breaking news: VaXXZines to be stopped world wide?!!! + CovID Home Remedy

FreakedOut is GATCF’s US Bureau Chief

Good morning sentients! I have some great breaking news for you today. Regular contributor, GATCF US Bureau Chief and my adopted “soul” brother FreakedOut came across a great find this morning. Below is a video from FreakedOut’s Bitchute Channel [don’t forget to subscribe!] . The video is a telephone conversation recorded by a woman who called one of those government “medical hotlines” they’ve set up in lieu of actual visits to your family doctor. The DOCTOR at the hotline tells the woman not to take the booster because the vaxxZines are going to be cancelled worldwide soon. Her explanation is that they’ve discovered some safety concerns in the vaxxZines….HELLOOOOOOW….lololol…you can’t make this stuff up!

Breaking News: Doctor tells Patient that the Global VaxxZines “will be stopped soon”

Coinkydynkally, the “Doctor” at the hotline [is the hotline in the UK or Australia/New Zealand?] has a…wait for it…Chinese accent.

FreakedOut sent me the URL and asked what my spideys thought. Well, my spideys went off like a 3 alarm fire bell. This makes sense, when juxtaposed with the big headline on the MZM that PfiZer has come up with a covid pill they’re calline “Paxlovid”. Pax means peace in Latin. Perhaps the PerpZ are calling for a peace treaty with “the [sentient] people” based on the following criteria which I saw on Twitter yesterday:

  1. No repercussions over their financially destructive lockdowns;
  2. No executions of the ring leaders
  3. [Plus more that I can’t remember at the moment]

Perhaps the perpZ are getting worried with the livestreaming of Reiner Fullmich‘s Nuremberg 2.0 trials coming up in a week or so….heading it off at the pass as it were. Pre-emption is their no 1 strategy dontchaknow.

Reiner Fullmich and 50 lawyers begin criminal trials in two weeks from January

Rednek on Librti says:

“Watch the Covidians eat their own as the truth comes out and vaccines are recalled. Everyone blaming someone else. The vaccine manufacturers are free of liabilit, but what about the government and authorities who mandated these killer injections? What about the employers who mandated an unknown experimental drug on their employees under threat, duress and coercion? What about parents who forcibly had their children injected? Where was the informed consent? Will the media step up and take responsibility for their role in this facade?

Don‘t hold your breath.”

For those sheeple who sadly took the vaxxZine toxins into their bodies and are now suffering from what I’m calling VovID‘s or VaxxZine-induced “covID”…here are some home remedies you can try to offset the symptoms:

Home Remedies for VovID

Here from this morning’s Twitter feed are 15 of the worst Covid Lies that went half way around the world before the truth had a chance to put its mask on:

15 Worst Covid Lies That are Now Completely Exposed for All the World to See

These lies went halfway around the world before the truth had a chance to put its mask on.

These lies went halfway around the world before the truth had a chance to put its mask on.

Here is what the PerpZ think about Natural Immunity…which makes all their other lies above seem paltry by comparison:

Acquiring Natural Immunity Intentionally Carries a 5-Year Sentence in Switzerland

Greencrow concludes: there you have it folks. The greencrow is going out on a limb with soul brother FreakedOut to suggest that the PerpZ are attempting to call a truce on the War on Humanity

Greencrow designed this Battle Flag in 2020

…to cut their losses. Can we dare to hope? Well…our species is amazingly resilient. Want to know Why? Because “hope” is humanity’s middle name! Stay tuned and don’t get that fucking booooooooooster!

Another Breaking News update from FreakedOut:

Argentine government agency admits COVID vaccines contain graphene oxide

Argentine government agency admits COVID vaccines contain graphene oxide (

How the Insane Think

15 thoughts on “breaking news: VaXXZines to be stopped world wide?!!! + CovID Home Remedy

  1. Would be nice, BUT…it could be just another ruse to put folks off guard. Can’t trust a word they say! Except when it’s bad news!


  2. Hi Wiggins:
    That’s always a distinct possibility. That’s also why so-called “conspiracy theorists” are being proven right so often lately. We’ve been saying it’s a con all along.


  3. GC,

    That phone call took place in the UK. Here is another copy of the video

    I suspect it may be true that the vaxx mandates are going to end there. Boris Johnson has been caught multiple times partying while his lock down mandates were in place. Because of this he is very unpopular. He is up for reelection in June and he can’t win if he maintains his present course. It is now obvious to everybody in the UK that Johnson knows it’s a scam. If he wants to be reelected (he does) his only path forward is to end all the mandates asap.

    I expect something similar to happen in Alberta. Jason Kenney has also been caught partying several times after imposing strict lock downs. And like Johnson he is also very unpopular because of his hypocrisy and having gone against his support base with the tyranny. Kenney is up for reelection in about 14 months if he can survive an upcoming leadership review in 3 months. He will have to back off the mandates very soon or he will be looking for alternative employment with absolutely no job skills other than being a politician all his life. He has never held a real job nor does he have an education beyond a high school diploma! Good luck finding something that pays as much as he is getting now.

    Also, the midterm elections in the US are this fall and the democrats know they can’t be reelected if they continue with the insanity. So I expect them to start backing off soon.

    The Turd will have trouble advancing his agenda with other leaders going the other way.



    1. Good analysis of the situation Ron. I saw a video of the Brit PM partying and dancing with a lady with a Star Wars sword. If anyone has a link to that short video I’d like to put it up here…very disgusting! But not as disgusting as the Turd being caught in an underaged girls bedroom by her father a decade or so ago…and paying the family 2 million dollars to shut up.

      They’re all corrupt and they’re all compromised and that’s why they went along with the Globalist genocide. Can hardly wait for Nuremberg 2.0 when the 50 lawyers tear them apart like a pack of wolves.


  4. Hi All:

    IMHO, at this juncture in the battle we have a spectrum of culpability.

    Regardless, personally……I don’t give a shite if we have to nail a lowly pharmacist assistant….. to Dean of medical school……to a Prime Minister…President….even Pope…etc. etc.

    Sure…..many of the aforementioned will have their 11th hour epiphany , all I can say is F*ck Off.

    As person of proud Germanic descent……Nuremberg 1.0 fiasco had them hunting and charging lowly cooks and janitors for war crimes. Can’t have it both ways.

    The Covid scam has made me a fatalist…..a realist …and a potential Nuremberg 2.0 Judge…Juror and merciless ________

    The guilty (lloooooooonnggggg lineup) should be fed through a wood chipper…feet first…slowly…



  5. Hi Ron:

    Yes, that’s the video. I saw a longer version of it and it went on for some time. Here’s the blurb under the video:


    The above blurb has a timely reminder of the lethal link between the vaxxZines and 5G. They’re designed to work hand in glove to produce the cull they’ve lusted after for decades.

    Hi RAH:

    There’s going to be a huge debate shortly amongst sentients as to whether the perpZ should be executed for their genocidal crimes. I used to be opposed to capital punishment…mainly because the justice system was so prone to errors. Now I do believe there will have to be some executions of those at the top combined with very long prison sentences for the “middle managers”.

    They’re going to try and get us to go along with the Rwanda “truth and reconciliation” solution but I think this went beyond that heinous genocide [in fact, Rwanda was IMO a “drill” for what they’re trying to pull off here–i.e., set one side against the other and let the vaxxZinated kill the UnvaxxZinated].

    There will most certainly need to be some public executions if this is not going to ever happen again.


  6. Hi GC

    I never thought I would be a proponent of executions..but that was back when the “guilty” made a bad move like shooting someone in a robbery and extenuating circumstances.

    However…what is unfolding NOW with vaxxes is ..IMHO..pre -meditated murder to Nth degree. If just a few in the power vortex had stood up things might have been different. All these gutless cowardly treasonous MoFos can hang.

    This Covid scam has , via default. established the low moral and ethical character of those in power…as pre covid we tolerated local, provincial and federal politics as relatively banal….but when these F$CKERS want to mandate death jabs …we plebs have no choice but to consider self defence and alls fair in war.

    F#ck with me, my family etc.??? .you D@E !!!
    The End

    Liked by 1 person

  7. RAH you and I have cause for a very unique lawsuit in the entire history of the judicial system…loss of conjugal rights….due to the government enticing our partners to get jabbed with a lethal, toxic and contaminating substance. Our marriages are in tatters–because of government criminality.

    Some day, I would like a multimillion dollar settlement from the government for what has happened in my life due to these fuckers…and sadly it’s only just begun.


  8. Hi GC:

    I’ve noted my nephews wedding back in Sept. 2021, …..attendees need to be vaxxed,…. I wasn’t…so holed up in hotel room, and realized by default my wife and (3) adult children were vaxxed.

    Now…good news….. and bad news…

    GOOD NEWS: My nephew and his bride(Both in late 30’s) are EXPECTING….and they would make awesome parents.

    BAD NEWS: However…they are both vaxxed( again via wedding protocol)….now I cringe IF their child will survive the Dr.Bullshite vaxx gauntlet…or..if it survives…what the childs future health status will be???.

    These are very intelligent people with university degrees.

    Us “truthers” will, over time, have a litany of past, present and future Vaxx horror stories.
    Ultimately, I hope the pregnancy , birth and future of their child has a positive outcome, but if not, like many truthers ..will feel co-opted , coerced and marginalized to STFU and not be deemed conspiracy theorists



  9. Greencrow

    Fullmich states that all liability protection is void.

    He states that knowingly harming people cannot be protected from prosecution.

    He is going the civil rout now and going after punitive damages. Which are 20 to one usually. This the quickest way to help damaged people.

    Fullmich knows that the harm inflicted was intentional and is lethality experiment on the world’s population.

    Here in the US the health care mandate is being blocked some US Governors. Even though the US Supreme Court ruled for the health care mandate. This a gauntlet throw down. The US States have probably been delegated much of the regulating of the health care sector even if they recieve federal money.

    In my hiking group one hike leader mandated the vaccine to be on his hikes. I warned he could be found liable for ‘vaccine’ injury. All my social groups shut down due to the Cofraud.

    At least Trudeau tries to hide his perversion. Biden molests little girls right on stage, at formal solemn ceremonies. The poor little girls even try to move away but he just grabs them.


  10. Greencrow

    You can become a member of the “Arlington Cooking a Socializing Group”.

    It’s on Meetup.

    I have a T-shirt I can send you. The club is here in the DC area (Arlington is across the Potomac River from DC). If you ever visit I will make sure your visit is worth while. $5 Gin and Tonics and all the free food you can handle. And the Mall if it is ever free from the Cofraud.

    I am the Boss of all Bosses of the group. We do cook but mostly drink!

    If I can mail a T to you without doxxing you than I will.


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