UPDATED: This is what happened to my brother last March

Regular correspondent/contributor LDS5 sent me this Link To a Post that details the systemic murdering of mainly middle class elderly white men that is going on in Western Hospitals.

My brother in a photo taken shortly before he was murdered by government/hospital “Protocols”

Good morning readers. As I said to RAH in a response to his most recent comment to my last post, we are indeed experiencing mass PTSD and mass psychosis in our society at present. Witness this headline from the National Post:

Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe gets COVID-19 after removing mask at news conference

I do believe more and more sentients and perhaps even a few sheeple will increasingly raise awareness and sensitivity to the prongs and tentacles of this psychological programming. Awareness of a problem “naming the problem” is the first step to curing the problem…or so we learned in social work school.

Watch [if you can bear it] the video below of the bullshitter as she spreads the feces spewing out of her anus-mouth. It is all lies meant to cover up the previous mounds of psychologically toxic bull shit she’s been spreading non-stop over the past two+years.

I have been following closely the drama playing out in the US where a woman is attempting to save her husband, Scott Quiner, from the tragic fate that befell my two years older brother a year ago. It was around this time last January that I had my last phone conversation with my brother. He was upset about the recent death of his beloved 12 year old lab “Murphy”. He was crying on the phone as he told me the details of having to put Murphy down due to cancer. Little did either of us know at that time that he himself would be “PUT DOWN” by killing field “hospital protocols” only two months later, in March, 2021.

Check out the links below to see the story unfolding about another middle aged man being put down by the hospital algorithmic protocols. Stew Peters is attempting to intervene to save Scott Quiner who, fortunately for him, is being closely guarded by his vigilant wife. Sadly, my brother did not have anyone to guard him. His partner of 12 years was not allowed into the hospital because they were not legally married. He was completely at the mercy of the staff at the Collingwood Veterans and Marine Hospital in Collingwood, Ontario. It gives me hope to see someone being salvaged from this genocide as described by Stew in the videos and updates below:


What is the incentive that these hospitals have to deliberately kill patients? What is the punishment they experience if they do not follow the diktats of their algorithmic overlords? How are they weeding out the good doctors and leaving the corrupt and compliant doctors? The answer to that question lies in the video below from the UK where a doctor describes how she is being hounded out of her job:

This is what is going on to the “good” doctors in the hospital killing fields

I will be following the Stew Peters story closely to see if the poor patient survives the lethal grasp and grip the “Mercy Hospital” has on him and will update readers as to the resolution of this “tug of war” between the hospital killers and the man’s loving family.

And I will never stop speaking out and connecting the dotZ between the ritualized and mandated killings going on in the hospitals—mostly of middle aged men—and what happened to my brother in the Collingwood Veterans and Marine Hospital in Collingwood Ontario where [like the man in the story above] he was isolated, malpracticed on, neglected, denied medicine and nutrients…then ruthlessly murdered over a period of six weeks last February/March, 2021.

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