Truckers – Canada’s Riders on the Storm

Canada’s Truck Drivers are 2022’s “Riders On the Storm” [Classic by ‘The Doors’]

Good Monday Morning sentients. We’re watching one of the most important moments in Canadian history play out before our eyes this week. One way or another…whoever comes out on top–The Canadian People—or the “squirming toad’ who insanely believes he’s our uber alles ruler.

We’ve had enough. I have lived 75 years and I’ve never experienced anything remotely like what’s going on in Canada today…with the truckers heading [and building in numbers and power…not to mention anger/determination] towards the nexus of the cancerous tumour that has metastized throughout Canada from Ottawa. Here are some seminal links from regular contributors John Kaminski, LPS5, FreakedOut and Dennis that define and contextualizes this existential crisis.

From John Kaminski:

Canadians line highways to support our truckers trek to Ottawa. It is heart-rending. The Last Post and the national anthem. 

Our liberation is at hand. Do not falter. 

This trucker explains the order of battle.

From Dennis:

Dr Mark Trozzi
January 23, 2022
And these idiots are cited as “experts” to whom the Canadian public should listen?

0-26-2021 FDA approved injecting children 5-11 years. Dr Rubin shockingly admits experimentality & unknown safety of “vaccine”, but pushes approval regardless.

IMmigration Ministry briefing note declares Soros-backed charity ‘entrenched’ in the department

Rebel News has obtained 28 pages of department briefing notes and emails that detail the partnership between the Canadian government and George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. [Greencrow comments: This is why, even if there is a complete surrender on the CovIDian Cult Rituals/Slavery Tyranny…the entire government in Ottawa–on both sides of the aisle–MUST resign!]

Greencrow saw this story this morning and almost upchucked my breakfast cereal in revulsion. Get this ba$tards medical licence away from him! He’s a menace to society!

From LPS5

Sounds like another or maybe just the jab?

This from FreakedOut and my response:

Good Morning gc,
All eyes are on this trucker rally in Ottawa. According to Odessa they said they will stay in Ottawa until Truvert resigns😲 and that it’s NOT just about vaxx mandates for the truckers. THAT will be interesting to see how it goes!!  Things should get interesting here in the states too with many shipments of goods not happening because of the mandates here in the States that started last Saturday.
I would like to think many of the truckers are aware of what happened in Australia with the truckers and have planned accordingly.

Check this out:

The Truckers have gained a lot of financial support from Canadians…which could be stolen by the Turvert

Almost $3million dollars!  Let’s hope GoFundMe doesn’t cave and screw everybody over.


Greencrow comments: Thanks for this update on the Trucker convoy.  Everyone’s hopes are getting very high [including me] that this will end the horror show and the tyranny.  I am always nervous when my hopes get high.  Yes, as I pointed out on the blog…the Truckers revolt did not go well in Australia.

But the status quo with the Turvert ruling over all from Ottawa simply will not be tolerated anymore,  He has to go. I do hope there is a Liberal revolt and mutiny as has always been the case in the past with an unpopular leader.

In conclusion I saw this story on MSM just moments ago. Is the bullshitter signaling a strategic retreat? YOU be the judge…and stay tuned. It’s gonna be “a hot time in the old town tonight”. The old saying from Kris Kristoferson comes to mind: “When you got nothing…You’ve got nothing to lose.” This is the corner that the Truckers and all Canadians have been pushed into–by the squirming toad and his rat handlerZ.

The bullshitter is throwing some steaks off the back of the getaway truck…to slow down and distract the chasing hounds.

In response to the bullshitter…we have BC Freedom Fighting Leader Odessa Orlewicz video compilation from the latest Vancouver rally

Yes, Folks, Take it from me who once worked for the BC Government “Autism services” – Autism is caused by the MMR vaxZine – and all the other child hood toxic injections Photo H/T FreakedOut

16 thoughts on “Truckers – Canada’s Riders on the Storm

  1. Canadian singer/musician Neil Young knows how to Rock in the FREE world! One of my Neil Young favorites:
    “Neil Young – Rockin’ In The Free World”

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    1. Funny you should post Neil. Just read a headline. He has told Spotify to make a choice. Keep him or Joe Rogan’s podcasts; they can’t have both. I lost respect for Neil years ago for some of his political stances. Suddenly he was someone else…

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  2. Great Post as usual.


    Most are driving smaller trucks and cars in this group, but there are a lot of them.
    There are more to come.
    The final full convoy heading to Ottawa leaves Enfield Nova Scotia 7:00 am on Thursday January 27th

    Truckers Convoy Leaving Arborg Manitoba. There are two videos on this. The community with a population of about 1,232 added to surrounding area about 13,000.
    If every tiny town did this well, Ottawa would be overrun.

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  3. MMIW pig farm evidence to be destroyed?

    Some Comments cut and pasted below
    The Pickton case goes far FAR deeper than the MSM version.

    The Bob Loblaw Show !
    1 year ago
    I live in the area. I met a couple social workers in a pub one night and the subject came up about the Pickton farm. They had worked with some of the women involved. They told me plain and simple: this goes all the way to the top. That’s why they are destroying the evidence.

    Cre8ive Red
    1 year ago
    Trudeau was working at Pitt River Middle School in school district 43 (Port Coquitlam) during the years of the pig farm

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    1. Pitt Meadows and the farm go very very deep/high into the ruling echelons of Canada. Top levels in BC and in Ottawa. Men and women. Or whatevers, who knows these days? Over the years so many names have been connected somehow to the place/situation. I am sure the stuff I read has long since been scrubbed from the net by now.


  4. Wow….

    I am observing the MSM can’t avoid this and are actually covering it.

    As Jim Stone noted truckers have a large peer- to -peer communication network….they know Covid is a scam and vaxxes are deadly.

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  5. I live in the heart of the beast. Waiting for this convoy to come, along with many I know. Many in the community are organizing to provide a network of support for the truckers. This is our best chance so far… In the meantime, geopolitics are getting hot and the financial system is groaning with the strain of its gargantuan debt. Seems like the last 2 years were just an intro for what is to come…

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  6. Canadians showing the world how it’s done…Lookin’ good…police helping out too! 👍👍
    “Freedom truckers rollin’ across Canada day two!”


  7. Greencrow,

    I don’t know if you know about Neil Oliver.

    The man is a poet sage. And I’m am very jealous of his hair. Since I don’t have hair where I want it to be but have hair where I don’t want it to be.

    Here in the US State of Virginia the ‘mandates’ aren’t very enforced.

    Biden isn’t a dictator, but they sent him out to make proclamations with no enforcement mechanism and people don’t realize this. What loser federal government flunky is going to try and enforce this asinine bullshit which most mandates have been struck down by the courts?!

    But people believed Biden. My little pet turtle doesn’t believe him. She doesn’t Social Distance, She doesn’t Wear A Mask, And sure has hell she won’t get a ‘vaccine’ unless you want to get bitten.

    It’s sad that a little turtle is smarter than most humans.

    The Canadian truckers should bring heavy duty grappling hooks and hook them up to the ancient BS buildings in Ottawa and just tow them down.


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