals she has seen.
This is her story
Please email if you have a similar story.

Good morning readers. Watch the above video and thank the Lord that you are not in her position…that you had the ability to overcome the lies and avoid the jab. The doctors Casey met after the jab tried to make her feel like she was crazy…she didn’t know “anything about medicine” and that was why she had her symptoms. They belittled her and didn’t listen to her. The doctor interviewing her denied her two verbal requests for a phone call with her partner so her partner could speak for her. The only medications they gave her were for psychological issues like schizophrenia. The meds they gave her did not help with the neurological damage, they only made her nauseous and weaker.

The isolation she was subjected to was one of the worst aspects. This mandated isolation also was a factor in my brother’s hospital death last March, 2021. Casey says she is in constant pain with stabbing pain shooting through her legs. She feels she’s “stuck in her own body by a giant wave that she has to fight”. Her head constantly feels hot and she has migraine headaches.

Folks, when watching this video to the end, I started crying for Casey and for all the victims of this nightmare including my two-years older brother who went to hospital for an inflamed prostate and was isolated and murdered there over a period of six weeks. When will this Medical Tyranny nightmare stop?


In Memoriam: Pilot Deaths Up 1700% after Vax Mandates

H/T Dennis and RAH for the above

And finally, here is another video documentary of several victims of so-called “adverse reactions” neurological breakdowns/paralysis, massive heart attacks, dementia, blood clots….if it wasn’t for the victims and their families these pharmacological attacks would never be made public. There is a massive international media cover-up going on. Obstruction of justice is a serious crime.

Story After Story of Devastating Consequences Due to the COVID Vax

H/T Dennis for the above

This 12-minute video features cameos of teenagers and adults alike who have been debilitated by a COVID-19 shot. Some started with a bit of a headache, but far worse symptoms developed in the days following. What’s most upsetting is that doctors are “very adamant that it’s not the vaccine,” one girl, who was accused of having a mental problem rather than a vaccine reaction, says in the film. Unfortunately, she’s not alone. Thousands around the world are telling…

Dennis’s quote is particularly meaningful after viewing and reading the above…

“If you can feel that staying human is worth while, even when it can’t have any practical result whatsoever, you’ve beaten them.”    George Orwell

11 thoughts on “VaxZine victim casey tells her story

  1. Re Pilot deaths…
    That is a MAJOR RED FLAG…

    Jim Stone had reported on this several times…that flight cancellations were attributed to “weather” etc but were in fact due to staff refusing the vaxx and walking off the job. Pilots have to be in top health, and the list of deaths is in sync with vaxx roll out…its orders of magnitude greater..from 7 total last 2 years to 106 so far in Sept. 2021(no Oct. or Nov. number yet)..lets get real here and wake up.

    Duly note these are deaths listed…not vaxx injuries, …which tend to be far greater.

    From Canada:

    Free 2 Fly

    Are you one of the millions of people in Canada who have just lost access to travel because of your vaccine status?
    Sign up, and join 2,843 Canadian aviation professionals, and 36,115 passengers, on a mission to make their voices heard in every legislature, court, and board room across Canada. Together, we are a potent force for change.

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  2. Greencrow

    I have to take another nap. This is reaching an apocalyptic end!

    The Davos group would not cancel their events unless threats are VERY REAL. By professional killers (maybe their security people?)

    There are people that kill for a living but probably most don’t step over a moral limit (killing children with a ‘vaccine’!!, Murdering the old and frail!!).

    Here in the great state of Virginia the alcoholic McAuliffe has been banished, but Youngkin (Governor elect) isn’t much better.

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  3. Wow !!!

    Did you catch that on Mercola video???
    …around 8:00 minute mark the mother took first dose…adverse reaction….then they came to her door to give 2nd dose…wouldn’t take no for an answer……gave it to her.. then she died.


  4. 28X’s increase in stillbirths in multiple areas of Canada
    Apparently …Only happening to vaccinated mothers


    As a parent myself…this is devastating.
    How many of these are couples that had to do in vitro aka artificial means worked then imploded ???

    The Fallout will be fingerpointing by couples(ie say father was anti-vax and mother took the jab) and rise in divorces.


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