updated: – 25 Celsius – REAL Canadians line both sides of frozen highway to support truckers

Folks…Wait for it! I’ve been looking forward to seeing a video of the Trucker’s Convoy travelling through my hometown of Sudbury, Ontario. knowing that all my extended family there thought I was totally isolated in my resistance to the Plandemic HOAX since January 20, 2020. Finally, here it is. HOW SWEET IT IS!!!!! LOLOLOL

This is a Blogging Philosophy I have always Followed since beginning to blog full time in 2013!
Watch Live what’s happening on Parliament Hill right NOW! H/T FreakedOut

Here’s another link to a LIVE CAM to save for tomorrow:


Good morning beloved Pureblood Sentients! One more sleep before the big day tomorrow when the Truckers finally read the Riot Act to our cowardly PM and all the dumbfounded Canadian sheeple.

Again I have been on Twitter following the hundreds of developments, large and small, last evening and this morning. Last night I even broke a story on Twitter. I found a link to a “welcome speech” the Turvert remotely gave to his assembled caucus in Ottawa yesterday. The link is below. Then, I suddenly remembered that the Turvert was supposed to have a BIG meeting with his caucus to go over plandemic strategies late this week.

When the Turvert went into isolation–on the pretext of being “exposed to covID” yesterday–he not only turned tail and ran from the Truckers...but he also ran from meeting personally with his own caucus. No doubt he was afraid that some of his Caucus would have read the HUGE writing on the wall and would broach with him the idea of him resigning–to save the “ship”, as it were.

In his video [linked below] the Turvert talks about nothing but vaxxxZines…urging his caucus to tell everyone to take them. The moron is a complete broken record. I believe his tiny uneducated brain has been completely taken over by Big Pharma–which operates it like a loudspeaker in a grocery store–all recorded ads and elevator musik.

This morning I received an e-mail from Janny, my source in The Netherlands when I tried to respond to it, gmail deleted my reply to her and has now locked my gmail account. Janny…and all readers…from now on please correspond with me at my new ProtonMail account:



Both my bureau chiefs RAH [BC] and FreakedOut [USA]

have been working very hard supplying me with information as we advance to this cataclysmic confrontation on Parliament Hill tomorrow. Here is some important analysis from RAH that I received yesterday.

Oops! Seems the e-mails from RAH were also deleted mysteriously. So I will paraphrase what he said: RAH connected the dotZ between BC HELLth Authority Bonnie “the bullshitter” Henry extending the vaxxxZine Mandate to June, 2022 to the law suit against her that will be coming back to court in June, 2022. The Implication is that once the bullshitter is formally charged…she will HAVE to step down from her appointed position. Interesting gonnection, don’t you agree?

FreakedOut, who sends me material showing the international reach and impact of the Trucker’s Convoy now informs me that the Canadian Truckers [with their American Trucker Allies] have inspired similar movements around the world. Truckers in Europe, Brazil, Australia and many other nations have indicated they will be travelling to their nations capitals using the Canadian template.

Please browse through the links below and I will have concluding comments to follow:

This is one of the finest moments of Canadian history ever captured on video. It shows who the REAL Canadians are and the conditions they live in. But, meanwhile, back in Ottawa:

One Trick Pony blathers on about vaxxxZines even to his own caucus. Best salesman Big Pharma ever hired!

Greencrow concludes: Isn’t the video of the Turvert linked above a total disgrace????!!! He never stops blathering about vaxxxZines for one second. My hope is that he is a very unpleasant memory after Sunday, January 30th, 2022. If not, we’re in for a very difficult time for weeks or months as the Trucker’s seige begins. BTW, I am personally convinced that the Mounties4Freedom, the ProvincialPolice4Freedom and now the Truckers4Freedom are all part of the same movement. Now, all we need to have is Canadian Soldiers4Freedom and we will be ‘off to the races’.

Here are some very recent warnings about possible infiltration of the truckers and ATTIFA movements:

Leaked document


In the meantime, as “Lee” the trucker has warned us. Better stock up on essentials ASAP…and stay tuned.

34 thoughts on “updated: – 25 Celsius – REAL Canadians line both sides of frozen highway to support truckers

  1. Update:

    MSM is claiming that only a few hundred trucks are in Ottawa…the anticipated crowd will be around 10,000 and the crowd will be infiltrated by right wing extremists etc.


    The usual MSM bullshit..but beware of false flags

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    1. Hey RAH;
      I too am concerned about false flag potential and hope everyone present is on their toes.
      We’ve seen this at Montebello, in Toronto and other protests
      who can forget this from 07?


      “Quebec provincial police admitted Thursday that three of their officers disguised themselves as demonstrators during the protest at the North American leaders summit in Montebello, Que.”

      Think JTF2 and their covert ops..

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      1. Hi Penny:

        I recall Dan Dicks did a great expose’ of the G 20 summit in Canada years ago…and deduced that many of the alleged rioters were actually police.

        IMHO…the danger for Turdeau and Co is that many of the truckers and protestors are likely well versed and researched in such matters as 9/11…false flags etc. …..and will prepare and react accordingly.

        They will have primed awareness for any/all BS.

        Video footage and eye witnesses etc. aka SOLID EVIDENCE will be off the charts.

        Key would be to video document any/every traitorous cop, military etc that abuses,assaults interferes etc any civilian exercising their Charter Rights which have been STOLEN for since Covid scam started.

        Heads on platters to send the message is crucial.
        Which side of history will they be one..ZERO gray area.

        This is OUR moment Canadians….

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      2. Penny, is Montebello the time when the police all dressed as demonstrators but forgot to change out their police shoes???? lolololo. Sure they that fixed that “glitch”.


    2. There will be some major distractions at the very least RAH. The PerpZ absolutely cannot have the Sheeple finding out they’re likely in the….wait for it…minority. That would scare the life out of them…They’re herd animals…dontchaknow.


      1. Hey GC; Yes, Montebello is when the police dressed as protestors and were throwing rocks. Caught by other protestors.
        I’m listening to the chat between truckers and there being very open and seem to be aware of the possibility of false flags- gotta watch out for Antifa


  2. Hi GC:

    I cut and pasted the relevant info re: Dr Bullshite,

    As we discussed..I didn’t understand why she extended ” Proof of Vaccination ” for 5 MORE months, as opposed to monthly/30 day intervals.

    I don’t think its at all a coincidence given what is submitted below.
    She may have to bail/be jailed before June 30,2022.
    Something is up…

    Places proof of vaccination is required for entry


    “…….By order of the Provincial Health Officer (PHO), proof of full vaccination is required to access some events, services and businesses in B.C. The requirement is in place until June 30, 2022. ..”


    Dr. Bonnie Henry ordered to stand trial
    Dr. Bonnie Henry will stand trial beginning April 17, 2023

    Published 6 months ago on August 11, 2021 By Reid Small

    British Columbia’s Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, will stand trial and address the concerns of BC-based organization the Canadian Society for the Advancement of Science in Public Policy (CSASPP).

    The self-described non-profit, non-partisan, secular, and crowd-funded organization’s objective is to counter BC’s COVID-19 related measures, which have been in place since March 18, 2020 when the provincial government declared a state of emergency.

    The ball got rolling on Tuesday morning when CSASPP had their first hearing.

    It initially filed their class action suit on Jan. 26, 2021, and Henry must personally submit to answering their questions while under oath.

    Yesterday’s hearing – a judicial management conference – was strictly procedural, meaning it was not meant to deal with any of the allegations CSASPP is making in the action, but it did however ensure that the process going forward is not unreasonably delayed.

    During the hearing, the Crown opposed solidifying a trial date, saying it was too premature. CSASPP argued it was appropriate, and the judge agreed.

    “Dr. Henry, in her capacity as the provincial health officer for the province of BC, and the Crown, will stand trial as ordered by the court starting 17 April, 2023,” writes CSASPP in an August 11 release.

    “It will be set for 40 days. We also intend to conduct her examination for discovery well before that.”

    The certification hearing will be on the week of June 20, 2022.

    “For those of you unfamiliar with class actions, a certification hearing is very important, arguably more so than trial,” said CSASPP.

    During yesterday’s hearing, the Crown told the judge that it would like more details regarding what the defendants are being sued for.

    The judge told the Crown they’ve been in possession of the suit since January, and therefore should not need much time to discern what the alleged concerns are. He ordered the Crown to provide their requests by August 25, 2021.

    The public was able to listen to the hearing via a teleconference option.

    “Crown counsel advised the judge prior to the hearing they had not been consulted in our request that public access be made available by teleconference for the hearing,” writes CSASPP.

    “Our judge said public access is important, so far as it does not violate the rules of court. He also said the public should be able to listen in real time to what was happening and be informed of any orders that are made.”

    The judge stood down the court until the teleconference was up and running, in order to ensure the public was able to listen.

    Both parties will return to court for their second case planning conference on Sept. 27, 2021, as ordered by the judge. Instructions on how the public can listen will be updated on CSASPP’s website closer to the date.

    On their Go Fund Me page, CSASPP describes how an astronomically low infection fatality ratio, testing kits producing false positives, the disappearance of the seasonal flu, and an overall lack of adequate evidential foundation are being increasingly questioned by legal scholars, small business owners, physicians, nurses, the scientists selling the tests, civil liberty advocacy groups, and many more.

    “Since we filed, we’ve been overwhelmed with public support,” said Kip Warner, executive director of CSASPP, in a June 3 interview with the Western Standard.

    “Millions of people worldwide are turning off corporate and government news sources as they rediscover the value of thinking for themselves. Consider that we didn’t even put out a news release, and yet awareness of our campaign went viral… no pun intended, shortly after we filed.”

    The BC government stands by their actions.

    “As this matter is presently before the courts, we will not be commenting on the litigation or the plaintiff organization,” a spokesperson of the Ministry of Attorney General told the Western Standard.

    “As set out in the Response to Civil Claim, the province and the provincial health officer deny the allegations made by the CSASPP and say the orders made in response to the COVID-19 pandemic are lawful and fully comply with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

    CSASPP says it “will continue to take all reasonably necessary precautions to protect the identity of any high level government whistle-blowers within Dr. Henry’s staff, another governmental entity, or those in the private sector that may communicate with us from time to time.

    “If requested, we can make arrangements for encrypted telephone, video, email, or text.”

    Reid Small is a BC correspondent for the Western Standard


    1. Penny I have wanted to subscribe to your blog ever since you put it up. Is there a subscribe feature? If not, can I get on your mail list and get regular updates. Your blog is an essential part of the Canadian POV. Thanks!


      1. Hey GC- there is a feature below the comments to subscribe to new posts and comments
        I’ve got followers to both.
        I do need to do more work on the site but, circumstances have sort of dampened my enthusiasm at this time (it was my mom’s b day on Monday) my first mom bday without her- so I struggle with emotions still- hubby got laid off etc., It’s been a lot the last little while. If the grandbaby hadn’t of arrived things would’ve been worse- but I think of him and smile- love him so much

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    1. Hi Robert S.

      It does have that appearance of being well organized. I have been stating my POV that the Canadian security agencies–the RCMP, the Provincial Police and perhaps even the Canadian military are supportive of the Truckers and are providing intelligence and logistical support. That is only my observation from the way this is playing out…and the fact that the RCMP, Police and military have NOT tried to interfere with the Truckers convoy. If this is the case…

      It will be a HUGE shock to the Sheeple when it comes out…not to mention the Turvert and his henchmen.


  3. You Canucker/Trucker Freedom Road Warriors have fired the FIRST “shot heard round the world”!👍
    Looking on Telegram I can see so many other countries have heard that shot and are responding with their cries of FREEDOM! That’s something to be very proud of!! No matter how this Freedom Rally goes, from now until tomorrow in Ottawa, just know, you Canadians have light the fires of a desire to be FREE in ALL the peoples of this planet.
    Keep that FIRE burning!

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    1. Thanks FreakedOut. When the Turvert sees our brothers and sister warriors from the US standing with us that will be more confirmation that his program of “Divide and Conquer” was/is a complete bust!


  4. Dan Dicks “Into the Fire” documentary re G 20 in Toronto.
    I highly recommend people watch it.
    I’ve watched it in full……. below is a YouTube TRAILER.

    In another interview, Dicks said over 20 different police jurisdictions participated.

    My point is this time around in Ottawa 2022 more people are aware, awoke and will send the PerpZ a message.

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    1. Thanks for posting this RAH. It is essential to remember the lessons of history as we advance onto the battlefield. Even the failed effort of the Truckers in Australia last Fall was a valuable lesson that we benefited from to get this far.

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  5. A message from Stew Peters:

    “🚨ATTENTION: Truckers‼️

    You are heroes. You are PATRIOTS. You represent FREEDOM, and we honor your mission.

    ANTIFA (ISIS for homos) is PAID by the worst factions in GOVERNMENT, and are there to make YOU appear to be “violent”.

    Don’t take the bait.

    Complete your mission. Defend yourselves, your families, fellow citizens, your freedom, your liberty and your property appropriately.

    God bless you!”

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  6. When our Sheeple relatives and friends…neighbours and strangers…DO wake up to what has been done to them…I fear there will be an ear-splitting gutteral roar of rage that will be heard all over this planet and even into outer space!

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    1. This shows the world how tough Canadians are. It’s not like the beach protesters in Rio de Janeiro a year or so ago…fighting in bathing suits on the sunny beaches fer Gawd sake.


  7. My disillusionment/awakening (…..or one of many) was further ignited by Stanley Cup riots we had twice in Vancouver.

    The first one in the early 1990’s was quite shocking, it didn’t seem in sync with the zeitgeist of what was normally a laid back City. A “one- of” anomaly..right???

    Fast Forward to 2011…..the Canucks lost ..again …in Cup Finals…..the City of Vancouver had shut streets down to allow for fans to congregate and cheer. I had a bad 6th sense feeling about this.

    Anyway, the Canucks LOST(again)…then the MSM sent reports from downtown Vancouver.
    I thought nooooo,….. no repeat of last riot. Then I saw individual cars parked(why)..people with gas cans and rags…and lighting them on fire.

    Then I thought ……oohh F#ck…oh no…..here we go again…
    Downtown Vancouver became a WAR ZONE….again..like early 1990’s riot.

    I was a truther back then….and it became abundantly obvious this was riot was purposely orchestrated,…… as WHY would they create and such a volatile hairtrigger riot environment?

    The Deep State sent in instigators…and this set of a mob mentality fuelled be a mostly young naive crowd…. many of whom now have criminal records .

    In other words..totally preventable but instigated by design via Deep State.

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    1. Yes, RAH…I don’t believe there’s been a single riot in Canada for the past 30 or more years that hasn’t been instigated/.escalated by the State…for their “Order out of Chaos” agenda.


    1. Not surprising Penny. We’re on totally uncharted territory with this demonstration and I don’t have any idea how its going to play out. We have some extremely desperate politicians on the loose.


  8. The Liberal party should be called an open the parliament to remove the traitor an return the government back to the people.I would bet your election where as bad as ours .My wife an I prayer’s are with you.From West Texas Greg


  9. Good video….shows Trudeau insulting Convoy participants
    …….. and a foreshadowing Simpsons clip re the Turd…must see!!!

    The Simpsons Predicted Canadian Trucker Convoy


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