Media Lies, Plus: Ottawa Police Chief in Globalists Pockets

Good morning beloved Sentients! It’s cold and sunny on the Malahat this morning…but not as cold as in Ottawa or Toronto where the Trucker Convoy excitement is taking place. The Trucker occupation of the nation’s capital is continuing and the cowardly PM who went into hiding the day the Truckers arrived in Ottawa is no where to be found. Now the occupation has spread to all the provincial capitals, including Victoria BC…not far from where I type. All these occupations, by the grace of God, will continue until freedom returns to Canada and the unvaxxxZinated are allowed the same fundamental rights as everyone else under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Constitution.

The question on everyone’s lips this morning is “Where is Trudeau?” Everyone has met these kinds of guys in their lives. Bullies and Tyrants…all puffed up and spewing hate and threats. But, when the real men show up to confront them in debate…they slink away…like the cockroaches they are…into the darkness.

From their dark, dank hiding places they continue to undermine the real men…pretending they care about such things as “peace and quiet in the neighbourhood”…and, the most ludicrous of all…”The freedoms of the citizens.”

Ottawa under ‘siege’ amid nationwide ‘insurrection’ – authorities

Officials declared the Freedom Convoy protest ‘a threat to our democracy’

Ottawa Normies – Rudely awakened by Canadians objecting to Communist Occupation

Trudeau has called in favours from all his fellow assets in the provincial and municipal governments. All this shows is the depth of the corruption in Canada. It has seeped down to the local level and has even divided families in their homes. I go to Twitter and see there numerous Tweets from partners in marriages driven asunder by the vaxxxZination mandates. I saw where a husband told his wife she was the “only one” he knew who was unvaxxxZinated and, because of that, he thought she was “stupid”. This lack of understanding and flexibility is not the exception in divided families, it is the rule. I know for a personal fact that the vaxxxZinated do not care a whit about the fact that we unvaxxxZinated are denied the most fundamental rights of mobility and inclusion. THEY ABSOLUTELY DO NOT CARE! Why is this? It is because the leaders for two years now have driven home the message that we are to be isolated and shunned. Now, just yesterday, a vaxxxZinated person deliberately drove their vehicle into a freedom convoy demonstrator. Can we blame the terrorist PM for this kind of act?

Regular readers will be aware of my frequent references to what happened in Rwanda in 1994…where one faction [ethnic tribe] of the Rwandan population was vaxxxZinated and then hit with EMP’s deployed by CIA/NATO psy-operatives from satellite dishes attached to overflying NATO planes. This Rwandan tribal faction, brainwashed by months of constant propaganda from the controlled media…then attacked the other tribe with machetes, hacking hundreds of thousands of them to death. IMO, Rwanda was a mere drill for what has been planned re the vaxxxZed and the unvaxxxed conflict to come.

Just yesterday, Ontario Conservative Party MP Pierre Poilievre declared he is running for the leadership of that party now that former leader Erin O’Toole was forced to step down. Folks, this is a very interesting and important development. For those not familiar with Canadian politics, Poilievre is probably the worst enemy the Turvert ever faced. Over the years and during the many scandals that the Turvert was embroiled in, it was Pierre Poilievre who was Turvert’s bete noir…holding the Turvert to account during the Parliamentary question period and more dramatically, during the Plandemic ,where Poilievre grilled Turvert by Remote Zoom about the “We” scandal [just one of many where Turvert was found guilty by the “Ethics Commissioner]. Poilievre is a feisty young man, eloquent in both English and French. At one point two years or so ago, I thought of him as a natural to lead Canada out of the current morass.

Sadly, over the past two years of the Plandemic and now the vaxxxZination mandate with it’s imprisonment of the unvaxxxZinated in their own country and the denial to them of fundamental rights such as having a meal in a restaurant or shopping in certain stores…Poilievre’s silence has been just as eloquent as his previous RANTS against the Turvert.

Pierre Poilievre, far Left – Stands with New Brunswick Politicians a month or so ago as they introduce provincial legislation to ban unvaxxxZinated from grocery stores

During the past two years on Twitter I tweeted to Poilievre several times warning him to take a stand with the freedom fighters before it was too late. He failed to respond to the warnings of myself and thousands of others and so now, sadly, it IS too late for Pierre. Canadian Freedom Fighters only have two or three politicians who have proved their loyalty. The top ones that come to mind are Peoples Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier and Ontario Member of the Provincial Legislature [MLA] Randy Hillier. It is indicative of the deep corruption in this country that only three or four politicans were able to resist getting sucked into the corruption vortex.

VaxxxZination Redefined

The other important development this week was the escalation of the resistance to blockades in the Provincial Legislatures all across the country. Because Health is primarily a provincial responsibility in Canada, this is bringing the issue back to its source. Perp assets like British Columbia’s Bonnie “the bullshitter” Henry are all ostensibly the appointees of the Provinces. Although Sentients are well aware by now that these so-called “Hellth authorities” are really international plants and moles. Here is a local story about the protest this weekend at the BC Legislature:

Organizers of weekend convoy protest at B.C. Legislature planning for extended stay

One side bar I have been following in the media [sort of] is the strawman that podcaster Joe Rogan has been made into by the perpZ. I have never listened to Joe Rogan…I don’t even know the sound of his voice. However his name kept being artfully inserted into the news about the Trucker’s Convoy two weeks ago now and so I recognized the common “Strawman” perp strategy and called it out right from the beginning. What the PerpZ do, when they are caught on the back foot, is introduce some kind of artificial hero into the mix…using their criminally complicit media. They raise this artificial construct up to become very important in the dynamic. Then, just as suddenly, they begin to destroy the artificial this case...Joe Rogan. The raising up and then cancellation of the artificial strawman neatly diverts attention from the political setbacks they have experienced and they will run with the meme until they are back on their feet and can re-engage the ongoing, never-ending and relentless battle to destroy humanity that is the bigger picture in all of this.

So, folks, that is why Joe Rogan never appeared as voice or an item on this blog and now that he’s being cancelled…you know the greencrow was right again about how the PerpZ operate.

Klaus Anal Schwal is one of the Primary Assets of the PerpZ but even he is not even close to the top of the Power Pyramid – He’s an asset, subject to being cancelled…just like all the rest

Keep in mind, dear readers. that this ability to get into the minds of the PerpZ does not come without cost. As I am fond of quoting: “When you look into hell, it looks back at you.”

The Plandemic/Mandatory VaxxxZination is ALL ABOUT the forced introduction of global biometric Identification, and a new financial system based on communist-style social credit points – complete compliance and slavery

Finally, this Sunday morning, let me direct readers to this very good video by Max Igan who as we all know, is now reporting from Mexico where he fled with the intervention of Canadian Jeff Berwick, from his native, now occupied/Communist stronghold of Australia. Max makes some very important points and shows some interesting video clips in the link below:

The most interesting clip that Max presents is the video made by the American motorist who recently had an automobile accident outside of Flagstaff Arizona.

Motorist in Video Describing Hospital Malpractice after Flagstaff Accident

The last thing the motorist remembers after the accident was a paramedic injecting something into his arm. When the motorist recovered consciousness he was in a hospital room in Flagstaff, with a ventilator tube down his throat and IV’s in his arms. There being no hospital workers in his room, he took the ventilator out of his throat himself, likewise he removed the IV’s from his arms.

He got out of bed and, as he was naked, he covered his privates with the pants that the paramedics had cut off from his body. He opened the door of his hospital room and saw nurses outside sitting, working at their stations. He asked them why he had had a ventilator inserted into his throat and IV’s in his harms. Their response? “Because you have CovID.”

Question the Science

He then asked them for his hospital records which they did not provide. Then he asked for a lawyer which request was also refused. Then he demanded to be discharged from the hospital. The rest of his clothing was nowhere to be found. Finally the hospital came up with a random set of clothing and the motorist quickly vamoosed from the hospital.

Listen to the motorist yourself in Max’s video above. See if you find this man credible when he tells this absolutely astounding story. I can tell you what I think. I think that conduct has become SOP in hospitals all over North America. Doctors and hospital workers have become entirely corrupted and are now on a killing spree for fun and profit. How do I know? Because it happened to my two-years older brother last march in Collingwood Veterans and Marine Hospital in Collingwood, Ontario. And it also happened to my husband’s best friend here at a local Vancouver, BC hospital.

Moral of the story? Do not ever go to hospital unless you have a flank of trusted bodyguards to protect you 24/7. It doesn’t matter whether you are vaxxxZed or unvaxxxZed. Hospitals stand to get $100,000 per victim who “dies from CovID” or “With CovID”. Now that the hospitals are staffed only with vaxxxZinated, Zombified doctors and nurses...this scam is going to accelerate exponentially.

NOTE: FreakedOut just sent me this update/another link to the story about the man who woke up in hospital with a vent in his throat. Haven’t even had a chance to watch this myself yet.


Stay tuned.

Frequent contributor Garuda submitted this Johns Hopkins map of Africa–which shows the ratio of death between the common and unpatented drug Ivermectin – as compared with PfiZer vaxxxZine – with data taken from PfiZer’s own records

Latest Vaccine Adverse Events Info from the UK H/T LPS5

14 thoughts on “Media Lies, Plus: Ottawa Police Chief in Globalists Pockets

    1. Hi GC:

      KEY here is in the intro where Fuellmich lays out this is simply another Banksters fraud, but unlike 2008 where they were caught with panties down… they are using a Covid scamdemic as red herring/camouflage.

      Basic History 101 even to PhD level: ” ALL WARS ARE BANKERS WARS”


  1. Thanks RAH:

    That Opening Statement is a must watch. The Distraction Folks will be working overtime for the next couple of weeks trying to bury the Nuremberg 2.0 Trial.

    Here’s another must watch just in from FreakedOut



  2. Excellent video:

    This firefighter logically dissects and extrapolates the scamdemic from professional perspective who faces risks and danger daily and also as a human being. …he was fired the next day after making this video.

    Canadian Firefighter FIRED for making this video – Peter van Oordt – Puslinch Fire & Rescue Ontario


    1. Within the past week, someone on Twitter posted notice to the effect that all employers get a cash payout of $4,000 from the government for each one of their employees that get vaccinated. I was very surprised to read this. In the past two years I have never heard such a shocking “conflict of interest”. I wonder if there is any support for this assertion anywhere else whether in Canada or the United States.

      If such is the case, this is yet another illegal expenditure of our tax dollars and is an incentive for employers to be ruthless in the denial of their employees’ human rights.



      1. Hi GC:

        Doesn’t surprise me one iota..

        In the zeitgeist clusterf*ck…what distills out is LIFE is cheap….it equates with a FIAT currency equivalent, …….and the PerpZ want about 90% of us DEAD.

        There are enough co-opted $oul$elling $cumbags out there to accept the 30 pieces of $ilver to accomodate them.


  3. Hi GC:

    We were sent this e-mail yesterdayday(below)
    “C” would be in her 50’s….mother and wife.
    Her mom and my mother -in- law are cousins
    I don’t know if she was jabbed, but I suspect it.
    Keep fingers crossed.

    I should also mention my vaxxed wife now needs two ultrasounds ……one for heart ……..and one for stomach.



    “C” had a severe stroke some time during the night Jan. 24 to 25. She is in the Victoria General and will be for quite a time. I have been told it is the top hospital for strokes in the prov.

    We were down there all week but came home for a couple of days. Are going back down on Mon. We have only been in with her for 10 to 15 min. the first day. We have not been allowed to go in since.

    The hospital did set up a zoom meeting for us so the whole family could talk to her. She can talk (thank god) knows that she is in the hospital and knows she had a stroke. They had her in the operating room within a hour of when she was taken in.


  4. Re person who woke up in hospital that story is widely circulating.

    Here is an original and shorter version..he posted the story and wanted to share it….he’s making the rounds now


    Below is a comment posted.

    “……..I recently watched, in real time, someone murdered by a hospital.

    One day, at around 6pm, my son-in-law presented at hospital, accompanied by his 82 year old grandmother, as he was suffering from stomach pains (probably a bad curry).
    He was subjected to a PCR test then put into a bed and examined by a doctor.
    A drip was inserted into his arm and he was given some tablets to take, which (in combination with the contents of the drip) induced sleep.
    Once unconscious, he was intubated (a tube was fed through his mouth into his lungs) causing him to wake up in panic but still heavily sedated and physically very weak.

    He tried to remove the tube which was making him have breathing difficulties, so they secured his wrists to the bed frame to prevent his removing of the tube. They also secured his ankles to the bed.
    Unable to speak, due to the tube suppressing his tongue, he spent the next three hours slipping in and out of consciousness, when he would thrash his head from side to side in clear distress and wild-eyed panic as he vainly attempted to eject the tube from his throat – whilst his grandmother watched, helplessly, as well as my wife (via her iPhone) – even more helplessly.

    As soon as I had seen he was intubated, I had pleaded with my wife to prevail upon her mother to have it removed but, in her eighties and terrified of confronting the hospital staff (none of whom were even around), she could not be persuaded to go against the doctor’s decisions (“doctor knows best”).

    I repeatedly warned my wife that, if they did not remove the tube, there was every likelihood he would be dead by morning (but I’m not a doctor, so what do I know? I also kind of didn’t really believe ONE-HUNDRED PERCENT what I was saying, myself, considering just maybe I’d gone down the rabbit-hole of a conspiracy-theory too far).

    My wife was so distressed that I started mentally beating myself up, about mentally beating her up but, after around half-an-hour, I could take no more of watching him suffer with nothing happening to do anything about it (my grasp of my wife and her family’s language is nowhere near sufficient for me to have demanded I have a talk with the doctor, treating her son, who I knew from personal experience would possess little or no English).

    A while later, I heard an unearthly, heart-rending, howl from my wife and immediately knew. When I rushed into the room, she looked at me (in a state of evident shock) and whispered “He’s gone” before becoming inconsolable.
    His grandmother called the staff and they confirmed he had died and immediately sent her home.

    When she returned next day, at 9am, she discovered his body was in the process of being cremated (along with others) at the hospital’s crematorium. They said it was “Covid policy” to cremate at the earliest opportunity.
    His PCR test result came back later that day.
    It was “negative” (not that such mattered as he was asymptomatic, anyway).

    He was 42 and left behind (amongst other loved ones) two teenage children and a grieving mother (my wife) plus a father-in-law who will never forget the experience nor ever fully forgive himself for not having done more – done SOMETHING….. me.

    We can never go back but, whilst not religious, I pray these people meet justice (of the merciless variant)…..”

    Years ago…pre- Covid…a good friend of mines’ father was in a BC hospital…
    He was retired, but admitted for minor reasons and to be discharged soon.

    I called up his wife and asked how he was.

    She said he had passed away.
    I was shocked….but even MORE shocked when she told me they had CREMATED HIS BODY WITHOUT FAMILY PERMISSION. I thought WTF ? Long story short..something was being covered up. How much of this goes on?

    A few months ago, I posted on GC site how my late father was MURDERED with MORPHINE at a local hospice, he had been admitted only 8 hours previous.

    Lesson is WATCH OUT…..Trust No One …


  5. More COMMENT from video of guy that was intubated and walked out

    Aleksander Bachorski 20 hours ago
    ⁣Yup – I think this guy actually managed to claw his way back from the precipice of sanctioned medical homicide.

    His eye-witness story corroborates a slew of recent accounts from Doctors and Nurses within the American Hospital and Healthcare System that suggest the U.S Government has heavily financially incentivised the euthanasia of patients who are by and large healthy and not in danger of losing their lives (not that Euthensia is legal in the USA uner ANY circumstances).

    Doctors and administrators in the U.S. Hospital system have described a multi-tier program of “bonus payments” to hospitals if certain criteria are met. These bonus payments add up to a total of around US$100,000 payable with the ultimate death of a patient and a final ‘Positive Covid” test of the cadaver…..and a MUCH DESIRED COVID STATISTIC FOR THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

    Bonus payments are first given if the patient is admitted and found to be Covid positive – easy done, just manipulate the PCR test cycles. Next, bonus payments are given in the patient needs to be sedated with ‘specific pharmaceutical’s’ – INJECT AWAY Nurses! Then bonus payments are due to the hospital when the patient “NEEDS” to be placed on a mechanical ventilator, then we move into the ICU and finally to mortuary.

    Bob’s your uncle!! $100,000 in bonus healthcare earnings for Dr. Death and Nurse Ratched.

    This guy is unbelievably lucky as well as immensely courageous to save his own life……..”



    It was predicted when USA socialized medicine that this would ultimately lead to rationed health care and as a consequence death panels.

    ………. aka no such thing as free lunch so be careful what you wish for.




    “……..Fellow (Trudeau) who was trying to give us(India farmers) advice has gone into hiding,….. he has betrayed their trust.

    Saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies… comes from those you have faith in…….

    Some of the most poisonous people come disguised as friends and family….

    My motto has always been to protect the oppressed …..even if he is my enemy,…..but I will never forgive the traitor,…. even if he is my friend….”



    Awesome mini lecture.

    Intriguing is outside parties (this is an AMBASSADOR …yet pulling no punches )… see through Turdeau for what he is…traitor..enemy…betrayer…poisonous….etc etc. ..and wish to distance themselves.



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