Trudeau’s half brother Kyle KEMPER PLEADS WITH his BROTHER TO STEP DOWN


“Dude, Do you see how Angry Canadians are? these issues need to be debated!” Kyle Kemper

Kyle Kemper, Trudeau’s Half Brother Pleads with Trudeau to Step Down H/T Dennis

Good Friday morning beloved Pureblood Sentients. This “most important event in Canadian History” has taken some wild twists and turns over the past week…since we first heard that the Multiple Trucker Convoys were advancing on Ottawa. But no event is more wild than the above interview with the half brother of Justin Trudeau, Kyle Kemper, who now has fled to the United States with his wife and son and speaks out from there about how unjust, unwise, and destructive his brother’s vaxxxZination diktats are.

Listening to Kyle, he says exactly what I’ve been thinking all along. It’s incredible that these two polar opposite views can be contained within the same family. But no. I can see how it can happen–because Trudeau’s family replicates my own. I’m the only one in my entire family who feels the way Kyle Kemper does. That’s how destructively divisive the Turvert is. At the end of the interview Kemper pleads with his brother to step down for the sake of the country…and to allow true debate and investigation of the issues that have created this crisis. Kemper says he has literally been exiled from his own country because of the vaxpassport mandates…just as I am a prisoner INSIDE the country for the same reason. To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln: ” A country so divided cannot stand”.

On a lighter note, below is a hilarious video based on a rabid anti Trucker activist who showed up at the Ottawa “Truck Stop” the other night and began an insane rant against the Truckers who were just sitting in their cabs…enjoy!

Greencrow continues: Back to reality, the stakes are enormous in this cabal gambit. Witness how some insurance companies, already burned by past Hoaxes and False Flags [like the 9/11 atrocity] are attempting to protect themselves from the future financial catastrophy embedded in the lethal, depopuliZing vaxxxZines:

Here is a website with a lot of great videos updating the situation, including the interview with Kyle Kemper [linked above] and another video where the blogger repeats the now familiar rumoUr that Trudeau’s Wife, Sophie Gregoire, left him a year about “because he’s so fucking stupid”, and has donated a sizeable amount to the Trucker Convoy GoFundMe account. I don’t know what to think about this rumoUr…but all I can say is: As a mother, Sophie’s primary responsibility is to her three children and that responsibility includes protecting them from the experimental mRNA gene therapy injections.

Here is another good op-ed on the Trucker’s Convoy. These men [and thank God some real men have finally arrived to protect Canada!] are just ordinary family men who want peace and freedom.

Greencrow concludes: Is the Turvert beginning to crack as is described in the link above? One can only hope. And if his own brother is openly telling him to step down…that cannot be reassuring to him. In closing, I hope we’ll hear a lot more from Kyle Kemper in the future. He could possibly CLEAR UP A LOT OF MYSTERIES about the Trudeaus that Canadians have been puzzled by for decades. And isn’t it strange about DNA…that Maggie would produce such a horrific wing nut as the Turvert…and then someone so normal and sane as Kyle?

I am now ending this post but will update above throughout the day should any Breaking News stories emerge. So stay tuned.

Elderly Trucker predicts coming Police Violence and pleads with Canadians to “Do Something!”

10 thoughts on “Trudeau’s half brother Kyle KEMPER PLEADS WITH his BROTHER TO STEP DOWN

  1. Greencrow,

    Here in the US State of Virginia, I don’t have to wear the mask or social distance but the bullying has been so much that I wear it to not get into a physical confrontation. It happened twice to me and I really regret it.

    Getting into a punching match over a mask is not at all fun.

    Now I don’t even want to travel. I had a trip to Africa planned and a trip to Hawaii planned and the Faucis and Bidens et al ruined them. I haven’t been to the Shenandoah in over a year, a place I love.

    My socializing groups shut down. I know one woman who is so afraid she can’t dine indoors to this day! The last time I went out with our groups with her she sat all alone in the cold!

    Yes my mother ended up in the hospital recently but me and my sisters did a tag team to stay with her.

    All she had was severe constipation. Fortunately she has a good doctor.

    The attorneys should now be sending notices to the media criminals – ‘WE HAVE YOUR BYLINES, WE HAVE YOUR REPORTS, WE HAVE YOUR INTERVIEWS AND HOLY HELL IS COMING’


  2. Looks like “something” will be occurring in Ottawa tomorrow…..I can’t see the Feds allowing themselves to be further humiliated as each day goes by.

    Other cities like Victoria and Vancouver seem to have some counter measures planned.

    IMHO..our futures ride on the outcome/s


  3. SHTF..

    MSM reports Vancouver had only ONE ambulance in service….

    Health care regions cancelling surgeries…..seriously understaffed

    MD’s quitting clinics(based on many shifting to On Line care)

    Nothing to do with scamdemic…nothing to see here…move along


  4. Canadian soldiers cautioned against showing any support for trucker protest

    An email leaked to Rebel News Friday morning, sent by Lt. Jennifer MacCosham, the public affairs officer of 8 Wing, the Royal Canadian Air Force base in Trenton, Ontario, to members of the air force threatens disciplinary action and possible firing for anyone publicly supportive of the convoy protests taking place all across Canada in opposition to COVID-19 restrictions:


    As you know there is polarizing discussions taking place across the country, including multiple protests occurring in Ottawa and some other locations across Canada. Please remind all your members that any action or decision, to include the use of social media (in or out of uniform), in which a CAF member publicly expresses a statement or supports any activities, which calls into question the integrity, impartiality or non-partisanship of the DND and the CAF is neither appropriate nor authorized IAW Refs A to C. It constitutes a disobedience of a lawful order and may be a conflict of interest. Accordingly, members engaging in these actions may be subject to one or more of the following:

    a. Change of duties;

    b. Imposition of remedial measures and administrative action including release; and/or

    c. Disciplinary action under the Code of Service Discipline.”

    In a series of tweets published Friday morning, Ottawa police promised a strict Venezuelan-style crackdown on thousands of Canadians who descended on the nation’s capital last weekend to protest lockdowns and vaccine passports.


    From what MSM is posting….this weekend will be a major showdown

    Bring it ON!!!

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    1. Great catch, RAH. I personally have been waiting for months for the military to come out for, or against, the people of Canada. There was always going to be a “moment of truth”. I think the fact that the letter was “leaked” is a good sign there still are quite a few loyal Canadians within the armed forces of Canada.


  5. Greencrow Salute, lovethose truckers ! Just want to share a diamond find. It’s a ma of Africa showing nation that use Ivermectin,and those Pfizer It tells the whole story at a glance, and it is put out by John Hopkins; Garuda Sends Blessings.


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