“climate change” Land grab aka “You will Own Nothing and you will be happy.”

Good morning readers. Today we woke up to the fifth…or is it the sixth?!…unprecedented weather event in British Columbia within the past seven months. Not one two-week period has passed in that time frame when British Columbians have not been confronted with an unprecedented weather event. Here are some photos taken just this morning outside our cabin. Please look at them and I will have further comments to follow:

Greencrow continues: RAH informs me that this weather event did not happen in the Lower Vancouver mainland. It was, apparently, isolated to the eastern coast of Vancouver Island. Now….we can expect the next stage…the unusually rapid melt, and consequent ice/sleet storm perhaps with downed lines and power outages. IMO, that’s the game plan.

At the risk of being viewed upon as a total nutbar, I am perhaps the only blogger to HAARP on the weaponiZed weather that humans have been attacked with alongside the Plandemic and other prongs of this existential battle against us. When people snicker…as they often do…at my contention that the PerpZ can and do control the weather and have embarked on a continuous, sustained and escalating use of extreme weather to destroy our living environment…I simply respond thusly:

“60,000+ satellites have been launched into the upper atmosphere in the past decade or so and if you think they’re so you have have faster Internet…I have a few bridges to show you.”

That’s all I can say and that’s all I do say…after all, there’s been no admission of weather warfare by the “authorities” and certainly no investigation into this series of unusual events by those paid to protect us from such happenstances…or, gawd forbid…the mainstream media.

So, there’s just little old moi looking at the never-ending sequence of ‘curious events”, connecting the DotZ and reporting on them. Here are some related links that I had saved in my “weather file” for my continued reportage on this topic. I apologize for some unrelated links that I saved here as well. Sometimes I just save random links in random places. But please review, focusing on the weather and EMP links…and I will have concluding comments to follow:






Salvation Army has been Destroyed by the Satanic “Jab or No Job” Policy

“Dear [gc]

The Salvation Army has been officially put on notice. 

As part of our fight against vaccine mandates, lawyer Leighton Grey launched a legal challenge and sent a fiercely worded cease and desist letter aimed squarely at the non-profit’s policy to make COVID-19 shots mandatory for all Salvation Army staff.  

The policy, which came into effect on November 15, kicked their un-jabbed employees, religious leaders, volunteers and officers to the curb, including some who could not get the shot due to sincerely held religious reasons.

Has the Salvation Army abandoned its Biblical principles? 

This new policy certainly stands in stark contrast to their founder’s vision to serve the community by providing “soup, soap, and salvation” to the most marginalized — without discriminating against their beliefs or health status. 

As part of this legal challenge, Leighton has taken on one Salvation Army employee who has served the organization and his community for nearly 20 years, but can no longer because of the new policy. 

In this report, you will meet some of Salvation Army’s discarded employees, donors, and volunteers, who were shocked to learn that a small board of individuals in a position of authority within this Christian organization implemented a policy forcing people to choose between their livelihoods and their spiritual and bodily autonomy.

Click here to watch.

H/T Simon Hicks

The research studies say that Russia, France, China, Italy, et al, set a legal limit of 10 microwatts emitted by towers.  America’s limit is 1,000 microwatts — 100 times greater than other high tech nations allow out of concern for the health of their people.  Brussels, Belgium, has banned 5G altogether… as have several California cities (northern California where the tech geniuses live).

This is not just a hard article to write, it is all but impossible – so please stay with me while I explain the difference between 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G EMFs and why it is critically important for you to know and understand why autism, Alzheimer’s, cancer and other diseases are rising at such alarming rates (scroll down to health risks).  Scientific studies prove there is a connection between these diseases and EMFs and there are some things you can do to protect yourself.  Use the links throughout this article and at the end of it…

…t’s about the scientifically known dangers of EMFs to human beings.  It might help to keep in mind that human beings are made up of electromagnetic fields.  All animal life is.  Plant life, too.  Human EMFs are compatible with those of nature.  They are not compatible with the EMFs sent out by scientifically created technology.  One of the problems with 5G is it can literally change human DNA…

…Chemicals that have been banned for years in Germany, France and the UK are routinely used in America.  According to the EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses, here are the less serious but bothersome illnesses caused by human exposure to EMFs:

  • Fatigue/weakness
  • Sleep disturbance/insomnia,
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Brain fog/difficulty concentrating
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Memory loss
  • Visual disruptions/light sensitivity
  • Skin problems
  • Heart palpitations
  • Dizziness

You can add male sterility and/or reduced capacity to reproduce to that list and dangers to pregnant women and the babies they carry.   These are the LESS serious health problems caused by EMFs. Here is what the World Health Organization says some of the more serious illnesses caused not by 5G, but by 4G exposure (4G – what we have now – is weaker than 5G):…”

Weather WeaponiZation…Kentucky Candle Factory is destroyed by “Tornado”


H/T John Kaminski

Weaponized weather and these sickening chemtrails causing more ILLNESS…..Happy Hannukah!https://www.accuweather.com/en/severe-weather/arkansas-missouri-kentucky-nighttime-tornadoes/1060335

Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky nighttime tornadoes www.accuweather.com
Severe weather could include tornadoes for South, Midwest | AccuWeather
‘Explosive’ thunderstorm development, along with the potential for nocturnal tornadoes, will be possible on Friday in areas from parts of the South to the Ohio Valley as a complex storm tracks …
December heat wave to send temps soaring 30, 40 degrees above normal | AccuWeather The approaching weather pattern next week has the potential to break a slew of records — and leave some feeling like the last days before winter are more like the last days of summer. www.accuweather.com
This is all being done to us by those same lovely (((PEOPLE))) that created the PLANDEMIC, engineered the last “ELECTION”, fill our countries with “immigrants”, destroy our working “economy” and now force people to take a DEATH JAB to keep their jobs…….All while probably engineering another Middle East war for us to bleed out in for whatever time we have left……
Great stuff!  Better even than the Weimar Republic!
Mock Nuremberg 2.0 trial coming in the New Year – Unless we break through the Media Prison we’re in and reach the Sheeple…such a trial is a waste of time and effort. Reiner Fullmich has stepped up to the plate again with his recent video that I posted last. The Dambusting material he revealed in that video is the also the subject of my next post…gc

Greencrow concludes: Yes, they’re embarked on a “medical”, environmental and most importantly, psychological war on humanity. They have us totally pegged psychologically and, through the use of algorithms…they play us all like a giant violin. Sadly, the symphony they’ve composed for us is straight out of the songbook from Hell. All the parts of their orchestra…doctors, hospitals, weather controllers, EMP technicians…are playing in concert and are building towards a massive crescendo of death and destruction….if we do not quickly put a stop to it.

With regard to the weaponiZation of the weather…this is obviously an integral part of the “land grab” initiative in the War on Humanity. The perpZ are slash/burning the land in the summer and then flooding it in the Spring and Fall to make it inhabitable in the short term so they can steal it at rock bottom prices from its owners. They are further making it inhabitable in the winter by causing ice storms/power outages. They want to generate a “carbon footprint” policy of rationing of all energy and food growing resources. Ultimately, their intention is to force the landowners to sign away their property to the Perp billionaires–in return for a monthly “Social Credit” stipend that will be attached to their biometric/vaxZine identification QR code. Once the former landowners have been disenfranchised…they will be moved en masse to the newly constructed [purpose built] 24/7 “Smart” surveillance “shit towers” in the urban centres where they will need to be fully vaxZed to even enter their own home!

Sad to be so negative in this post but my next one offers a slight glimmer of hope…in the “Knowledge is Power” vein.

12 thoughts on ““climate change” Land grab aka “You will Own Nothing and you will be happy.”

  1. Greencrow,

    The Agenda had a massive defeat with the Evergrande fiasco in China.

    Rounding up the Chinese people into sterile 30 story highrise prisons did not work! Trillions in debt and empty cities!

    The life insurance companies here in the US have discovered the truth. A massive increase in deaths! There are plenty of links to this.

    Here in the US State of Virginia we got a heavy snow, but not unusual. The December tornadoes were extremely unusual. In fact I would have said it was impossible a few months ago!

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  2. Hi GC:

    I live at sea level…and no snow today……but higher elevations in GVRD did get some snow.

    However, they are forecasting a major dump of snow in the next few days.
    I don’t have a good feeling about it.

    This is NOT normal for GVRD…usually February is the month we get a little, if any, snow.
    Most Xmases we have ZERO snow.

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  3. Re: Salvation Army

    Various faith groups, including the Catholic Archdiocese in Vancouver. united in late Nov. 2021 to challenge BC health edicts.

    However, 2 weeks later they sent edicts that not only restricted attendance, but to have SEPARATE services(one only) for UNvaxxed.

    What happened over 2 weeks….????
    Oh…..to be a fly on the wall.

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  4. Greencrow,

    Your photos of the BC snow is a typical bad snow storm here in US Virginia.

    The coastal storms come up the east coast from the tropics.

    I have no doubt there is climate control but I don’t know if the intent is evil or not.

    I know the ‘vaccines’ are evil and this is the music that will be playing when we hang the bastards!!


  5. Here in BC

    As noted…we are at Sea Level. Went outside to check our car…dusting of snow but ice build up
    underneath..very strange.

    Weather report for tonite from MSM is big dump of snow…followed by freezing rain…..and possible localized flooding. How this unfolds and ultimately manifests itself is anyone’s guess. At minimum I see major travel issues..

    As I have stated before..this is NOT normal weather for our area

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    1. Hi RAH
      During the flooding a month or two ago I predicted a snowmageddon for Christmas/New Years.


      The PerpZ do not want us to travel or socialiZe. The opposite of their phony pretense to care about climate change–they actually want to destroy much of the environment presently inhabited by humans.


  6. I just have to say that, despite the very obvious meddling with our weather over the past years, I am not finding this winter to be any colder than any other.

    We regularly get one, at the MOST, two snowfalls every winter. Because I am down by the water I truly don’t often suffer from snow overload the way the upper levels do. But this does not seem abnormal to be honest. Maybe growing up in real winters back East, I still find those on the coast to be quite mild.

    After 40 years here I have seen a LOT of changes but the snow cycle, not so much. Every few winters we would be blessed by the Pineapple Express of warm waters from the Hawaii area that gifted us with mild winters. Then Fukushima happened and among other things, that express has more or less disappeared and winters become a tad uglier.

    A snow melt, a fast freeze, ice. This is old hat imho. On the lower island it is to be expected.

    I just posted a fear-porn article. Weather is very much part of the planned destruction of our world as they change things around. What they are doing at the moment could be nothing compared to what is overall planned at any day now.



    1. I grew up in Northern Ontario but never saw a strange snow storm like we just endured here. Over two feet in one night and then immediately started to melt, becoming VERY heavy hard to dig out of. But this is my first winter here so I have nothing to compare it with.

      What makes me suspicious more than anything else is the timing of the weather events. We had five over the past half year and all were timed to occur on stat holidays when people wanted to travel and or party. PLUS the MZM gave three of them buZZword names like:

      Heat Dome
      Atmospheric River
      and my favourite
      Cyclone Bomb


      1. Yes, these new buzzwords are very suspicious and rather a globalist confabulation of phrases. Very catchy and warlike. Have you noticed how everything is a “war”. Even on cooking stations. “Cookie Wars” or “Cake Wars” etc. What happened to “competitions”.

        Brenda, I remember when I was a kid in Toronto in the 50’s and we could climb over those high wire fences around school grounds without even ripping our snowsuits. That was pretty common every winter. But they just called ’em snowstorms back then. Guess that was not scary enough for today’s audience.

        I prefer cherry bombs to ‘cyclone bombs’. (What a ludicrous term!)

        In 93 or so we had a snowstorm on the island that put this to shame. The snow was SO deep we could not even open the door, it was piled to the top of my windows. Mind you I lived in the semi ground floor but that was still a few feet deep against those thin old fashioned glass panes. Frost inside was common. My kids could barely walk through it. It was so nice however; the entire street came out to take care of the elders and neighbours. Those who could trudge, trudged and no one ran out of anything. Buses were crashing and sliding all over the side streets. The sea lions were barking up a storm down on the beach. This lasted for a few weeks and thanks to my big bed my girls and I slept together for warmth at night. It took a long time before the melt began and we were flooded out of the apartment! (Just another fun story that wasn’t at the time.)

        I tried to watch the CHEK news a few times lately. It depresses me too much because of the overabundance of crap. I think to myself how many people believe and listen and that gets me depressed in a nanosecond, much more than the crud they are talking about.

        Honey, I don’t have any plans to do anything dumb, but I really am asking myself if I want to live in the world to come. Let me run into a hospital ward, catch whatever it is, get it over with one way or another. I am almost beyond caring.

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  7. I remember that storm too. It was bad…I was living in Coquitlam then…but not quite this bad.

    Know how you feel Noor. It’s a real struggle to maintain equilibrium in the world they’ve turned ours into. Every day is more of a struggle. But I think just the fact that so many people cannot take much more works in our favour. Something HAS to break the cycle so hang in there sister.


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