The Turvert took 78 Personal days off in 2021

EXCLUSIVE: Justin Trudeau took 78 personal days in 2021

By Keean Bexte

The pandemic has been stressful for everyone. But apparently more so for PM Justin Trudeau. That must be why he took 78 personal days off in 2021.

This figure comes straight from the Prime Minister’s itinerary. Following the principle of charity, we haven’t included Holidays, or even September 30.

As many will remember, September 30, 2021, is Canada’s first Truth and Reconciliation Day.

Many expected Trudeau to give a speech or visit those in Kamloops, whose grievances he utilized as a campaign talking point throughout the 2021 election. After all, he introduced the Holiday: you’d think he’d make the most of it.

Instead, Trudeau took a private jet to Tofino, BC, one of the more tropical locations in Canada, known for its great beaches and surfing conditions.

His itinerary reads, “Private meetings,” which everyone knows is not true.

We also didn’t include the time Trudeau took off during his campaign, as he technically wasn’t Prime Minister. Thus, the itineraries between August 16 (a day after he dissolved government to force an incredibly unpopular snap election) and August 23, as well as August 25 to September 21 (the day after he was re-elected), are conveniently missing.

So, the number of personal days could be even higher.

According to True North News, Trudeau had taken 48 days off by August 2020, well on his way to his 2019 record of 91 personal days. It seems election years demand more free time to celebrate.

“On a month-by-month basis, Trudeau takes approximately seven personal days a month on average. The highest number of personal days for one individual month during this period was in December 2019, where his itinerary noted 17 personal days, followed by July 2019, which came in a close second with 13 days off,” True North senior researcher Cosmin Dzsurdzsa writes.

Dzsurdzsa continues, detailing Trudeau’s number one travel destination aside from Ottawa (for work), tropical Costa Rica. Sounds nice!

This year, it would have to be Western Europe — a trip which technically wasn’t counted as personal days off as partying it up with globalist bureaucrats after saying a few environmentalist platitudes apparently constitutes work.

Indeed, the entire two-week-long COP26 conference should be counted as one big vacation, as Glasgow wasn’t the only place Trudeau visited once he crossed the ocean.

Either way, 78 is the official number; though, it could be much higher.


Greencrow comments: Thought the above report written by real Canadian journalist Keean Bexte would be a good vehicle to launch my latest appelation for Justin Trudeau. When he first started fucking Canadians blind over two years ago now…I was calling him “le Dauphin”. Then I switched to “The Turd” when he began to stink up the airways and his bought and paid for criminal TV networks with his abject lies and deep corruption. Now, after recent revelations about even more depraved inclinations beyond anything we could have ever feared…I will be calling him The Turvert.

The Turvert not only has subjected children to sexual abuse…for which he paid 2 million silence money to one family…but now he wants all the children in Canada either killed or maimed by his Kill Shot VaxxxZines. The evil of this entity is far beyond most humans’ ability to fathom. There are no words to describe it so we have to make up a new lexicon and The Turvert is one of those descriptive, nuanced expressions which most adequately sums up the entity under discussion.

Insofar as the subject of Bexte’s post…the 78 personal days The Turvert took off…well I wish he would just go for broke and take all days off in future…i.e., QUIT! Or, even better…I wish some members of the RCMP would man up and arrest him. He needs to be in custody…away from children and other vulnerable living things. He needs to be put on trial. He needs to face justice for his crimes…like injuring the teenaged girl in my previous post. The Turvert Needs to Go!

2 thoughts on “The Turvert took 78 Personal days off in 2021

  1. My Proton Mail email account is down. Whether it has anything to do with a huge convoy of Truckers heading to Ottawa and the PerpZ not wanting the War Against Humanity resistance to draw public attention to it is a matter of sheer conjecture at this stage.


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