Letter from a Washington State friend

This was sent to me this evening by an American friend born and raised in Texas but now living in Washington State – this is a very sobering letter

Hi All-

Australia doesn’t have anything over Washington State. There is a bill getting ready to be voted on in the State that’s pretty scary. If it passes, I have a decision to make in pretty short order. I kind of know what the Jews in Germany were faced with in 1938. Leave the state or go to the camp until I get the final death shot. I’m told this is the beta test for things yet to come in many states. The Governor is now entertaining the idea of border checkpoints for compliance. Whatever happened to our Constitutional freedom?

  There are around 7 million residents in Washington. In my estimation, almost 2 1/2 million unjabbed. The Covid deaths have flattened. Omicron is overhyped and the media has censored any negative facts about the deaths and injuries associated with the forced injection policy. Medical experts such as Geert Vanden Bossche, Robert Malone ( inventor of mRNA injections ), Dr. Michael Yeadon ( Ex. Chief Medical Officer and Exe. VP at Pfizer ), and Dr. Peter McCullough ( cardiolgist and one of the highest respected doctors in the country ) have all been censored from social media as fringe conspiracy theorists because of their dire warnings about the safety and effectiveness of an experimental inoculation ( not a vaccine by definition ). The VAERS ( Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Sysyem) data has documented over 1,800,00 deaths or serious injuries associated with the shots to date. The VAERS system only accounts for an estimated 1-10% of actual harm done by the injections. The negative reactions are censored by the media and fake fact-checkers have dismissed them and labeled them as false reports. Google hides the truth. 

  Cruise ships require 100% of crew and passengers to be fully” vaccinated ” and test negative before boarding. Same for the Navy, yet outbreaks are occurring and the fully vaccinated come down with Covid. Would somebody please explain that? In March of 2021, Dr. Vander Bossche warned that the shots allowed variants to be produced within those vaccinated and passed by spike proteins within  those who have been inoculated.  Also, batch testing done by independent laboratories determined not all the batches contain the same ingredients. Some are only saline solutions, explaining the reason why some recipients experience no reactions. They also determined that all manufacturers use the same coding for 3 various deliveries. I’ve read that if the last number documented on the passcards is a 1- it’s a saline solution, a 2- it’s a flu shot, a 3- the damaging graphene oxide that causes thrombi and blood coagulation in time. Use DuckDuckGo as a search engine to see how graphene oxide works inside the body. Google will only refer to its “fact-checkers” and dismiss the real science behind it.  Other batch numbers are showing up with various unknown ingredients.

  I’m of the opinion if someone wants to get the jabs thinking they are doing themselves and others a positive public good without doing any research on their own, that’s their right. I’m concerned about my own rights as well and have a difficult time believing that all shots are safe. But, I do believe they are effective. Even the German population as a whole felt the propaganda presentedd as news was true and believed their government without questioning authority. I remember the slogan from the 70’s- “Question Authority ” and believe there to be a reason why.

  The winners are the pharmaceutical companies and the likes of Bill Gates, making huge profits and with unlimited booster requirements causing greater damage in the future. If I’m not mistaken, Mr. Gates is also an eugenicist. My understanding of a vaccine is an injection of a weakened bug that stayed locally at the point of injection and allowed the body to develop its own defense mechanism. Not the case with mRNA though. THe falsely labeled vaccine greatly compromises the immune system creating an acquired immune deficiency, better known as AIDS. A ticking time bomb that will create various blood, heart, lung, and brain problems in time.

 I’m all for truth. And, I believe in time the truth will win over propaganda. However, right now I’m worried about what harm propaganda can cause me.  Whatever has become of the declaration ” MY BODY, MY CHOICE “

A Washington State Friend


Greencrow concludes: If law enforcement and the military don’t show up soon to rescue us from these communist medical fraud artist/tyrants the species will collapse under the greatest HOAX in human history. Who are they going to get to police these internment camps? Will the prison guards be like the ones at Abu Ghraib in Iraq–where sexual and sadistic perverts will force us to perform lewd acts and smear ourselves with feces?

Folks the death knell is sounding…can you hear it…yet?

17 thoughts on “Letter from a Washington State friend

  1. Some stumbling boobs in hazmat suits. Easy targets for a 12 gauge Bullpup, and the shot rounds would explode their tanks of poison.

    Try putting body armor under these clown suits. With their suffocating masks on!

    They are human Dodo birds.

    Washington state has a vast eastern part, much bigger than the western part. Don’t worry about this stupid bought and paid for governor. They are in their death throes and will fight like a cornered rat.

    Steve Kirch now knows the US Government lied to the US citizens about the Cofraud. He is a Silicon Valley guru. He estimated that 200,000 people have died from the ‘vaccine’

    We have to round up the politicians and policy makers and hang them.

    I never believed in Capitol Punishment until now.

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  2. Re: ” Internment Camps ”

    IMHO…I suspect much of this is psy-warfare gov’ts have in their commie toolbox.

    The gullible public has swallowed the “evil Nazi” ….Schindlers List …death camp… meme (aka LIE) for 7o+ years and is now scared shitless, to the point they may capitulate and accept the death jab.

    I highly doubt the PerpZ would round up people en masse into camps as word would get out and there would be riots in “camps” and the streets.

    The Public is often their own worst enemy, but the Tide is turning..

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  3. “…I highly doubt the PerpZ would round up people en masse into camps as word would get out and there would be riots in “camps” and the streets…”

    I dunno RAH…What about Iraq? What about the complete compliance of the Sheeple to the blatant HOAX so far? What about what.happened in 1994 in Rwanda?…where the CIA/NATO conducted a psy-op using a combination of vaxxZines, radioacitivity [planes flying over the crowds with satellite dishes attached] and TV/radio propaganda–to instill a mass psychosis in the Rwandans–which then caused one ethnic group to attack the other with machetes’ in the homes, streets and churches. Hundreds of thousands of Rwandans were slaughtered–and the CIA/NATO perpZ got away with it completely. Oh…I believe years later the Netherlands did offer a belated apology to Rwanda.

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    1. Correction here…it was Belgium not The Netherland that finally, years later, offered an apology to the Rwandans. It was Belgium and Canada who were the “Peacekeepers” responsible for preventing the massacre. In the end the soldiers from both countries stood down [on orders from above] and let one mind controlled ethnic group slaughter the other.


  4. Hi GC;

    Good points, but they feed into Fear Porn.
    We have no idea what Gov’t has up its sleeve, nor what’s in their tool box.

    My previous point focussed on internment camps.
    Playing Devil’s Advocate…how much of what we have been informed is true?

    IMHO, the Perpz have dragged this latest attack on humanity far too long..over 2 years… and it is backfiring. Previous tactics were World Wars etc….outright slaughters, but their secret weapon was Cultural Marxism. …basically rot from within/enemy within the gates.

    I’m not denying many have swallowed the Kool -Aid, but major signs are far too many are awake or becoming awake.

    The Perpz , IMHO, only have a few weeks to pull it off…..


  5. Investigative Writer Mitch Henderson has figured that things are moving into place right now around the world to get a HOT war going that would encompass most of the planet. He made a good argument with Jeff Rense. The ANSWER to the PerpZ prayers for all the people awakening to the SCAM, get everyone(survivors) shell shocked and destitute with a global war, then send in a “savior”.
    The Washington state COVID internment camp issue may not be an issue at all soon. I don’t want to fear monger but I have to say: look at ALL the politicians around the world who are in on the COVID Scamdemic. Also, think: Deep Military Underground Bases(DUMB’s).
    Is the situation in Kazakhstan an example of folks who have had enough of the COVID Scam?

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    1. I am still waiting to find out what went on in Kazakhstan FreakedOut. The waters are very muddy. My spideys tell me the people were revolting against the covIDian Cult rituals and particularly the Banks demanding covID passes to access the bank accounts…now that would get ME rioting in the streets.

      But that was just an early rumoUr…[Early rumours are always the most reliable rumours] and I have read nothing since to back that up.


  6. From Jim Stone:

    Boris Johnson just removed ALL COVID MEASURES IN BRITAIN

    Masks, work from home, and Covid passports are GONE.

    DO NOT GIVE FORGIVENESS. All of these people should be cast out of office, stripped of their posessions, made handicapped and be forced to beg on the streets for the rest of their lives. ALL OF THEM. If people don’t have the will to just get rid of them, AT LEAST DO THAT.

    FACT: Britain only has 60 percent of it’s population SINGLE JABBED regardless of what they claim. The inflated numbers were only presented to pressure those saying no by making them “look like freaks”. The same is true in the United States. A while ago I posted the city by city stats and when added up, a LOT of brits said NO. And who would they be?? The salt of the earth, that’s who. The ones the government is afraid of. The ones who actually work and are capable, the ones who are not dead weight. And there are too many of them remaining 100 percent intact for the government to not be VERY afraid.

    Watch for: “We were wrong.” “We told everyone the shots were experimental” “We did not know this would happen” “Don’t blame us for the disaster” AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: PLEASE TRUST US AND SUPPORT US WHEN WE COME AT YOU WITH THE NEXT LOAD OF BULLSHIT, WE DESERVE TO BE IN POWER, THIS WAS ALL HONEST ERROR.

    That is how they are going to play this, bank on it!!!

    Now watch Billy Boy release smallpox. For as long as these bastards are not dragged through the streets and lynched, they are going to keep coming at everyone like a single objective attack droid. They have one mission and one mode: Reduce the population to 500 million and rule with a communist iron fist. If they stay in power, that is exactly what we will eventually get. They probably made it half way there already this time around.


    I am far from declaring victory…
    Cornered rats are capable of anything..

    Just keep eyes and ears open




    Police Officer Steve Winn of Northumbria Police given details of the crime number of the “vaccine” and asked to assist in stopping “vaccine” distribution in the area.


    This is an excellent video.

    The local police are literally and figuratively being read the riot act.

    I’m not naive to think this officer in video will/can do much.
    That’s not the point.

    Basically local ,national, international(ie Nuremberg) laws have been broken….the vaccine is a murder weapon, all those involved , from top to bottom should charged and tried.

    The lady has submitted well researched information applicable to all nations and should be used as a template globally.


  8. Dark clouds on horizon indicate that the zindicate is bringing a real war to erase it’s cvd criminal traks.

    *questionable vulcanic eruption
    *missing/resurfacing RF sub
    *intenzified gathering mil along RF border
    *arming ukronazis
    *major activities of US navy
    *large N@T0 exc in arctic near RF
    *2000 Can spec gorces to ukraine
    *turkish pipeline out
    *evac of all kinds of consular missions
    *internet cable cutting
    *new nato bases in Slovakia

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  9. Toronto resident Dan Hartman testified to the Toronto City Council on Tuesday that he believes that the Pfizer jab killed his 17-year-old son, Sean.

    Hartman explained that his son experienced a bad reaction to his first shot, and just over a month later was dead.

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  10. Very disturbing trend is the PerpZ are now targetting animals as Covid carriers…
    Hong Kong is rounding up and killing hamsters ?!? Children pets???

    IMHO this is psych warfare and these parties are inhuman psychos.

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  11. GC,

    The truckers vaxx mandate is about to get worse.

    “The government has signalled that there will be amendments imminently under the Canada Labour Code, mandating any truck or bus drivers who cross a provincial border (federally regulated employees) to require vaccination.”

    So, if the truckers who take the multiple shots get sick or die and the ones who refuse quit or get fired, who will haul food to the food distribution centres? The turd is going to kill us with the jabs or starve us out.


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    1. Re:: Vaxxed truckers…

      The issue boils down to what does the future hold for them?

      If we have lost say 15% who refuse vaxx….that’s bad…….but if the other 85% vaxxed start to die off..even just 10% of them…….major issue. We are not even talking about vaxxed accidents while driving. Insurers are starting to wake up and voiding policies for Vaxxed.

      Stock up now…


  12. Good point RAH about insurance companies voiding policies for the vaxxZed. I read such a happenstance already occurred in France recently. Of course the insurance companies are and have been on the take for decades. Witness the insurance fraud that was such an integral part of the 9/11 atrocity.

    Funny story…back when we were allowed to travel outside the country on holidays. My husband and I went to Costa Rica. A tour guide told us all about the country while we were travelling through the countryside by bus. We asked how expensive this was and that was. Finally, someone asked how expensive house insurance was. The guide told us that the Costa Ricans don’t believe in insurance. Period. He said years ago there was a huge scam/scandal in the country involving insurance and since then…nobody gets it. LOLOLOL….


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