The leader of the free world

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. asks “Qui bono?” from the Global Plandemic Hoax

In the Shocking Tweet video clip above…Robert F. Kenndy Jr. Rips back the Ozian Curtains to reveal who exactly is pulling the strings and leavers on the simultaneous weather and health hoaxes. The Truth Rings Loud and Clear and comes from the shakey voice of a warrior leader who bears many and deep battle scars…and…yes…has in some respects even been abandoned/vilified by members of his own famous family. I am not the first to crown him The Leader of the Free World”…I believe that honour belongs to Canadian Ontario MLA Randy Hillier...also a great warrior.

Good morning readers. It is that amorphous period between Christmas and New Years–when tectonic plates…personal, emotional and geological are prone to move.

Back when the United States was being stripped of its resources by the “Wars for Israel” there would often be a coinkydynkal, devastating earthquake in the Middle East at this time of year. Generally it would be happen in Israel’s bete noir, Iran. It would almost always take place in the dead of night. The next morning the TV newZ would be 24/7 reporting on the death and destruction caused by the “natural” event…TV screens full of screaming mobs pulling victims, children and adults, out of the rubble of the collapsed homes. Yes, it happened on and off for years…scheduled like clockwork…to occur in between Christmas and New Years. Nobody ever connected the dotZ between the earthquakes and the Wars for Israel.

Well during my long life–as I anticipate my 75th birthday this coming Friday–I have also noticed some familial and emotional tectonic plates have happened to me at this time–so often, that I’ve come to be wary of it and even dread it. As one for instance, my daughter, who I had relinquished for adoption at birth, contacted me on December 27, 1992 after 22 years her being completely out of my life. The shock of hearing my daughter’s adult voice in the telephone–as I was standing doing dishes at the kitchen sink–was one of the biggest shocks of my life.

This year, yesterday, December 27, 2021, another tectonic plate moved in my life. My husband of 42 years told me he had secretly got vaxZinated with the mRNA vaxZine a month or so ago. He said he did it for his “health”. My husband has a donated kidney and his health is precarious at best…he takes handfuls of immune suppressant pills a day–which is why I thought we’d agreed that he should forego the experimental injections [touted to “boost” immunity].

As someone with one kidney–I donated one of mine to him in 2016–and as a colon cancer survivor [25 years this year] I also thought that, in a sane world, the “medical profession” would agree that I was too high risk for an experimental “gene therapy”. In a real world he and I would have been given exemptions in a heartbeat. But we are not living in a real world…we are living in Jeff Berwick’s 3D video game nightmare.

So, the doctor [ever aware that his medical career was on the line] encouraged Len to get the shot and so he finally caved. His excuses to me were:

  • wants to travel
  • wants to socialize with his vaxZed buddies

So the bait took…and will take again and again…as the endless boosters come down the pike to transmogrify his humanity more and more–until he is unrecognizable as the person I married.

After his belated and well timed [After Christmas and Boxing Day] disclosure, he left our home yesterday. It was climatologically quite dramatic. There was a bliZZard raging outside…as I saw his car disappear into the snowstorm. I’m now left alone in a secluded mountain cabin with dubious heating supplies. As I told FreakedOut later…It reminded me of those old black and white movies where the evil guy with the black moustache throws the young woman with her baby out of his cabin into a snowstorm.

But, as I subsequently learned from reading some of the comments to my last post…my unvaxZinated compadres had had similarly painful Christmas experiences…being isolated from their vaxZed families as the screws grow tighter and tighter. I send my compassion and good wishes to my three blogging partners, FreakedOut, RAH and Snippits [Noor al Haqiqa].

Meanwhile, as we look at the latest headlines and Tweets…we discover that–just as we predicted and feared–the death stats [and particularly for the newly vaxZed children] are rising by the day…but being carefully obfuscated by the kingpin MZM. I have come to the conclusion that the Hollywood types who created our cinematic reality back in the heyday of movies have moved into creating parallel realities here in 2021. It’s like Jeff Berwick of Dollar Vigilante says…we’re all living in a 3D video game. It’s the creation of the Satanic monsters and their MZM/”Entertainment” billionaire moguls.

Below are some glimpses underneath and behind the curtain of this Ozian parallel universe. Soon the children will be dying by the hundreds–but it will all be blamed on…on–the unvaxZinated? We haven’t been handed the script yet.

The Death-by-injection statistics are staggering. The murdered children are real.

Greencrow continues: Below is an indication of how Communist the Turd has rendered out former “home and native land” He’s been spying on us all…and you’re an idiot if you think it was only during “lockdown” and it’s not still going on. Too bad Canadians have to find out about it from the Russian NewZ. But, hey, it’s kind of funny. My relatives have recently taken to putting down Russia as a place of iconic historical human rights oppression. I have to keep muttering to them…”It’s far worse in Canada now than what the bolsheviks ever did.” At least in Soviet Russia they didn’t all [even the children] have to wear oxygen-depleting face coverings…or be forbidden to travel. enter a government office, service center or, shortly, a grocery store without a vaxPassport. Compared with what’s going on in Canada these days…Bolshevik Russia was a holiday spa! And we haven’t even reached the point of the extermination camps/gulages yet–that are slated to come to Communist Canada in 2022.

Health agency spied on millions during Covid lockdowns

Canada’s Public Health Agency has admitted to secretly tracking location data from at least 33 million mobile devices to analyze people’s movements during Covid-19 lockdowns.

From Dennis

1. Canada secretly tracked 33 million phones during COVID-19 lockdown: report

2. NY Times Editor Carlos Tejada, 49, Dies of Heart Attack a Day After Getting His Covid Booster Shot

RIP Carlos Tejada, Dec. 7, 1972 – Dec. 17, 2021. If this does not wake the Times nothing will.

We expect government, the healthcare industry, and academia to suppress the truth and promote a false narrative given to them by Big Pharma because all three industries are well-known to be controlled by (and often owned by) the mega-corporations in the pharmaceutical industry. But journalists are supposed to be above reproach when it comes to exposing the truth.

I know that hasn’t been the case for a long time, perhaps ever, but what we’re seeing today is the exact opposite of what we should expect from the alleged disseminators of facts. This is why it’s so sad that even when one of their own may have fallen victim to the adverse reactions from Covid vaccines and boosters, nobody in corporate media is willing to report on it.

As always, there is no information coming out about the details from the death. We only know he got his booster shot and died the next day. But the timing is conspicuous enough for journalists to at least ask questions, yet as of the posting of this article there are no corporate media reports even mentioning the booster shot he was administered before his death.

Never in our history has corporate media been so afraid of the truth. They are pure propaganda machines going into 2022 with any remnant of integrity lost, tossed out with typewriters and fedoras.

3. Door-to-door Covid jab teams to be sent to homes of unvaccinated Britons in plans to reach five million yet to be inoculated

Greencrow continues: Yes, It’s all a 3D video game and it’s been in the Globalist Ziofascist hopper at least as far back as 1942. Please read the following quote: also from Dennis:

Can you believe the Covid Plandemic was perfectly predicted in 1942

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H/T Dennis

• Young man to the devil: “How did you manage to send so many people to hell?”

• The devil: “Through fear.”

• The young man: “Good for you! And what were they afraid of? Wars? Hunger?

• The devil:  “No … Illness.”

• The young man: “Did they get sick? Did they die? Was there no cure?”

• The devil: “They didn’t get sick. They just died. And there was a cure …”

• The young man: “I do not understand…”

• The devil: “They believed that the only thing they had to keep at all costs was Life! They stopped hugging, stopped greeting each other. They left all human contacts … They left everything that was human! They ran out of money. They lost their jobs. They chose to fear for their lives, even if they had nothing to eat. They believed what they heard, read newspapers, and blindly believed they were reading the truth. They gave up their freedom. They never left their home again. They didn’t go anywhere. They never visited friends and family again. The whole world has become a huge prison with convicted volunteers. They voluntarily accepted everything! All this to experience another miserable day … They did not live, they died every day! It was too easy to take away their miserable souls … “

~ CS Lewis, “Letters to the Soulmaster” (1942).

Greencrow concludes: What would CS Lewis be saying about today if he were still alive I can hardly imagine…but what ever it was…it would certainly be put through the MZM filter/grinder/manipulater/shadowbanner– before it reached our tender ears.

The title of this post is “The Leader of the Free World“. I did not give Robert F. Kennedy Jr. that title…I believe it was Canadian MLA from Ontario and stalwart warrior…Randy Hillier…but I agree…looking across the bleak battlefield horiZon today…with vaxZed-killed corpses and injured-for- life victims littering the ground…not to mention the millions of destroyed families and relationships…I see Here’s another quote from RFK Jr. Then watch the final Twitter video…a Russian Priest… warning humanity about what’s coming in the new year 2022.

18 thoughts on “The leader of the free world

  1. Hi GC:

    I am so sorry to hear about your husband. You and I are in the same boat re: our spouses. being vaxxed. If not mistaken I recall your children also got vaxxed(as mine did).

    I’ve submitted to others that being an alcoholic, drug addict or even adultery can be “fixed”. Best advice I can give is to stay calm , take care of yourself and not make hasty moves.

    Take Care Sister…we love you


  2. Hi ,
    Not sure if I’m allowed to Share / Post an article link in this comment section but here goes.

    The article and the extra articles / links at bottom of article Easily Connect All The Dots.
    Enjoyed watching the Videos in your column today Greencroww.
    I also have know people who took the vaccine ,, Something which I Can Never Do after researching and plus my own mom was Very against vaccines by 1975,
    Thanks for Keeping us readers informed Greencroww.

    Jimmy Jukebox,


    1. Thanks Jimmy:

      Max Igan did a show recently on how technology can/will turn us into quasi cyborgs.
      They always try to sell it as a positive , as cure for various injuries,diseases etc.

      The PerpZ have no interest in our health and/or our freedom

      Time Truth also did a video that should that legal indemnification Pfizer got from clients, which also showed that Gov’ts are to provide Big Pharma access to our private information.


  3. Hi All:

    “….Canada’s Public Health Agency has admitted to secretly tracking location data from at least 33 million mobile devices to analyze people’s movements during Covid-19 lockdowns…..”

    Simply tip of the iceberg…
    Tim Truth video discussed an Israeli patent. Effectively if one has a smart phone and walks into a crowd of people who also have smart can/may be instantly “contact traced”. Then of course Big Brother can send you into quarantine regardless of your vaxx status. This appears to be the end game and those that took the vaxx will have not gained anything but perhaps lost everything.

    A lady in BC was interviewed via her vaxx-injured daughter. The lady also stated she worked in health care…but was shocked when they told her of her vaxx status..she assumed that was a privacy issue. They told her the usual bullshite that “we are in an emergency” so all bets are off re our rights and freedoms.


  4. Was at a Xmas party….and one lady came up to me and asked if I thought there would be any “White Hats” coming…I clarified she meant someone to save us. I said NO, that time has come and gone.

    Listened to Brian Peckford ,ex Premier ,and last surviving participant in our Charter. and how appalled he is with what is occuring, that the Charter is being ignored and abused. One interesting comment he made was the Courts..and the ” Tree Of Life” principal seems in play, that courts should go and create law rather than intepret them.

    Then I watch Will Dove interview a Canadian Lawyer and they discuss the Covid issue and vaccines. This lawyer says the courts are hesitant to challenge “the science”.

    So comparing the interviews, it appears the courts and lawyers simply pick and choose the cases they wish to go all in like BILL C – 4 …..or run and hide re Charter.

    Again: No white hats coming.


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    1. A woman was interviewed about covID and the law and she said that the law had not “caught up with covID”. My feeling is that all the tools are in place to deal with the Plandemic/VaxZination HOAX but they are ot being used due to the usual:


  5. Excuses to get vaxxed:
    So one can travel?

    My vaxxed spouse and I had a cruise cancelled back in 2020.
    We had our payment refunded, and a free cruise credit good till end of 2022.

    She was getting cranky about it, as I will NOT get vaxxed.
    However, I think she realizes that travel will become a bust now and in the future.
    At any stage of a trip,ANYONE….vaxxed or unvaxxed ….could be tested, test POSITIVE and subject to quarantine etc. Not worth the risk….and as I submitted previously, they wish to DESTROY travel and then it becomes de- facto lockdown.


    1. They want to make recreational travel as rare as it is in China. There, permission to travel is awarded on the basis of social credit scores. Journalists, say, who want to travel as part of an investigations would not be allowed. Of course the wealthy always find ways around this.. In China your birth province is stamped on your passport and you cannot leave from it unless you have government permission.

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  6. U.S. forfeits world junior game against Switzerland due to positive COVID-19 tests

    “……The defending champion United States forfeited Tuesday’s game against Switzerland at the world junior men’s hockey championship because two players tested positive for COVID-19.

    The American team was placed in a mandated quarantine. The game was scheduled to be played Tuesday afternoon in Red Deer, Alta., which is co-hosting the 2022 men’s under-20 tournament with Edmonton.

    The game will be recorded as a 1-0 win for Switzerland by forfeit in accordance with the rules, the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) said in a statement…..”


    So…..TWO U.S. players tested ” POSITIVE”…really?(aka for something that either doesn’t exist and/or is mild at worst.

    So…rest of team quarantines…for how long?
    Simply another psy-opp to fear porn masses.


  7. So ya wanna travel????

    Covid spreads to 89 cruise ships, prompting CDC investigations

    Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal urged cruise companies and health agencies to stop ships from sailing, saying they are “repeating recent history as petri dishes of COVID-19 infection.” Operators such as Carnival Corp. have implemented safeguards including mandatory masking and proof of vaccination, but the fast-spreading omicron variant has triggered an increasing number of infections and reports of ships being turned away at ports.

    “Time for CDC & cruise lines to protect consumers & again pause—docking their ships,” Blumenthal said in a tweet.
    More links:

    Accessing the various stories should make one have a sober reflection if travel, in this case via cruises, is a viable option. One is perpetually at risk of having the trip itinerary dramatically altered if not cancelled, as well as being quarantined.


  8. “Earth to Sheeple….Earth to Sheeple….fire up that dead brain and please explain this(one example of many):
    “Algerian football player Sofiane Lokar dies of heart attack during match”

    Did you get that? DEAD on the field of a heart attack. WTF!?!? Let’s have some of the “Fact Checkers” explain why ALL these health issues/deaths with Pro athletes haven’t happened in the years before the COVID Vax rollout.


  9. Greencrow,

    Very sad about the situations you are facing at this blessed time of year.

    Being single I’m trying to get up the courage to ask this one girl out. My female friends tell me she is hinting, but her personality is all HELL AND FURY. It’s like a combination of broken glass and a flame thrower!

    She is a Valkerie/Amazon and hiked Brice Canyon Utah solo!

    Any girl that can do this is not to be messed with! 50+ years old and she can kick some 20 something male ass.

    My mother did not get vaxxed, but got tested. My siblings told me I should get tested, but I said I will shoot anyone who tries. A 12 gauge bullpup is very persausive.

    Poopy pants Biden caved on the ‘vaccine’ mandate. He is too stupid to breath! Companies can easily evade the rules, AND NOONE AT THE US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) wants to enforce this bullshit.

    During my long career I was privilaged to interact with OSHA. OSHA is a workplace safety agency, and in no way qualified to assess/enforce things medical.


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