Latest VaxZine Links – Plus: Putin Prepares for War

GateZ the VaxZinating Ghoul

“If someone wished to kill a significant portion of the world’s population over the next few years, the systems being put in place right now would enable it.” Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer Vice President

Good morning readers. Today I have another smorgasbord of information updates re the War on Humanity aka the Globalist Satanic Cabal’s “Great Reset” genocidal implosion of humanity on this planet. Thanks to regular contributors Dennis, Simon Hicks and FreakedOut for all the info below which I found in my IN basket just this morning. Without further ado I present the articles and links and will have concluding comments to follow.

Putin Prepares for War [aka Plan “B” if the vaxZines don’t kill enough people] H/T FreakedOut

Screw Biden!! H/T GATCF US Bureau Chief FreakedOut


H/T Dennis

They’re Trying to Sell You on Being a Serf: Catherine Austin Fitts

The vaccine passport is clearly the tool of choice for the authoritarian globalists’ plan to deprive you and your family of your freedom and personal liberties. This financial coup is 20 years in the making. They voted on the “direct reset” plan (aka The Great Reset), they wrote the plan, and have been implementing that plan, year by year, step by step. We’re now in the end game, Fitts says, where they need to consolidate everything. Now, with their vote for The Great Reset, the central bankers made the decision to put 500 million people out of work over the next year alone.

Greencrow comments: Folks it’s absolutely mind bending how terrified the perpZ are that any of the Sheeple wake up. Witness below how quickly the tik tok video was taken down about the young woman “Jennifer” describing herself being red pilled after her husband was severely injured by the vaxZine and their doctor refusing to write an exemption letter for him because the doctor was fearful of losing his medical license. Well, due to the tenacity of my intrepid co-blogger FreakedOut… here is that same video on bitchute. “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night…”

The original TikTok video of the woman talking about her husband getting myocarditis.


I cannot believe people are this stupid.

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 507 12/10/21) – H/T Dennis

The vax injections have clearly failed to stop CV19 or stop the spread of CV19, and yet people are lining up to get more of what does not work.  Granted, the continuing MSM propaganda blitz is very powerful and convincing.   Still,  people already double vaxed can’t wait to get a so-called booster because they are no longer “fully vaccinated,” according to the CDC.  Now, the CEO of Pfizer is telling them the third shot will not work because he is already saying, “I Think We Will Need a Fourth Dose.”   This is screaming scam and showing the death vax has failed bigtime.  What the injections are good at is causing blood clots, heart problems, miscarriages auto immune disease and a host of other ailments along with way more deaths and permanent injuries than all other vaccines combined in the more than 30 year history of VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).  Get that booster!!!

 Fri 11:21 am +00:00, 10 Dec 2021  

A video has surfaced from what appears to be January 2021 of World Bank President David Malpass explaining that Pfizer is “hesitant” to distribute its vaccine in countries which refuse to grant legal indemnity from liability for adverse events. He says:

The immediate problem is indemnification. Pfizer has been hesitant to go into some of the countries because of the liability problems, they don’t have a liability shield. So we work with the countries to try to do that. But I think also some of the other vaccine manufacturers may be able to go into countries because they’re operating through subsidiaries. This is all something that we’re exploring, and our goal, my goal, is to have vaccines available throughout the developing world based on what their countries decide. We’ve got financing available but the countries need to choose systems and then begin buying or receiving the vaccines.

MPP Rick Nicholls told LifeSiteNews that while he cannot reveal who the whistleblowers in the healthcare field are, he considers their information to be credible.

Dec 10, 2021 – 10:31 am EST

“TORONTO, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — In a shockingly undemocratic move, the Ontario Health Minister and Conservative government shut down the question period in the legislature after a Member of Provincial Parliament asked about the reported rise in stillbirths linked to the COVID jabs. 

Ontario Minister of Health Christine Elliot, along with Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative government, abruptly ended the Question Period in the provincial legislature this week after Independent Member of Provincial Parliament Rick Nicholls asked Elliot about the reported rise in stillbirths among vaccinated mothers in the province.”

BY RAMONTOMEYDW // 2021-12-10

Israeli official says SEVEN shots may be needed to protect against COVID


This is very hard to watch.  She is trying so hard to help others. I watched this video and cannot fathom how the genocide is allowed to continue after videos like this. Here is a nurse with great difficutly and in extreme pain trying to be professional and warn others so they can avoid her fate. She is a mother of three. Attacked in the prime of life. Who will pay for this crime against her?

Finally, this from Simon Hicks

Greencrow concludes: Thanks everyone for these “gem” links. As you can see from the above we are getting down to the short strokes on the Plandemic Hoax Globalist Genocidal Cull/Reset”. I don’t think they can keep it up much longer. Instances, similar to the young woman in the tik tok video above–who was red-pilled by the serious vaxZine injury inflicted on her husband–will become more and more common.

Especially when these grievous and murderous criminal acts impact our children as they already are and will in the weeks and months to come. It is my understanding that parents, once their children have been maimed and/or murdered, become totally deranged and uncaring for their own safety/well-being. Such parents tend to seek vengeance and are consumed with a desire to rid the earth of the entity who attacked their child[ren]. Such will be the case in the coming months and perhaps we will see the offing of some entities which could bring some relief but will likely not stop the attacks. What I’ve been noticing in Canada or Kanada as it has now become…is a “pincer movement” attack by the Perps.

Pincer movement War Strategy

Draconian “mandates” and/or weaponiZed weather attacks on the East Coast and the West Coast…with lesser attacks in Saskatchewan. This war strategy has always had the goal of funnelling the “enemy” [in this case the population of Canada] into a narrow field or “caldron” for final annihilation. In other words surround the enemy and allow no possibility for escape…then kill everyone.

Yes, the strategy described above is brutal to the max but it is obviously what they are now working on. That’s why it is all the more surprising to see the Tik Tok video above where it finally dawns on the former Sheeple that “it’s not about health or the government caring for us after all”. What a shock that must have been to her. Sadly, that is exactly the shock that needs to happen to millions of Canadians in the days to come…or we are finished in the New Year! If they can’t get us all injected with their deadly toxin…they will provoke a war with Russia and China and sit back while entire nations are raZed to the ground. Plan “A” or Plan “B”. Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Latest VaxZine Links – Plus: Putin Prepares for War

  1. Hi Greencrow;

    Today I saw a CBC news update saying Omicron could quadruple daily covid case counts in Canada.

    Imagine a highly contagious form of covid sweeping across the land, that nobody dies from, but that will give everyone natural immunity to covid-19 and all its variants; negating the need for any further jab or booster shot mandates, or masking, or social distancing, or contract tracing or quarantining.

    No wonder the health officials are freaking out about the need to contain this variant.

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  2. Some interesting stuff:

    Sylviagold50 22 hours ago

    this very thing happened to me in Richmond British Columbia 2 years ago you while I was at work the police arrested me under the mental health act because I refused medical treatment which as a Canadian citizen I have a right to do it was definitely a form of control. they tied me to the bed by all my extremities and injected two syringes of God knows what into my leg I really thought I was going to die. they kept me sedated in an empty room for 2 days until I was able to see a psychiatrist you

    Hackers Destroy All of Brazil’s Covid Digital Passports


    4 States Call in National Guard to Deal With Health Care Staffing Crisis


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