Turvert punishing military for refusing to mobilize against Truckers?

Abuse takes many forms

Readers…the following two headlines have caused me such concern that I must speak out about the dynamics of abuse–from my experience as a Child Protection Social Worker.


Getting recalcitrant military officers out of the country during a domestic crisis–especially one that threatens a tyrannical leader’s power has been done many times in the past.


This is a very dangerous time for our nation. Much like when an abused partner in a marriage finally decides to leave…this is when the abuser is most likely to strike out…when faced with the reality of losing power. I am hoping that the RCMP and the Judiciary–as well as the senior Canadian military officers–are watching this situation closely for criminal/treasonous acts further to and even greater than have already been committed.

I am worried that the Turvert will provoke a war with Russia–rather than relinquishing Canadians from his stranglehold grip. It’s too bad that Canadians can’t go to a shelter for safety during this time. We must rely on our uncorrupted police, military, judiciary—and our road warrior truckers. Scary times.

10 thoughts on “Turvert punishing military for refusing to mobilize against Truckers?

  1. Hi GC…Good points,,,

    Maybe certain parties will be shipped over to Ukraine and be (General)Patton’d or (Pat) Tillman’d

    aka Patton was assassinated after WW2 and Tillman woke up too late.

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  2. From last post:

    I am like minded that citizens should WITH-HOLD any taxes otherwise owed to various levels of Gov’t.

    My Local Gov’t is stating that only VAXXED can access certain public facilities.

    Fine..they can F*ck Off
    ……and be dragged into court if need be and be forced to explain WHY….we simply need to unite like minded parties and crowd fund a legal case.

    We know the courts are useless but that is irrelevant as these Local Gov’t pussies are up for election in Fall of 2022. Box them in and go on attack.Then the dominos fall at higher levels of Gubermint

    Small battles won ultimately add up to War victories


  3. ‘It is a dangerous time:’ Several restaurants closing amidst new wave of challenges


    “It’s just myself and my business partner trying to operate a restaurant,” said Strachan. “But we also went from sales that were a $1,000,000 a year in business down to $200,000.”

    Ian Tostensen, president and chief executive officer of the BC Restaurant and Food Services Association, said the industry is now facing a new wave of challenges.

    “It is a dangerous time because all the federal supports which were wage supports and rent supports are gone,” he said.

    According to Tostensen, the pandemic is already responsible for the closure of around 3,000 B.C. restaurants. He believes that number could surge in the immediate future.

    “January and February are going to be tough months.”


    This is simply the start of the domino effect…the closures will go exponential. These businesses can’t get staff…clients will be dying off ….and supply chain is imploding. Gee…. What could go wrong..???

    Industry reps like asshole Tostensen should jump feet first into wood chippers,……they are traitors and sell outs and serve no purpose other than 2 legged Judas Goats.

    F*ck em


  4. Why Fidel Castro Jr Turdeau is done..

    I’ve discussed the trucker convoy with other truthers….

    If Turdeau had been even remotely strategic..he would have stopped the Trucker Convoy in BC..using the limited highway access via employing bogus checkpoints…..ie like we in BC had last year.

    IE …..have the RCMP stop each and every vehicle for a “check” (for whatever reason)…..this would create huge gridlock and frustrate any/all potential protestors. (His cuckold child – raping Daddy Pierre would have thought of this)

    This de facto implies that Fidel Castro Jr Turdeau is a shallow MKUltra skin puppett ..a f*cking moron….and ripe for the Agenda 21 solar- powered wood -chipper with bilingual instructions.


  5. Greencrow,

    This is Thomas Renz’s testimony before a Senate Hearing.

    Even Cancer’s are exploding!

    The US Congress is leaning toward investigations but for this one senator it must be exhausting.


  6. From Jim Stone:re Turdeau

    LIE: (not rumor, LIE:) Trudeau is hiding out after being exposed to Covid

    REALITY: That un-vaxxed p*cker has consistently been hopped up on a triple dose of Hydroxychloroquine while he enjoys a daily Ivermectin apple punch.


    He’s hiding because he is SCARED. He is NOT ISOLATING DUE TO COVID. WHAT A PR*CK for even suggesting that. What’s wrong with “I am scared, so I am going to bug out for a while??” At least if he exhibited even that small level of honesty it might warrant a grain of respect. Instead he hid behind “Covid”. HE HAS NO HONOR.


    I checked MSM and yes Turdeau claims to have Covid and will isolate for 3 days.

    Jim Stone is spot on, Turdeau is a coward and thinking we are stoopid to believe he has Covid which doesn’t even exist in the first place. If he has to hide that may imply NO ONE is prepared to help him nor stop the convoy.

    Go Truckers !!!!!

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    1. From Twitter: “I just read a Turkish Proverb: When a clown moves into a palace, he doesn’t become a king. The palace becomes a circus. Well that explains everything in Canada, doesn’t it?!?!”


  7. Turds Twitter…what a F’n LOSER !!!


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