Now is not the time to stop fighting

Good morning readers. Hope I don’t have as much trouble with the WordPress compose feature today as I did yesterday. Here goes. It gets harder and harder to fight the PerpZ agenda of human global depopulation and slavery. It is a Sisyphean challenge except the boulder that I’m constantly trying to push uphill is like a snowball…it keeps getting bigger and heavier. After two years of constant battle, I have determined that my main enemy is the mainstream media. Its owners are the Satanic forces who propel all the other assets forward–the politicians—the unelected HELLth authorities–the “medical” community…the banksters…all of them would not be able to do their dirty work without the cover of the MZM.

The MZM has been tasked with much more than spreading the CovIDian Cult lies…it is using highly refined psychological techniques to generate a mass psychosis in the general public. This is the number one cause of our troubles. We warriors [because of our relatively small numbers] need to refine our techniques to fight the main front of the war. Below is a warrior doctor describing the effects of the compound mRNA shots on the vaxxZinated sheeple:

The video above was useful to me because it clearly describes what I can expect regarding my now twice vaxxZinated husband. I am waiting for a proper time to tell him to prepare his papers for death so that I am not left with a mess. Below is a closer examination of the covIDian cult MZM strategy of Mass Psychosis:

The biggest shock to me over the past two years is discovering how easy it is to perpetrate mass psychosis on a global scale via the mainstream media. When you see it reaching into your own home, snatching and enveloping your own partner from your own arms and life…despite all your best efforts to save them…that is truly an earthshattering shock…and that’s what I am fighting against every single day now.

Yes, the European Parliament President David Sassoli died of the vaxxZine the other day…likewise filthy-mouthed “comic” Bob Saget…likewise many others too numerous to mention in this post. Still the sheeple cannot connect the DotZ…due to mass psychosis. The Resistance most of all at this point in our struggle needs to have psychologists tell us how to break a psychosis. What are the strategies that work? Puleeeze…will someone let us know?

Finally, I do hope readers are keeping abreast of the investigations into the HOAX that Stew Peters is reporting on daily in his podcasts. Here is the link to today’s edition:

Stew Peters interviews a covID-vaxxZed Rash Victim

Real journalist Stew Peters and his colleague Dr. Jane Ruby are doing rolling reports/breaking news disclosures from an inside whistleblower group that calls itself “Enigma”. This group has moles working inside the CDC and other agencies as well as computer hackers who hack into the Big Pharma companies like PfiZer and get their communications and statistics. Then they all join forces to share their information with top level Truth tellers like Dr. Michael Yeadon and Dr. Reiner Fullmich. This group is getting stronger and more organized by the day. Stew and Dr. Jane do an excellent job of bringing their latest revelations to the sentient public. Sooner or later this information is bound to burst out of the information bubble carefully placed around it by the MZM. When it does…the entire two-year+ CovIDian Cult Scamdemic/Plandemic will fall apart like a cheap suit.

I want to be around when that happens and so that also keeps me going…along with the support of my amazing group of contributors…you know who you are. But I particularly want to mention Dennis…who e-mailed me shortly after I revealed that my husband of 43 years betrayed me in a manner that dwarfs mere infidelity [which he never has done]. Dennis said “you must be a very strong person to have come back so quickly from that”…or words to that effect. That was just the pat on the shoulder I needed at that time…so thank you Dennis!

Here is the latest video from Hero Warrior Truth Leader Stew Peters

I’m going to wrap up this post to go off and watch it. Stay tuned, friends…the battle has just begun!!!

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Just in from Dennis:

Boosters are over

Now the World Health Organization has waved the white flag on Covid vaccine boosters too.

WHO released a statement about Covid vaccines yesterday. It’s filled with the usual public health jargon and ass-covering, but one line stands out:

a vaccination strategy based on repeated booster doses of the original vaccine composition is unlikely to be appropriate or sustainable.

Over?   Probably not if you have a Fascist Psychopath as a Prime Minister.

Mass Psychosis

29 thoughts on “Now is not the time to stop fighting

  1. Greencrow,

    We have a really dumb ass mayor in DC!

    I live across the river from DC. I would go to the National Mall all the time.

    I can’t go there anymore because of these ‘mandates’.

    Requiring the ‘vaccine’ passport to enter places in DC!

    Millions come to DC to see the Museums, Cherry Blossoms, the Venues and eateries!

    The Japanese people spend thousands to see their Cherry Trees here every April when they bloom. It’s beyond spectacular. There must be thousands of these trees. Now I can’t bring myself to see this amazing event.

    They are now all complicit. And they will face justice eventually.


  2. Hi GC

    A call from our local hospital just came in.
    They want to book an appointment for my VAXXED wife…to do an abdominal ultrasound.

    I have posted several times she was vaxxed months ago(as have my 3 adult children)…and has had several complications such as vomitting for weeks, chest pains…etc. yet feels I should get vaxxed ???? as it is impacting her/our ability to go to pubs casino etc.

    I’ve just about had enough….


    1. Hi RAH,
      Sounds like your wife might be suffering from ionizing radiation poisoning. Jeff Rense talks with scientist/researcher Erica Khan again on the subject of people who have been vaxxed showing symptoms of radiation poisoning, well worth a listen(50 minutes):
      [audio src="" /]
      Here’s the video of a test on swabs for radioactivity that Jeff Rense mentions:

      Things are getting really weird!

      See what ya think…


    2. Hi RAH, sounds like your wife may be suffering from ionizing radiation poisoning, based on what I’m hearing from reports by Jeff Rense and scientist researcher Erica Khan.
      [audio src="" /]


  3. Hi,
    This is the 2nd or 3rd time I watched the video of the masked lady talking about vaccines.
    I agree with everything except what she says at the end always puzzles me.
    She says: Those who don’t die will be getting boosters the rest of their life to function ,
    That’s what puzzles me , How come some people can have their white T blood cells reduced so much and not die ??
    But somehow the mRNA Vaccine will keep these / those vaccinated people alive.
    Any serious enlightenment is appreciated.
    It must be Very rough dealing with family members that ya live with who got the vaccine.
    Me , I’m Unvaccinated and a step daughter took the vaccine along with her husband , her husband said back around Thanksgiving he’s leaning towards no more vaccines cause he thinks he had Covid-19 , cause quote unquote the hospital told him he was Covid-19 positive , I tried to tell him that the PCR Test is very faulty with a 97% inaccuracy rate.
    And my 75 years old ex mother inlaw got the vaccine about a year ago.
    Both are okay I guess , they live their lives and basically mother inlaw is in another state , so it prevents keeping an eye on her health wise , her daughter my ex lives 40 miles from her ,
    I also look forward to The Day the Scam of this Fake PrePlanned Pandemic Gets Exposed !!!

    I’m 56 years old , living in Chicago IL,
    And constantly reading and subscribing to Websites for more info to learn and pass on.

    Watch The Video: Germ Theory Covid-19 and Pandemics Debunked.

    The Public and Even Medical Professionals Have Been Lied To For Many Many Years About How A Virus Actually Works.
    Eye Opening Truth Explained Clearly How A Virus Actually Works in The Video.


  4. I stayed with my mother in the Hospital for three nights.

    They constantly came to check on her and the only problem was severe constipation.

    She’s home with my sisters now.

    If I wasn’t there I don’t know what they would have done.

    There is a BAD MOON ON THE RISE!


  5. Hospitals hiring more travel nurses (at higher costs) after firing unvaxxed staff

    Tamara Ugolini hears from a now-terminated Ontario nurse how hospitals in the province are firing unvaccinated employees, while hiring out-of-area travel nurses at higher wages to help fill staffing shortages.



    I didn’t note that the travelling nurses have any vaxx requirement.
    Yet..they are being paid almost double and with expenses like accomodations paid.

    Regardless….makes ZERO sense except they want to purposely cripple health care system.

    Travelling nurses are effectively mercenaries that care more for 30 pieces of silver and will be shifted around likely delivering death, not health care.


  6. Encouraging words once again. I am over that down mood of last week ~ so bad for the mental health!

    My daughter, alas, is paying the price for her obstinate stance regarding me. She is stuck indoors with a teething infant, a very active toddler, and now a husband with a smashed shoulder. I offered to come and help, fill in however she needs me. But she stands firm; I stand firm. But she is learning a very hard lesson although I have a feeling she might be angry at me inside.

    I will pull together some meals this week to take over to her. But this entire situation, we are lucky I suppose because we don’t really fight, instead attempt to come to grips with the situation and work around it. But I should be there holding and rocking etc … freeing her up a bit. He is a VERY involved dad and the main soother of upset babies. I feel sorry for her but… I am available… it is on her.

    I am so sorry about hubby. I did not realize he had been double jabbed. What must be difficult is the secrecy over that whole event. The same with Rah. We all have our burdens here. And none of us can give up; I keep thinking the next push will result in … what is happening in Kazakhstan. People there did not like not being able to access their shekels. And the main victims seem to be those involved in the medical hoax… which goes all the way to the top.

    Anyhow. Hugs everyone.

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    1. Oh I’m sure she’s angry inside…probably doesn’t really know why. That’s the thing about mass psychosis…it’s like a cloud or a fog that falls on all of us. We really need some expert psychologists to help us through this dark tunnel.

      Re Kazakhstan…funny how they’re blaming the revolution there on “gas prices” while today in Bulgaria the same thing is going on…but they admit it’s about the vaxxZines. I’m still watching that [Kazak] situation closely before commenting on it. I’m not sure who to believe.


  7. Why I support retroactive abortion…

    Prime Minister Trudeau delivered his vaccine sales pitch directly to Canadian kids today, encouraging them to tell their parents to get them vaccinated.

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      1. Hi GC:

        Trudeau is what we boomers call a punk….never experienced real world and he’s also full of shit.

        His type cannot withstand old -school types….his PerpZ time is very limited.

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  8. …….react to shocking news out of Vancouver, B.C. where a family received an eviction notice from Ronald McDonald House for being unvaccinated.



    Start boycotting…..maybe tax fast food for advancing morbidity
    These companies spend decades building PR….gone in a heart beat…F#ck em

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I suggested a boycott of McDonalds on Twitter yesterday, RAH. That’s one of the most egregious ploys of the politicians…co-opting businesses into implementing their criminal/illegal shamdemics to give them a semblance of credibility/legitimacy.


  9. Here’s why #BoycottMcDonalds is trending in Vancouver
    Ronald McDonald House vaccine mandate for families, staff, and volunteers has sparked outrage online


    As a parent myself…..I am absolutely livid…I can’t believe I am witnessing this.

    The poor child has serious health issues…now this trauma imposed on the family ?????

    I think we Truthers have a good target here….Vaxx is child of multinationals PerpZ….so BOYCOTT McDonalds.


  10. Newsom Announces Operation Omicron Offensive in California – Includes Door to Door Visits and Taking Over Local Media to Fight “Misinformation”

    “……This past weekend, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that the State was spending $2.7 BILLION for this offensive in California in what is called a “COVID-19 Emergency Response Package” for an “emergency” that is now coming up on 2 years old.

    $583 million of this military campaign will focus on “Getting more Californians vaccinated and boosted, and combat misinformation.”

    This apparently includes taking over local ethnic media outlets that are not yet spewing out the same lies that the corporate propaganda media is broadcasting….”

    “……They will also increase their efforts to enforce contact tracing, and provide “testing and isolation and quarantine services.”

    And once they increase the testing and vaccinations in the State which we know now will create many more people with COVID-19 vaccine injuries such as blood clotting and heart disease, these people will start filling the over-crowded hospitals that are short staffed, but they will blame all of this on the unvaccinated….”


    PerpZ are getting desperate….


    1. Hopefully this desperation doesn’t turn into WW3. Things are heating up between Russia and US/NATO. Someone getting nervous with the RISING resistance to the COVID Scam? Finger on the trigger? 😲


  11. Ronald McDonald House of BC

    Problem when charities do stupid moves…it attracts attention to their finances.
    What unfortunately happens is they become ” businesses “….

    “…..Ronald McDonald House British Columbia and Yukon received donations, goods in kind, and special events revenues of $5.2m in F2020. Administrative costs are 13% of revenues (excluding investment income) and fundraising costs are 28% of donations (excluding donations from RMH Canada). This results in total overhead spending of 41%. For every dollar donated, 59 cents go to the cause, which is outside Ci’s reasonable range for overhead spending. …”



    Story has gone global


  12. Had a dream t he other nite , was out and about and no fools had masks on. Woke up band realized it was only a d ream and burst out laughing to myself. Keep the faith as it turns out none of us trouble makers took the quackcine … the fuckers should be expecting TROUBLE


  13. From Jim Stone:

    “…..Trucker vax mandate in Canada is back on.
    ——Biden Admin tells companies to ignore the supreme court ruling on vax mandate.
    —–UK covid passports to be scrapped

    What do the 3 headlines above mean? It means the government is playing the role of an abuser. The next line will be UK covid passports WILL NOT be scrapped, OR a new outbreak has already been launched that will turn back the vax passport decision in Britain.

    Let’s face it: When the Canadian government flip flops and in the early part of the day they say the truckers don’t have to be vaxxed, and in the evening say they do all over again, that’s an abusive tactic used to wear people down. They never intended to end the trucker vax mandate, their actions proved it.

    And what about Biden? AFTER the supreme court ruled the vax mandate unconstitutional, Biden told everyone to have the vax mandate anyway. That’s also abusive, And the J corporations will follow Biden, not the supreme court. After all, they enforced the mandates before they were legitimized by the supreme court, so why not after the ruling against ?………”


    Jim Stone is one of my main go to sites(besides GC of course)…most of his predictions come true.and his analysis is excellent.

    Gov’ts are flip flopping…and as Jim Stone submits…it is simply abuse..psych warfare.

    I had thought SCOTUS ruling was a major win…but as Stone submits, major firms will simply make vaxxes in – house mandates. Further to this..much of the damage has either been done or will unfold soon.


    1. Reiner Fulmich is a genius.

      His vision is to use the US Grand Jury process, only everyone is on the Grand Jury!

      How they will make this work is beyond my abilities.

      Fullmich goes into every aspect of the law, and seems to focus on civil penalties with punitive damages.

      His estimate is $1,000,000 in damages per person and 20-1000 to one punitive damages. If this comes to fruition the current criminal cabal is ruined and if they don’t comply with court damage payments then the gloves come off.

      I’m will try to get in line! I had three vacations ruined by this horsehit.

      India is trying to get that college flunk out Gates extradited and try him for murder. Fullmich said he must suffer the death penalty and his wealth must be confiscated to make these poor people whole.

      The PCR test was a fraud – that is well known.

      The ‘virus’ was just a rebranded flu.

      The vaccines are killing children!

      My theory is that the Gain of Function research was not to make a deadly virus but to create a way to introduce the code for the spike protein into human cells so that the cells created this protein so that the human body attacks itself.


  14. Hi RAH

    I agree that the recent flip flops appear to be deliberately re-triggering the PTSD and mass psychosis they have inflicted on the public.

    My spideys came to me early this morning and suggested that they need everyone to be vaxxZinated and particularly all the national military and other security forces.

    Then, as FreakedOut said yesterday…they are going to provoke a war with Russia/China and then blame

    ….wait for it…

    an invasion of Chinese military enforcement troops into North America on the “war:….when in fact they will be invited in to round up and liquidate white resistance.

    Because the health/readiness of all our armed forces will by then be severely compromised it will be a very easy and quick invasion/takeover/occupation/liquidation.


    1. Just gonna add, in my visions, over the past years, Chinese troops have always seemed to play the enforcer role for … whatever. Especially here on the West Coast.


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