5 year old gives “informed Consent” + UN goes “Full Satan”, and other news

Doctor seeks Informed Consent for Gene therapy injection from a 5 year Old

H/T for the above video to FreakedOut

Good evening readers. I decided to take most of today off to re-energize and also to watch the Canadian Football League’s Grey Cup. Haven’t watched it in years. It was a very exciting contest between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. It went into overtime and Winnipeg won for the second time in two years. Congratulations to both teams for an exciting, hard fought game!

Below is a video I would love to send to the parents of my 6 year old granddaughter. I wrote both parents an e-mail a week or so ago begging them not to have my granddaughter injected with the vaxZine. Heartbreakingly, my fully vaxZed son told me that if I brought the topic up again he would “cancel Christmas”. I get a very sick feeling in my throat whenever I think of what is in store for my grandchildren. The government wants them dead.

Meanwhile…The PerpZ are revelling in their conquest of our national and international institutions and celebrate Global Tyranny by displaying their “art”.

This is what the PerpZ think “The Guardian of International Peace” looks like

Back to the mortal danger our children are in…

There was a disgusting arrest a day or so ago of an elderly retired doctor in North Vancouver.

Well known Vancouver activist calls out an Alert for Dr. Mel Bruchet who was arrested under Mental Health Act

Dr. Mel Bruchet was one of the two doctors I reported on some weeks ago who went to the North Vancouver RCMP to make a report about 13 stillbirths happening in Lions Gate Hospital over a 24 hour period. RAH is going to give more information and updates on this important story.


The irony is that, since the two doctors went public here in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, several other whistleblowers have gone public about high numbers of stillbirths in their neighbourhoods. A member of the Ontario Legislative Assembly and a UK funeral director [Not John O’Looney] have also reported on unprecedented numbers of stillbirths. So if the perp assets in North Vancouver thought they were shutting the story down…fortunately…the vaxZine/stillbirths gonnection is a cat that has gotten out of the bag.

I watched the video of Dr. Nagase and Dr. Mel Bruchet and found both of them highly credible. Here is the information I received from RAH yesterday but did not post on time for readers to attend the rally. Please read the Alert below and I will have concluding comments to follow:


“Hi gc:

Was sent this today(see below)….rally is tomorrow.



Hi All:

A colleague sent me this.

Recall Dr . Bruchet and Dr Nagase filed charges last month with North Van RCMP (Tony was there). If he has in fact been arrested and placed in psych ward these are classic COMMUNIST tactics for dissidents. There is a rally for him tomorrow(DEC.12 ) ( see flyer attached )

My colleague just got back from Vancouver Island…apparently Dr Hoffe, Dr Malthouse  and Dr Nagase are holding public meetings…she attended one.


Peoples OfThe Salmon

7Dec71egmcSber0 o8 attn3a 11o7:1850 PMr  · 


Today, on December 8, 2021, our ally, Dr. Mel Bruchet (on our Sovereign Doctors Board), was wrongfully arrested and wrongfully accused of extortion.   This occurred from problems with his tenant.  RCMP was called and female Constable Nordino arrested him today.

Peoples of the Salmon Headsman, Popois, and Dr. Nagase were with him earlier today.  As were several of us with Peoples of the Salmon on a video call.  

Dr. Daniel Nagase has a statement of fact in what transpired today, which RCMP Const. Pedersen would not take.  The Norh Vancouver RCMP are not answering their phones or returning voicemails, to take the statement.

Popois has also tried calling and nobody answers their phone or their voicemails.  Clearly, this is the treatment all of us Truthers are getting.

Thursday morning, Popois will be going to the North Vancouver RCMP detachment on 14th Street, to file wrongful arrest charges against the RCMP, as well as defamation of character charges.

We urge all to support Popois in his actions of defending Dr. Bruchet.  We need to defend his passionate heart in his Activism.  Popois will be there at 8:30 a.m.

Please call the RCMP detachment at 604-985-1311 case #2021344687.  

Demand why Const. Pedersen didn’t take statement from Dr. Nagase.  Please defend Dr. Bruchet’s character. Call RCMP Direct Messaging: 604-969-7445

Pedersen  5026# Nordino  5087#

State the same.  We need to fight for our Freedom Fighter Brother!”


Greencrow concludes: Folks, when they’re trying to take a whistleblower down it’s a common strategy to have that person arrested on false charges. Usually, however, the charges relate to some reputationally disastrous sexual innuendo...the framed person had sex with their underaged cousin in the back seat of a ’59 Chevy…is an example I frequently drag out of my trunk of verbal clichés. However, Dr. Bruchet is obviously in his late 70’s or early 80’s, so I guess the perpZ realized that a sexual take-down would be a bit ridiculous. So, instead, they conjured up a story about a tenant and extortion. Whatever.

But, as I noted above…the cat is already out of the bag. Independent whistleblowers from different geographic locations have also reported unprecedented clusters of still births. A grieving father recently reported to Stew Peters that his son had been born dead after his wife had, contrary to his wishes, been vaxZed during her pregnancy. So that’s four separate accounts of this stillbirth phenomena by my estimate alone. UPDATE: Here is another story, just reported on lifesitenews about a baby born bleeding from the mouth and nose to a fully vaxZinanted mother. This baby died a day or so later.

“… according to the report received by the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) November 18 from an unidentified foreign health agency. “In the NICU, his result of examination showed abnormal blood coagulation, pulmonary hemorrhage [acute bleeding from the lungs], and cardiac dysfunction…”

So they are after our children, folks. As my colleague RAH and I agreed…enjoy this Christmas with your friends, family and particularly the children in your circle…because it may be their last. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “5 year old gives “informed Consent” + UN goes “Full Satan”, and other news

  1. Greencrow,

    Here in the US we had unprecedanted December tornadoes that killed over 100 people.

    Maybe your theory about weather modification is correct.

    One tornado travelled over 200 miles.

    I saw Stew Peters actually call for Fauci’s arrest.

    Fauci is a monster! The man is criminally insane.


  2. Found your blog again, glad you’re still at it!

    As of today both my wife and myself are on leave without pay from our employer. They decided to truly cancel those that don’t fully buy in, it was just a matter of time. I still consider us fortunate, our whole family is like minded, even formerly Uber pro vaccine mother and father in law. They have fully flipped.

    People will need to build parallel societal structures (as they are all failing), I have thought this for some time. Now there seems to be greater numbers that also think this, which makes the project more feasible. Who knows when the whole edifice will collapse…

    Sorry for your family, that must be so hard to watch. Hopefully they get a benign shot if they do get one.


    1. Thanks for your condolences on my granddaughter being lined up for the shot, Hornet. It is the most mind and soul-destroying [government] attack I and others have ever had to endure. I am sorry you and your wife lost your jobs.

      But how unusually fortunate your family is intact. To have sheeple relatives that have woken up rarely happens. That is indeed a blessing that will provide an extra layer of relative safety when the SHTF in earnest.



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