“Lee” the Trucker speaks out about what the Turvert can expect on Saturday

Good afternoon beloved pureblood sentients. I’ve been on Twitter most of the day and believe me…HELLZAPOPPIN! Events are happening so thick and fast that it’s impossible to keep up. I along with my two bureau chiefs, RAH [BC] and FreakedOut [US] have also been sharing information by e-mail. Great source Dennis sent me the video above where Trucker Lee from BC warns the Turvert to put on an adult diaper on Saturday when the Trucks start rolling in. The estimate now is over 100,000 trucks and a million demonstrators. No doubt the PerpZ will respond by weaponiZing the weather with a bliZZard or perhaps an unusual “Pea Soup” fog like we had here in BC when the Truckers were sent off by thousands of BC supporters standing on the highway overpasses. Below are several links that I’ve been saving throughout the day as a further update on these tremendous and historical events. Please browse through them and I will have final comments at the end of this Post.

Lee Recommends the Turvert wear an adult diaper while in isolation on Saturday

The lyin taxpayer funded national broadcaster doesn’t know whether to shit or go blind ever since the Truckers started rolling across Canada and picking up steam.

“Even a stopped clock is right twice a day” – old saying H/T FreakedOut

Thanks for this FreakedOut.  As they say: “Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.”

BREAKING NEWS FROM THIS MORNING; The Turvert has gone into seclusion:

Justin Trudeau Has Been Exposed To COVID-19 & Says He’s Going To Isolate At Home For 5 Days (

Greencrow continues: lol.  Trying desperately to use the memes and cult rituals of the HOAX in order to save his A$$.  In actual fact.  If he DARED TO APPEAR out on the streets of Ottawa this weekend he would be ripped into tiny pieces by the crowd.

What a psychopathic coward!!!!  Keep in touch as we stand precariously on the Precipice of History!

Below is a good blogsite to check out developments and op-ed.

Greencrow continues: As Lee says above, and as the BIG PHARMA Perp says below, the stakes are extremely high in this stand-off. The PerpZ are planning to force the Kill Shot vaxxxZines on the unsuspecting sheeple at least once per year in order to participate in society. This is the END GAME, folks.

Legendary Canadian journalist icon Rex Murphy has come down on the right side of history…which was a shock to me…because he’s very chummy with the MZM old guard. Read this excellent op-ed he wrote from the National Post:

Greencrow continues: Here’s a phone number to add to your contact list…..The RCMP has an open investigation into Trudeau’s for hate crimes and speech charges. Call 613-993-6884 to contact the RCMP to add your voice to the investigation.

RCMP Referral Complaint Check Sheet | Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Trudeau compounded his hate crimes when he gave his presser yesterday and denigrated the Trucker convoy. Plus “his” personal tax-funded propaganda machine today reported more hate speech in a CBC report copied by MSM today:

LOL…those insults by the Turvert to the Truckers as they advanced on Ottawa probably added about 50,000 trucks to the convoy.

Now, as I said earlier, the CBC is belatedly beginning to grudgingly admit the Truckers have some legitimate grievances. Criminally corrupt taxpayer-funded CBC starts to hedge bets…admits there’s “some” support for the truckers. LOL

Greencrow concludes: I knew Canadians were tough sons of bitches but even I am amazed at the grit of the Truckers…as exemplified by Lee in the ‘must watch’ video at the top of this post. My readers already know I am also one tough mother fucker. I came back and posted only one day after finding out that my husband of 43 years stupidly took the jab so he could hang out with his buddies. Believe me. I know exactly how Lee feels about his trashed marriage–caused by the government–who enticed his wife and two sons to get fully vaxxxZed. But Lee and I just wiped our tears away…stood up and came out punching. And we won’t give up. Victory is so close it’s scary. I was thinking today that I’m so used to defeat that I am actually afraid and intimidated by the possibility of victory. But that was a fleeting fear. Onwards and forward march fellow warriors! And stay tuned.

H/T Snippets


  1. Great post GC

    I’ve seen a couple of videos from Ottawa police…I sense they realize they are on eggshells and best be passive observers keeping the peace….unlike thug cops elsewhere who beat and arrest pregnant women…children…seniors and everyone in between who challenge Gov’t edicts.

    The Perpz elsewhere must be ordering diapers when the world sees how Canada deal with traitorous treacherous scumbags.

    To Justin:
    This will be payback for what You, Pierre Trudeau and your slut mother did to Canada

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  2. Liked by 1 person

  3. After reading many comments on the Canucker/Trucker Freedom convoy videos and Telegram posts, you can see how much people have been stressed and very charged up over the COVID BS for almost 2 years now. Lots of emotional release with many stating how emotional they are getting seeing the Convoy….”I’m a blubbering mess seeing this convoy”….says one woman….”I’m losing it again seeing these awesome freedom lovers”…. says another. Lifting people up is a great sight to see!
    Keep up the Therapy Road Warriors!

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  4. I felt this good when nearly half centure ago I defected from comunist country. Then I vitness rise of comunism in Canada, what is happening today is monumental, people keep going don’t give up!
    Alternative isn’t pretty.

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  5. Greencrow,

    I know about truckers and you don’t mess with them.

    I was a young cocky engineer working on the East West US Interstate in Emporia, Kansas. We had to repair the Interstate there, but the Truckers hated us! We would hear them on their CBs looking for ‘stay awake concoctions’. The Truckers said in no uncertain terms that we were hated. I would stand in the work zone with my steel toes and hard hat with arms crossed. Just to be an a$$#01e.

    Back in the CB days!

    I knew better than to use obscene gestures.

    It was 100 degrees in the shade!

    The legendary Chris Hedges (fired NY Times reporter for saying the Iraq war was a crime, reporter in many war zones, doctor of divinity from Harvard) told his audience that these Tyrants do not know the time or the place when things ignite, it’s like a fused powder keg! And they can’t control it anymore.

    The whole government in Kazakhstan was literally dragged from their offices and sent into prison or exile.

    I thought the convoy would be maybe a few thousand truckers but this is the biggest assault on Tyrants of all time. Way bigger than D-Day. 100,000 truckers represents the biggest assault on Tyranny in human history.

    Of course your Trudeau went into hiding and will probably flee the country. Lee the Trucker had a pack of adult diapers for Trudeau. Lee – don’t waste your money – let him soil himself and try to clean up his mess! Biden soils himself all the time.

    Our Biden is now in the late stages of senility. He is trying to get Kamala onto the Supreme Court!

    She won’t be approved.

    Also, off the subject – this is a photo of Klaus Schwab on the beach!



  6. Multiplier effect:

    A family member once worked for CBC .
    He said that they extrapolated for ever letter sent re:a given issue, there was approx. 1,000 other parties of similar view.

    Perhaps this multiplier applies for every twitter…truck driver in convoy…poster holder etc. etc.


  7. My father had Guillain-Barre disease and blood clots. my sister took him for regular flu shot in early 80’s and those shots paralyzed him with tingling feet for over a month confined to wheelchair. I’m not saying those vaccines (that were real vaccines not RNA experiments) were bad they were tested and proven after years of study.
    Here I am sitting in my house on an acreage worried sick I’m going to be forced into a injection (I have never had flu shot and am rarely sick) that may thicken my blood or paralysis heart attack or stroke. I have an infected tooth on top right of mouth and the infection is killing me. I am banned from stores now I’m 64 worked as a boilermaker for 35 years.
    If this is experimental science why are side effects not being collected???? My brothers wife got just what I’m afraid of paralysis and tingling feet that stayed for months.
    I don’t even know if I can go to the dentist’s office!
    So here I sit face swelled and infection rotting my face away waiting to die. Thanks truckers brings tears to my eyes to see that this country is not full of complacent whimpy cityits ( city idiots) next that piece of shit Trudeau will take the bank account and groceries to break and starve innocent people and children. WHERE ARE THE CONSERVATIVES??? PICK A LEADER PLEASE.

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    1. Sorry to hear about your dental issues, Monty. Is there a university with a dental college anywhere near where you live? Sometimes the professor will provide dental care for free if their students are allowed to watch and learn from the procedure. Also, when I was a social worker and trying to find dental care for my children in care…I would just randomly phone dental offices and plead with them to take my childrens cases. Amazingly…some of them said “Yes”. Dentists, like lawyers, sometimes do “pro bono” [free] work as an act of community service. So don’t sit there…start calling and asking for help.



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