Freedom Convoy update: – Address To Canadians by Tom Marazzo Feb.10, 2022

This is right out of the Rwanda 1994 Playbook – Brainwashing one side to do the PerpZ dirty work and kill the other side. Here is the CBC playing the part of the 1994 Rwanda inciting Media
Former College Instructor and Current Spokesperson for the Trucker Freedom Convoy Tom Marazzo

Good Sunday morning beloved Sentients! It is a cold and sunny day on the Malahat. Today is the biggest day of the year for the brain dead [now vaxxxZed] Sheeplefied Zombies—Super Bowl Day. My stupidly vaxxxZed former love of my life husband is all primed to spend the day in front of the telly. I told him last night that, while the biggest and most dramatic show of his lifetime [the Trucker Freedom Convoy] drama is playing out in Canada and all throughout the formerly free world…the Sheeple are totally unaware and are meZmeriZed by sports events and their NetFlixZ Programming. Know what he said? He said he’s on the side of the truckers…lololololololol. Can you believe the BiZarrro nightmarish world I have to live in? Speaking of sports…is anyone watching the first VaxxxZed Olympics? Here’s a headline I made up to go with the following link from today’s Russia Today:

VaxxxZed Norwegian Collapses – MicrobloodclotZ Anyone?

The VaxxxZed Olympics…not worth watching humanoidZ collapse from the effects of the microclot vaxxxZes

But before I get to more headlines and updates, I want to highly recommend all sentients watch the video press conference from last week given by Trucker Spokesperson former Ontario college lecturer Tom Marazzo. This press conference, given on February 10, 2022, is pivotal in understanding the goals and the philosophy of the Trucker’s Freedom Convoy. Marazzo, as you will learn if you go to the Trudeau Liberal Bribed “Orillia Matters” local news at the link below the video, has now been vilified and slandered. You will see that they say he was “fired” from his job as college lecturer–when the truth is Marazzo suffered the same fate as all conscientious objectors to the vaxxxZine genocide…the PerpZ stole his job away from him.

Well, at least Marazzo didn’t get “fired” and stripped of his teaching license the way the Turvert did–back when he was a [substitute] teacher and sexually interfered with an underaged girl.

But, I digress.

Tom Marazzo says a couple of very important things and so listen carefully. He says that the perpZ have already set up detainment centres in Ottawa to arrest the demonstrators; he says that Canadian Army veterans and current enlisted soldiers have expressed support for the Freedom Convoy. This we found out to be true subsequent to Marazzo’s press conference. He says that the Truckers are not leaving. He says their blockade has and will always be peaceful. He says they have been legitimized as a peaceful resistance both by a Canadian judge and by the financial and emotional support of many Canadians. He says the Truckers do not have an alternative to staying–because their entire former lives have been stripped away from them by the Federal Governments imposition of criminal mandates. Marazzo says the Truckers will be staying until all the mandates have been removed. Most of all, Marazzo vows that the Truckers will stay until there is an assurance put into place THAT THIS WILL NEVER AGAIN HAPPEN TO CANADIANS!

This morning, upon awakening and checking the headlines, I learned that the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Ontario, that separates Canada from the United States, has been cleared of protesters.

The Ambassador Bridge is both a strategic and a symbolic structure, as it carries 25% of the daily trade between the two countries. The fact they have removed the demonstrators from it is a temporary psychological setback…more symbolic than anything else. As we learned yesterday, there are many bridges [and Highway Border Crossings] separating Canada from the United States. They can all be the focus of demonstrations from time to time. A war is a series of battles and it is a gaining and/or losing of momentum. A strategic victory that happened last week but went virtually unnoticed was the radicalization of the MSM National Post. Perhaps the National Post [which was in serious decline due to lack of readership] got tired of losing market share to Rebel News. Whatever the reason…over the past week or two it has flipped. First we had Rex Murphy, a prominent former journalist for the CBC do a couple of op-eds highly critical of the Liberal Government…then we had this just from this morning:

Rupa Subramanya: Chrystia Freeland’s side gig with the WEF is endangering Canadian democracy

There’s no need to invent conspiracy theories. The attempt by global elites to subvert local democracy is fully on and in plain view

Greencrow concludes: Like I said at the beginning of this post…a war is a series of confrontations on all levels. This war IMO has just begun. The resistance has scored some extremely important victories. Last week was one of the most important weeks not only in this conflict but in the history of Canada–what with the declaration of solidarity with the workers by a single actively enlisted soldier CANADIAN ARMY MAJOR STEPHEN CHLEDOWSKI  in his “urgent message to all Canadians” and then, on the very same day that that video was made public, the lining up of the Canadian military veterans front of the Parliament Buildings alongside the Truckers. That must have been a serious “piss your pants” moment for the evil Cabal that has Canadians [and our children] by the throat in a death grip.

Historic Photograph of Canadian Armed Forces Vets lined up to express support of the Truckers

Here is a link to another development regarding the Canadian military vets. This one relates to the Liberal government erecting a metal fence around the National War Memorial and the MZM saying the fence was erected to prevent the demonstrators from “peeing on the monument”. Well, soon thereafter some Canadian vets took it upon themselves to remove the fence and clean the ice on the steps around the monument. [As an aside, women from all over the world are drooling over Canadian men in social media comments. All I have to say about that is real women have always been strongly attracted to real men and the man in the video HERE is a case in point ; ) ] H/T to pussnboots for the facebook link.

I will continue to watch developments as the day progresses…while the Sheeple sit meZmeriZed by the Super Bowl. Americans are watching the Super Bowl and hoping that the Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy and all its supporters…once we’re finished liberating Ottawa…will come down and liberate them! LOL…stay tuned.

Now where would YOU rather be…Collapsed from microbloodclotZ at the Olympics? Or, in an Ottawa Hot Tub H/T Snippits


URGENT Action Step for Sentients sent by Dennis:

Hey y’all,

Please, please take the time to email your MP. Parliament has put forward a motion to abolish mandates! There will be a vote this Monday Feb 14th. We urgently need to write to our MP so that they vote for the cancellation. You can find who your MP is here by postal code:

Sample letter what to write to MP


I am a resident of <town, province>. It has come to my attention that a motion has been put forward in the house of commons to end COVID-19 mandates and restrictions, which will be voted on by Members of Parliament. As your constituent, I’m asking that you vote for ending all mandates and vaccination passports immediately. It is time to follow medical science instead of political science and do the right thing for the people.




If you like, ask members of your family, friends to write a separate letter and/or call. We are pressed with time. Otherwise they are planning to “send” everyone home brutally from Ottawa.

Hope the vote leads to more freedom for all and creates a more positive momentum. May we be able to support everyone towards equal rights. May we be able to fly again to see our loved ones, to attend events and socialize like everyone , to have a drink or meal with loved ones in a restaurant… may we be able to work at our jobs, just like everyone else. 

30 thoughts on “Freedom Convoy update: – Address To Canadians by Tom Marazzo Feb.10, 2022

    1. She has been primed for that position since before getting into the government. As a Kissinger protege she has been primed to create mischief. And she drools, the ungainly, classless woman, for the job of PM.

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      1. As I’ve said before, Trudeau in power is like the WEF holding a grenade. Putting Freeland into the PM position is like the WEF pulling the pin on the grenade.


  1. Hey y’all,

    Please, please take the time to email your MP. Parliament has put forward a motion to abolish mandates! There will be a vote this Monday Feb 14th. We urgently need to write to our MP so that they vote for the cancellation.

    I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate and submit that the vote with such short notice will be rigged to come down hard on Canadians.

    Turdeau is embarassing his handlers…..they cannot tolerate it much longer.


      1. Hi GC:

        I see this “vote” as an advantage…

        The MP’s will have to shite or get off the pot…which s-i-d-e of history??? = VOTE NOW.!!!

        This will remove ambiguity…then we Canadians can strategize woodchipper , lamppost and/or________???

        The Tories turfed O’Toole…which IMHO was their grassroots outraged at the treachery.
        Let’s see what LIEberals and NDPee MPs do.


  2. I don’t look forward “to have a drink or meal with loved ones in a restaurant” if the mandates are rescinded. I will never again patronize any business that went along with the freedom-destroying mandates. F*ck all those collaborators with totalitarianism!

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  3. Hi Sheila:

    It will be very hard to enjoy a meal in a restaurant or a drink in a pub again. Because of the discrimination on the basis of personal health choices I have stopped drinking, now bake my own bread and don’t eat fast food or what I call “Sysco Systems Food” [pub food]. I have learned to enjoy socializing in my own home and will be hard pressed to go out and mingle in close quarters with the vaxxxZinated “Shedders” who will be spreading all those spike proteins into the air and on the food.

    We’ll see how it goes.


    1. Hi Shelia and GC..

      I hear ya re: the boycott…and yes if these places had joined some sort of solidarity things “may” have been different.

      However, I read a survey that average business is almost $200,000 in debt and they literally had gun at their heads to comply with health orders…so me personally will cut them slack.

      I’m reserving the wood chipper and lamppost etc. for treasonous politicians, health care workers, cops etc aka those on public $$$ teat who could have made a difference from DAY ONE


  4. Sheila I do agree with you. So did many freedom fighters in Europe after the war. Collaborators were actively sought out and punished. Yes, I too will pass on that restaurant drink!
    Cheers. Radar


  5. Hi Denis:

    As Tom Marazzo says in the video in the post above…our first priority after ending the Mandates is to make sure this never happens in Canada again. Logically, that includes removing the perpetrators from the positions of power they held that made it happen in the first place.

    Since these entities have infiltrated into every facet of our society…it will be a huge challenge to get rid of them. Until that happens socializing in public will be a risky venture for many, many reasons.


  6. Police clear out border blockade as Ottawa signals deal with convoy to start rolling

    “…….Hours later, his counterpart in Ottawa, Mayor Jim Watson, released letters between himself and organizers of the so-called Freedom Convoy about a deal to move some of the 400 vehicles encamped downtown to Parliament Hill and away from residential neighbourhoods.

    The correspondence between the two sides showed convoy organizers agreed to start moving trucks to Wellington Street, which runs in front of Parliament Hill, as well as a host of parliamentary buildings including the Prime Minister’s Office. Those moves, according to the letter from organizers, will get underway Monday.

    If they happen before the noon deadline that Watson set in his letter, Ottawa’s mayor agreed to meet with the protesters who, on Sunday, turned intersections once busy with traffic into dance floors with loudspeakers and draped themselves in the Canadian flag as they wandered downtown streets amid idling vehicles and semis.

    In a note to city councillors, Watson’s office said any movement of trucks wouldn’t be “a long-term solution to the occupation,” but a step to reduce the impact on those who live in the area.

    Read the full article…
    Arrests made elsewhere..

    “…….Officers in Windsor, Ont., arrested some two dozen protesters and moved others from the busy Ambassador Bridge spanning the Detroit River, towing five vehicles on Sunday at the site where protesters brought traffic to a halt for nearly a week and barring others from arriving on scene….”



    1. Hi RAH:

      The Richmond News is no doubt one of the hundreds of small newspapers who received grants from the Trudeau liberals before the last selection. I have not seen this elsewhere and don’t attach much credence to it…especially the part where the Ottawa Convoy is leaving. Where can these people go? They have no jobs or lives to go back to. The Turvert has stripped them of everything. They have vowed to stay in Ottawa until the mandates are lifted and I believe them.

      Always keep in mind “The fog of war”…The PerpZ have entire departments dedicated to creating this fog.


      1. Hi GC


        A while back I saw a list of how Turdeau dished out $$$ to Canadian MSM
        Richmond News received over $200,000.
        BTW: The “liberal free- speech rebel” TYEE received almost $300,000

        Richmond used to have TWO community papers, “The Richmond Review” folded a few years ago.

        When we had TWO papers…I used to send letters that often got published…haven’t had one published since…and I talked to an ex reporter who basically said that a single paper doesn’t like too much “negative” .

        Anyway…we will see what shakes down re Ottawa and Convoy…proof is in the pudding.


    2. Hi RAH:

      Here is Tamara’s Twitter response on behalf of the Freedom Trucker Convoy:

      “The media lies to their viewers. No “deal” has been made. End the mandates, end the passports. That is why we are here. #Freedom #Truckersforfreedomconvoy2022 #FreedomConvoy2022Quote TweetThat “Unacceptable” Guy ~HONK~@BJdichter · 59mMore #Fakenews this time from @citynews. No deal has been struck, the federal government has not yet lifted its mandates and passports.

      Do not watch #Fakenews, it’s bad for your mental health. This is completely false. #Truckersforfreedomconvoy2022 👇”



  7. Letters: Truckers’ convoy a waste of time

    A Richmond News reader is critical of the truckers’ convoy

    Dear Editor,
    Even if the truckers and their convoy to Ottawa get what they are asking for, they would effectively still get nothing, for two reasons:

    1. Most of the COVID-19 mandates are provincial, not federal (even if they blame Prime Minister Trudeau and the federal government). The feds can do little for the truckers; and

    2. Even if the federal government removes the requirement to be vaccinated in order to cross the border, it wouldn’t give the truckers anything, as the Americans have the same rule, so the truckers would be “one and done” with border crossings.

    And then there are the racists, Trumpites, far right types and vandals who are piggy-backing the convoy. That may not be the fault of the truckers, but they also do not appear to be definitively distancing themselves from those “supporters.”

    In the meantime, there are some right-leaning politicians supporting the factually useless convoy.

    Are those politicians wilfully blind to the facts or breathtakingly cynical? Either way, it looks awful on them.

    The easy answer is for the truckers to just get vaccinated and follow health protocols, in order to protect the health care system from collapse and protect themselves and their neighbours and families from serious disease.

    But that would require that they both get informed on the facts about the dangers of COVID and the efficacy of vaccines and that they care about someone other than themselves — probably too much to ask for.

    Ian C. MacLeod


    People like this should be held accountable for such dangerous diatribes, what a F#cking moron.



  8. The Sheeple have been brainwashed to think that the VaxxxZine Mandates are Provincial and not Federal. This is how they hope to get sentients to waste their time running from pillar to post trying to get answers. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Constitution are Federal documents. It is these documents that are being treasonously undermined and ignored.

    It is the Federal Governments’ responsibility to uphold the laws of the land–i.e., the Charter and the Constitution. So that is why the Trucker Freedom Convoy has correctly gone to Ottawa.


    1. IMHO…..I don’t give a shite between a pro – vaxx janitor in a rural hospital and Turdeau.

      Getting into hair -splitting legal hierarchical -level semantics is a waste of time.

      “You make your bed……you sleep in it.”

      Dr. Bonnie Bullshite is following the Communist playbook…once you’ve played the “useful idiot” role you are the MOST dispensable…via you will be the most outraged once you realize the aforementioned.

      That’s why she is making literally all the remaining health care providers in BC take the “Jab” before the end of March 2022.

      “When you sleep with dogs……you will get fleas.”


  9. Hi GC/RAH/Denis. Good replies by all. I agree that the restaurateurs should not be the big priority for the (LOL) wood chippers. A lot of people and businesses will have to wait their turn to receive their due justice while the Nuremberg 2.0 court goes through the long process of taking down the high-up shadowy cabal.

    I get it that not everyone is mentally and spiritually strong enough to resist the enormous pressure to go along with the lock down tyranny, so I can give some of them a pass, but I will not give a pass to people or businesses that went out of their way to be unkind, uncompassionate and dehumanizing toward their fellow human beings just because their big brother nanny state created an environment in which they could do so. And yes, we must at all costs make sure this doesn’t happen again.

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    1. Hi Sheila:

      My late father lived his dream late in life running a Deli in Lower Mainland from 1970 to 2000.

      I hate to imagine what the impact would have been to our family if he had to comply with these BS Public Health Orders.

      The sad thing is many businesses will likely have to close soon and the current environment is quite hostile……ie who would dare risk starting a business nowadays ???


  10. I like how that letter to the Richmond News threw in that the simple solution is for the truckers to get vaccinated. So methinks this deranged, triple-jabbed, brain-fogged person’s diatribe may be more about vaccination status than his imaginary view on the political bent of the truckers. Last I heard many of the truckers are in fact vaccinated, so yes, a f*cking moron indeed.


  11. Hi Sheila and all:

    As I posted in a reply to RAH above, we can put that latest Fake News Salvo to rest now that Tamara, the head honcho of the Trucker Freedom Convoy< has spoken as follows:

    "The media lies to their viewers. No "deal" has been made. End the mandates, end the passports. That is why we are here. #Freedom #Truckersforfreedomconvoy2022 #FreedomConvoy2022Quote TweetThat "Unacceptable" Guy ~HONK~@BJdichter · 59mMore #Fakenews this time from @citynews. No deal has been struck, the federal government has not yet lifted its mandates and passports.

    Do not watch #Fakenews, it’s bad for your mental health. This is completely false. #Truckersforfreedomconvoy2022 👇"


    The Media lying has become so bad that even when they don't HAVE to lie…they do.


    1. Thanks GC…

      No worries…it’s all good.

      At minimum…. we expose the MSM as liars…posting their bullshite at least documents it for future reference.

      I’ll keep woodchipper and lamp-posts at the ready…

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    1. Hi GC….

      I am exhausted watching the Super
      I will review the video.

      For your viewing pleasure..this MoFos last speech before forces of political nature took over
      Nicolae Ceaușescu


  12. Hi Rah/all. You’re right, I sure wouldn’t want to be starting a business in this draconian clown world we are in. Its hard enough to start and sustain one in normal times. I hope our future generations can have a chance to live their dream like your dad and most of our parents did.

    About the 666, it is so ubiquitous in corporate and other logos that I am somewhat desensitized to it when I discover a new one.


  13. BREAKING: Police sabotage heavy equipment at Coutts

    Police confirmed that they were behind the damage caused to vehicles on private land in Coutts, Alberta.


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