Convoy Update: Standing on the precipice of history

Freedom of Choice?

Good morning pureblood sentients! Who knew we’d be standing on this precipice of history so soon into 2022! This weekend is stacking up to be the most important three or four day period in our nation’s history. We are going to try and do what Australia tried a few months ago to do but failed. Sentient Canadians are sending our “road warriors” off into battle–to take down the indescribably evil tyrants that have kidnapped Canada, attacked our naïve citizens with lethal bioweapons, and who are now holding our nation for blood ransom.

The Truckers, now over 60,000 trucks strong, with a 5 and a half million dollar war chest, are advancing on the ground zero of evil in Canada –Ottawa. I have posted below links to many updates sent to me by my sources as well as some I picked up off twitter. Please review these links and graphics and I will have final comments at the bottom of this post.

First, from Twitter:

Quebec clamping down on its unvaccinated population with new vaccine passport scheme

Unvaccinated Quebecers are being penalized in a systemic effort to encourage vaccination rates.

Greencrow continues: The link below is the most important evidence we have to date of the lethal impact the bioweapon injections are having on Western population demographics:

Insurance Companies Note Jump In Death Payouts Amid 40% Rise Among Prime-Age Americans

Listen, if you can stand it, to the Turvert flim-flaming about our freedoms and the vaxxxZines. He lies without compunction. He is a psychopath and his last days in power are today, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Sunday, he’s gone.

Turvert already fled to Costa Rica?

Greencrow continues…more evidence of the lethality of the bioweapon injections.

Israel – Most vaxxxxZinated “country’ in the world

The world’s most mRNA vaccinated countries now have shockingly high Covid infection rates. Hospitalizations and deaths are rising fast too. The mRNA experiment needs to stop. Immediately.

Financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts says that unless we win…by 2030 we will not only have lost all our possessions…as in “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” But we will have lost our bodily autonomy. In other words, we will all be mind controlled:

Vancouver Activist Leader Odessa Orlewicz gives update on the Trucker’s Advance on Ottawa. Some controversies discussed:

Russia Today has started to cover the Trucker’s story. IMO, this RT coverage will be the most objective of all the MZM sources:

GoFundMe blocks millions raised for truckers protesting Covid vaccine mandates

More than 50,000 trucks are heading to Ottawa to express their discontent with Canada’s measures

All the graphics and posters below are from US GATCF Bureau Chief FreakedOut:

Legend Canadian rocker Neil Young’s support of the Tyrants gives a whole new meaning to the lyrics of his hit “I’ve seen the Needle and the Damage Done”.

Greencrow concludes: Folks, there is one more graphic I wanted to put up in this post but WordPress would not allow it. FreakedOut sent me a screen shot of a Telegram comment where someone says that s/he has heard from sources in the RCMP that Trudeau has already asked the RCMP and the Military to stop the Convoy but both the RCMP and the Military have refused. This has, of course, NOT been confirmed but I think it is quite likely that the Turvert asked the RCMP and the Military to stop the Convoy several days ago when stopping it would have been far easier than it would be now.

I also believe it is likely THAT THE RCMP AND THE MILITARY REFUSED… because it would be difficult, if not impossible, to get the RCMP and the Military to unify and mobilize against a legitimate and democratic citizens force–when both Canadian institutions have, themselves, been torn asunder by the Turvert’s divisive policies. Stay tuned.

13 thoughts on “Convoy Update: Standing on the precipice of history

  1. There are also some Protests at the borders of Canada and the US. For all the trucker supporters that can’t get to Ottawa.
    I say On Jan 29 just show up at a border near you if you can.
    Works for me. One really does not need to plan much on that one. Just be there with signs and flags and some cameras for pictures or videos. .
    Out west they are having some. Emmerson I think is one.
    New Brunswick is having one
    and there are some at Houlton, Maine- Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan -Sweet Grass, Montana By the looks of it.

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  2. DANG!!! This Freedom Movement is really building momentum and is pulling in Spiritual Energy from around the world and raising the Conscious level. Ride the WAVE! Shine bright!

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  3. Turdeau Shitting….

    Watching a presser
    Turdeau and cronies are chiming in about Ukraine….blah blah blah…and providing support.
    Sorry….none of our business…

    We truthers label this deflection/ smokescreen..

    Then he throws in cheap shot re: UNvaxxed and the trucker convoy coming to Ottawa, trying to denigrate them like he did before .

    I read his body language as he is shitting his panties…

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    1. Would love to see a link of that presser. Yes, Turvert must be having a few sleepless nights as the Road Warrior Freedom Force inexorably advances towards Ottawa and High Noon. Did anyone else ever see that old movie with Gregory Peck and Grace Kelly? Lots of tension in that one

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  4. Looks like you Canadians have inspired the Australian truckers to have another go at taking down their corrupt government. Waiting on more confirmation.

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  5. Watch Insurance Companies..they will be a major canary in the mine.

    I saw an article re French Courts ruled that anyone that take an “experimental drug” and dies, is NOT insured…they are deemed to have committed ” suicide” and the claim denied.

    Many predict SHTF soon re: Vaxx deaths tsunami…watch the sheer devastation of people left even more destitute.

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  6. Re First Nations etc. etc.
    A friend sent me some very indicting info re the UNmarked graves etc.
    This was explained years ago in a report and logically dissected that is no insidious crime occurred.

    UNmarked graves and/or cemeteries that are lost to history are not unusual, there is one in Mission BC where nuns and priests are buried.

    I’ll discuss this more with GreenCrow., but BC’s Highway of Tears connects missing women, Pickton farm..China ….. Trudeau ……First Nations and Chiefs are an artificial designation etc etc. the corruption is off the charts… will need a shower after studying it.

    Like the Ukraine issue, Turdeau and Co are again trying to stir it up with UNmarked graves issue to keep our heads spinning. Turdeau and co are worried about Ukraine..First Nations..yet encouraging his own citizens including young children to take death jabs. WTF???

    Fire up the wood chippers…

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  7. What would be involved in a situation where Canadians, en mass, decided to pay their taxes in trust with the monies being freed up to government when specific criteria are met? Seems to me this would present a second front (timing is great) and a positive outlet for Canadians to contribute to the ousting of not just the Libeals, but the other two lap-dog parties too! Just a thought.

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      1. That is one use and a good one, but having read the situation with the convoy, it appears to me that Canadians just might require something heavy to back up the principles the truckers are working for. Unless the police forces and the military are, at least immobolized or recognize who the good guys are, it is going to take something monumental such as the tax withholding I mentioned to cut these bastards off at the knees! Make no mistake, it is now or never. The first thing that shouls be done is consultation with a constitional lawer as to our rights regarding our taxes. Next, organize the populace if this is duable. It it is not duable, someone better come up with an effective response to this maniac and his mindless followers. Should Max Bernier be informed? I\ve had enough of this nightmare and just want it to stop! Whatever the populace decides towards bringing sanity back to my country, my support is a given! We have to act NOW!

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  8. “,,,Unless the police forces and the military are, at least immobilized or recognize who the good guys are …”

    Hi Blair:

    The bigger the Convoy grows and the closer it gets to Ottawa, the more evidence exists that the police and the military are supportive of the goals of the Truckers. If the security agencies were going to stop it they would have signaled as much before it left BC.

    I follow Mounties4Freedom and Provincial Police4Freedom on Twitter and these independent support groups for their agencies are very pro-truckers to say the least.

    My own personal hunch is that the police and the military have even been in on the planning, organization and closely aligned with the leadership of the Truckers. This might come out on the weekend when apparently, some highly incriminating recorded phone calls are going to be released. Now. Who do you think had the motive, means and opportunity to record such high level phone calls?.


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