UPDATED: Anal Schwab brags about having Turvert in back pocket

Canadians leaving to fight for their freedom circa 1940 and in January, 2022

Anal Schwab mentions Turvert

UPDATE: there have been some important updates on the Trucker advance on Ottawa to report: Here they are in the form of links:

First, is some kind of anonymous post on Tik Tok. Normally I don’t bother with these but the guy says that there will be some embarrassing [to say the least] phone call recordings released on January 29th. Keep an eye out for that, folks.

Next we have some CTV poll results on nationwide support for the truckers:


78% support for the truckers in the above poll

Last, for my blogging colleague NTS who prowls the primeval forests of Manitoba…this short video of the support the truckers have in Manitoba:


Good morning pureblood sentients. Today, we see the glimmers of hope reflected in the truck headlights as our warrior Truckers press on to Ottawa in the now confirmed by the Guinness World Book of Records as the longest convoy in human history. We can take the luxury of a brief pause to reflect on what brought us to this most momentous event in the albeit comparatively short history of Canada. Watch the 2017 video above, as the anal schwab crows about having the turvert in his back pocket and having “penetrated” the Canadian cabinet with many of his evil moles.

Now we see the results of the surreptitious injection of those toxic moles into our body politic. Canada, once the bastion of freedom in the world, has recently seen a family of four perish in the frozen tundra of Manitoba in an effort to escape across the border to the United States. Canada now has less freedoms than any of the Soviet satellite states in the heyday of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. At the age of 75, after a lifetime of working fulltime–while attending university at night–while raising a family…I find myself locked out of restaurants, stores, public places and even hospitals. I lost a brother to the Hospital Covid Protocols Killing Machines last March.

Now it looks like my developmentally delayed [Down Syndrome] 63 year old brother also is being killed off by them. Paul’s group home has been under a complete lockdown for two weeks now. No visitors. He doesn’t have his normal “group program” activities to stimulate him socially/intellectually…and he is sliding downhill mentally. During recent phone calls I detect his mental situation as being “in a medicated fog”. I have spoken about it to the person answering the phone at his group home. I am not able to speak with the person in charge because….wait for it….this fully vaxxxZinated person is down with the covID and is under quarantine in her own home!

Folks, they are killing my brother like they already killed my two brothers. Most of you do not know that I had another brother who was afflicted with schizophrenia when he was in his early 20’s. He killed himself at the age of 50 back in 2003 when the British Columbia provincial government threatened to cut off the disability income he had for over 20 years previous. Yes, folks, after being on disability for well over 20 years, my brother received a 20+ page questionnaire that he was ordered to complete and submit to the government–or he would be cut off his disability pension. This put him under tremendous pressure and he went off his meds. He then committed suicide in August of 2003 by jumping from his 10th floor apartment [I learned later that persons suffering from Schizophrenia should never be housed in highrises]. There was such an epidemic of suicides that summer that the BC government finally dropped its cost cutting operation of purging the social services rosters.

Last March, as many of you are aware…my two years older brother…who was a lawyer and a chartered accountant [therefore a tax lawyer] and who had held many prominent positions in his work and in the community before retirement…went to hospital with an inflamed prostate. The Emergency nurse perforated his urethra while attempting to insert a catheter. This was then misdiagnosed as prostate cancer [which he did NOT have] and he was sent to useless test after useless test…all while being denied antibiotics and IV nourishment. Isolated with no visitors allowed in the small Ontario hospital…sepsis set in and eventually was irreversible. He refused treatment and died.

Now they’re in the process of killing my disabled brother. If this fuckery keeps on my brother will be dead in a few months.

Mine is only one family that has been seriously affected by the CovIDian Cult Horror show and historical government malfeasance. This seam of evil runs all throughout our Canadian governments…as the Anal Schwab says…they have penetrated all levels.

Now is the time for the Truckers’ poultice to be applied. This will suck the infection out of the wound at its source—Ottawa. The Truckers’ poultice will stay on the festering open stinking wound for days, weeks and/or months…as long as it takes to kill the poisonous bacteria.

Canadians are not the only ones looking to the Truckers to save them…now the entire world is looking at Canada. Watching the trucks travel down the frozen highways of Canada towards Ottawa…finally my country’s national anthem has meaning again. The words have taken on a new and profound significance. Listen.

All the images below were sent by FreakedOut — American supporter of the Trucker’s Advance on Ottawa

19 thoughts on “UPDATED: Anal Schwab brags about having Turvert in back pocket

  1. Setting a world record on truck convoy length is a big start!
    Restoring FREEDOM in Canada and showing the way for others is truly going to be a sight to BEHOLD!😲
    Big salute to my northern neighbors in Canada from New Hampshire and Godspeed. 🙏❤

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  2. Oh, Canada… We are truly fucked if that son of Fidel Castro gets what he wants and destroys our very supply chain….

    And where are the rest of the true patriots in this nation, Greencrow? Apparently once again only a select few, you and I in this mix as well, are out there screaming to high heaven about these continuing atrocities by that pedophile that should be in a cold jail cell rather than claim to be a “Prime Minister’..

    And some interesting news on my own family front… Two of my brothers who have both taken at least 2 of the deadly KILL SHOTS are VERY sick these days, and one is seeking ‘treatment’ in a local hospital suffering from a ‘weird blood disorder’…. Gee, and they think this has nothing to do with the KILL SHOTS at all??? I found all of this out just yesterday in a long talk with my brother who lives down in the US, and I was appalled….. It does look like I too will see most of my own family eventually killed off due to their own stupidity.

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    1. Thanks for reposting this shockerooo on your blog, NTS. As CanadiannotCommunist says…that video admission by the Anal Schwab is prima facie evidence of treason at the highest level.


  3. The Klaus Schwab clip is an open admission that our government has been seriously and extensively penetrated by a foreign agent – should it not be the military descending on Ottawa, rather than the truckers ?

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  4. Go Truckers Go !!!!

    Playing Devils Advocate….The problem is WHO forces whose hand/stares the other party down?

    These protests eventually die out…which is what the Perpz plan.

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    1. I don’t think this one will RAH. The truckers have stated their goal is to end the mandates AND bring down the Turvert government. They realize it could be weeks or months. They have a huge war chest now. And here’s the kicker…they have the support of many in the police and military…who also do not want to be jabbed.

      That last factor is the most important one because the PerpZ can only fight the Truckers with the police and the military…unless…of course they want to reveal their other bioweapons and weaponiZed weather weaponry. That’s also a possibility…but will it gain them any friends????

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  5. “These protests eventually die out…which is what the Perpz plan.”
    And so don’t truckers who get the bioweapon jab, another Perp plan, along with empty shelves in stores no matter how you look at it, the grand Perp plan. Be prepared!
    Seems to me that this Freedom Rally has the potential of awakening many around the world, empty store shelves WILL get noticed!
    Can’t imagine the Military and the Police will enjoy empty shelves in the stores.

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  6. Don’t get me wrong…..I am optimistic…..but its ALWAYS strategy.
    Like ending of Star Wars…find the achilles heel in Death Star.

    Truckers should surround homes of key PerpZ like Chief PHO’s ,MP’s, MLA’s etc etc.and demand they resign OR ELSE !!!

    Assess choke points…head them off at pass….
    In Canada maybe the top Perpz number around 1, 000?????…..versus 35 million Canadians.

    Laser focus should be on Turdeau…if he goes…thats a major victory.

    Once they resign….its bloodless coup but the domino collapse accelerates.

    Again..its all strategy !!!


  7. News Update:

    GoFundMe has suspended Truckers fund (concerned re how it is distributed ..huh????)

    Dr Bullshite has extended the B.C. Vaxx Pass till June (supposed to end at end of January)

    Drummm rollll. New variant out there !!!!

    Nothing to see here…..move along sheeple….

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  8. I’ve come across some very disturbing info re the Residential School issue and alleged graves over last few days.

    IMHO we have been conned,…deceived and lied to BIG TIME.

    Today..coincidentally..I see MSM is “exhuming” the Residential School and alleged graves issue again….which IMHO is a sign the Gov’t is getting desperate and pulling out all stops to cloud the bigger issues and employ more red herrings . .

    BS meter is off the scales…….will post more on this tomorrow



  9. Hi FreakedOut:
    Re your link about the Convoy funds. It’s amazing to me that the communications are so public in this strategizing group ostensibly to plan around the funds being raised. There must [I hope] be some group that’s responsible for this….that are professional accountants/Trustees and who have a more secure method of communication!

    If not, the turvert and his henchmen are going to make mincemeat out of the funding effort. After all, “corruption” is their middle name. Turvert has been found GUILTY of unethical behaviour what is it now…three times?

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  10. Greencrow,

    My mother almost got the ‘vaccine’ but her wise doctor researched it and told her not to get it.

    She went to the hospital with just bad constipation. I was worried so my sisters and I stayed with constantly.

    I was just stunned at Klaus Schwab’s admission. US lawmakers must act and somehow force Biden’s hand. Schwab must be hunted down and if he resists arrest then ‘shoot to kill’ orders will be followed.

    We have these WEF leaders here in the US also. California Governor Newsom is one that comes to mind. But there are many more.

    Newsom beat a recall by cheating.

    I shouldn’t be gleeful but Steve Kirch is fairly certain that Newsom got the real ‘vaccine’ and developed Bells Palsy.

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  11. IMHO Klaus Schwab is simply a prop…another puppet in bigger scheme.

    Whether he mentored various world leaders etc is a moot point. That simply excuses each nations traitors. I often allude to a group of say 1000 people in Canada abusing and selling out 35 milion Canadians.

    Whether they have been Schwabed or not is a red herring.


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