updated: The Revolution is being televised

Former Canadian Soldier Lays it On the Line What is At Stake Today



UPDATED: 8:00 pm PST February 14, 2022Stew Peters interviews Former Conservative [now Ontario Party] MP Derek Sloan. Sloan makes a lot of sense. Some interesting points he makes: some police are sympathetic to the Truckers. He also says that when the Indigenous People were blocking rail lines for weeks a couple of years ago, Trudeau sent the Minister for Indigenous Affairs out to the blockades to talk with them. Why isn’t this happening with the truckers? All they have received from the Trudeau government are threats and insults. Very good points! H/T FreakedOut.

Stew Peters Interviews MP Derek Sloan about the Freedom Truckers Convoy



UPDATED: 7:00 PM PST February 14, 2022 – Rebel News is reporting that some big transport trucks are moving from side streets to right in front of the Parliament Bldgs. More than have been there previously. I cannot post the video because Twitter is not allowing that anymore. On a lighter note…after all the stress and tension of today I saw this comment on another forum and it completely cracked me up. This is for all those Fidel-phobes out there:

“Off the point I didn t see his wife in a while. I hope she not horing around like his mom & comes back to pop another liberal leader of the future from Zimbabwe or Saud. Now that I think of it the family could save some money on make up

I don’t know why but that comment seems to capture the surreal nature of today…anything COULD happen if this DID happen. Now, thinking further of that coalescing of Big Rigs in front of the Parliament Buildings tonight. Do you suppose they could be strategizing a mass citizens arrest of the entire cabal???


UPDATED; 5:40 PM PST February 14, 2022 – Truth Blogging colleague Penny of Penny for your thoughts has been posting on today’s crisis here:

Save Penny’s blog URL in your favourites as she has an astute, well informed take on issues and for many years has been the third corner of the Canadian Blogging Triangle of Northerntruthseeker, Penny for your thoughts and Greencrow as the Crow Flies. Penny calls today’s shocking events “surreal”. This sense of surrealism is reflected in the following report from the MSM which manages to justify and oppose the draconian Turvertian steps within the same article:


The article says NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh supports Trudeau’s Emergency Act while at the same time berating Trudeau for not acting “sooner” against the Truckers. Conservative Leadership Candidate Pierre Poilievre does a dance of the seven veils by saying he supports the Freedom Trucker Convoy but does not support blockades. So what did Pierre think the Truckers should have done…Phone in their dissent?

OMG Pierre Poilievre is so finished politically. There is only one thing worse than taking a wrong stand politically…and that is not taking a stand at all. And we shall soon see what other Canadian politicians make that fatal mistake.


UPDATED: 5:11 pm PST February 14, 2022

Bloc Québécois leader slams Trudeau’s use of Emergencies Act to deal with freedom protests

…Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet joined the premiers of Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Quebec in opposition to the measures, which Trudeau described as “temporary.” Much like previous “temporary” measures, the Emergencies Act can be indefinitely renewed for as long as Parliament supports it upon review every 30 days…

 While insisting that Canadians’ right to peacefully protest and express their discontent with the government will be protected, Trudeau clarified that the blockades are illegal – and hopes that the imposition of the new powers will reduce the size and frequency of such protests.  

The move, as previously detailed by Rebel News, will be enforced through the federal government’s forced procurement of privately-owned tow trucks and other means to remove blockade vehicles. The emergency powers also provide financial institutions such as banks to regulate and prohibit the use of property to fund or support the blockades, which have been deemed illegal…”


UPDATED: 4:00 pm PST February 14, 2022. Note at the end of the press conference above CTV asks a lying, provocative question about weapons in the trucks. This is the kind of satanic evil that has typified the mainstream media in Canada literally for years now in the build up to this attempted takeover. Turvert and his ilk absolutely could not have done their schtick without the MZM. Instigating fear in the public over weapons appears to be their strategy now. We had some talk about weapons at the Coutts blockade in Alberta. However someone went on Twitter and knows the people in question and the so-called weapons related to the son of an acquaintance of his and have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE COUTTS BLOCKADE OR THE TRUCKERS! So we will have to watch the media and the politician co-conspirators closely for this kinds of fear porn trickery.

I was very heartened by the message delivered above by Tamara Lich. Especially when she said the truckers in Ottawa are going to “Hold the Line” and will not give in to threats! This is absolutely the message that sentient Canadians want to hear. None of us can live under the kind of world they have planned for us. Watch Dr. Nagase’s video below for more about that!

UPDATED: 3:20 pm PST February 14, 2022 – so what they’re going to do is exactly what they were going to do under the “Great Reset” anyway. Take control of everyone’s bank account and move it into a “social credit” format. Those who support the Truckers, for instance, will get a very low “social credit score”. They are never going to give us our Pre-Plandemic freedoms back. That was never on the table. This was never about health. It was always about coloniZing our bodies and our labour. To get the big picture. Watch this very important video analysis by Dr. Nagase.



UPDATED: 3:00 pm PST February 14, 2022 Stepped away from my laptop briefly folks and now that I’ve checked things out it looks like the Turvert let the Fleabag carry the can for him at todays “Emergency Act” presser. Read the comment I put at the bottom of this post about how this is all falling in line with the timeline given to us a year and a half ago by the Liberal Party whistleblower. Now they will begin hauling people off to the quarantine camps long set up. All normal…so the sheeple will say. By mid summer, seeing people being dragged out of their homes and put into police vans will be run-of-the-mill. Nothing to see here, move along folks.

FreakedOut sent me some interesting information this morning about the GiveSendGo theft by the Federal Government of the Truckers funds. I said right from the “get go” not to donate money via these Internet operations. Didn’t the people who did give money hear it when Anal Schwab told they they would “Own Nothing”? The “Own Nothing” aspect of the great financial reset is coming on us in warp speed now. Here’s what FreakedOut said:

Hi gc,

Great job by that retired soldier of spelling it all out for everyone to see!👍👍

 I agree with him at the end in the high price everyone is going to pay to stop this madness that has descended upon us.

IMO, the lying MZM, along with big Tech, are the main culprits enabling this SCAM to continue, of course we know who controls that criminal cabal of liars.

Checking out Telegram this morning I can see the criminals have already managed to hack the GiveSendGo account for the Freedom convoy. So disgusted!!! 😠

Here’s some info from the Telegram channel  “Covid Red Pills”:

“There is false and misleading reports that the GiveSendGo hack was only a DNS hack and only a domain attack. This is wrong. The redirect was done via JavaScript and they had full control over the codebase. They also hacked the entire database including emails, IP addresses, zip codes, full names etc. Admin has confirmed with people who donated and they all appear in the leaked CSV records which was a database table dump. This was a highly sophisticated hack and anyone downplaying it is wrong. People  saying they “don’t have a link to download anything and are trolls” have no idea what they are talking about. The leak is real and is 100% confirmed by many including Admin.”

A screenshot of GiveSendGo someone uploaded to Telegram::


11:33 am PST February 14, 2022

MEDIA ADVISORY: The Freedom Convoy, Press Conference, Response to Federal Government’s Emergencies Act Announcement

Time: 3:00 PM
Location: Sheraton Hotel
150 Albert St, Ottawa, CA K1P 5G2
Main Floor Conference Room

11:24 am PST February 14, 2022 Report on Trudeau’s intention to invoke the Emergency Act from the National Post

The Emergencies Act allows a government to invoke temporary measures, including barring people from gathering or travelling to certain locations, to protect national security, public order and public welfare.


11:12 am pst February 14, 2022 Did you ever wonder why the Turvert and his cronies call the Freedom Truckers Convoy “white supremacists” and “racists”? Did you ever wonder why the Mainstream Media is dinning you with ads featuring every skin colour but white? Well, here’s an interesting take on this recent phenomenon from a Russia today op-ed:

Why Klaus Schwab is pushing Critical Race Theory


When the unproven ideas of CRT, for example, are mixed up with the non-stop virtue-signaling pageant known as cancel culture, the result is a wicked cocktail that has the potential to spread fear and hate faster than a Panzer tank division. Already, the woke shock troops have convinced millions of intellectually-stunted people that the cornucopia of Western (white) society – classical literature, classical musicmathematics, even Dr. Seuss – are part and parcel of a white hate-scape that is responsible for oppressing minorities. And if anyone doubts the brave new gospel, there is no shortage of enterprising entrepreneurs charging top dollar for white people to sit through a full course meal while being lectured on the inherent evils of their race. All this seems very strange and even sinister when considering that the United States is one of the most racially diverse places in the world, and more so since Joe Biden opened up the US-Mexico border.

So what would be the ultimate reason for people like Klaus Schwab to thrust these half-baked ideas, descended from a gnarled offshoot of communist ideology known as ‘Cultural Marxism’, onto an unsuspecting populace? One possible answer comes down to ‘liability’. After all, it’s not rocket science for the insanely wealthy to protect their lofty positions by aggravating tensions between the races.

10:42 am pst February 14, 2022 the bastard is going to [try to] crush the Canadian Resistance to his treason.

Ontario MLA Randy Hillier says on Twitter: “Replying to @hiramabifMM and @RCMPONTIt is true that Trudeau foundation controls Acuitas. It is true Acuitas receives a patent royalty from Moderna & Pfizer for each & every jab. It is true Trudeau has mandated the jab. Connect”


Good morning sentients. Today is Valentines Day and happy Valentines Day to all the lovers and would be lovers out there. It is also the day we’ve been building towards for two years. This is the day when the Turvert finally rips off his “Sunny Days” CovIDian Cult ritualistic mask and presents himself to Canadians as he has been all along…a WEF Satanic asset with personal financial [Acuitas] “skin” in the vaxxxxZines caper.

Today Trudeau is going to invoke the Emergencies Act to deal with the “Bouncy Castle” “image problem” in downtown Ottawa. He is also going to deal remotely with all Canadians who have not allowed the lethal mRNA Myocarditis formula into their bodies. See the link below to an Israeli study that supports what other doctors say—injection of the mRNA into the body inexorably destroys the heart. But the Turvert doesn’t have a heart so he’s apparently immune.




Also, Dennis sent me a PDF of an India Report where the Modi, the Prime Minister of India comes out against the CovIDian HOAX. Why is it that India has a sane Prime Minister and is not in an existential crisis like Canada???

The Truth About COVID-19_ The India Statement _ Covert Geopolitics.pdf

Below is a video of what happened yesterday when the Aussies tried to replicate the trucker’s convoy on a much smaller scale. One “Mad Max” Aussie drove his truck up to the Australian parliament and got pretty close–with the support of throngs of Aussies…until a Zombified Policeman broke the window of his cab and pepper sprayed him. This [and much worse] is what we will likely see done to the truckers here in Canada after the Emergencies Act is invoked.

The Turvert is now carefully dividing [and thus conquering] the policemen who will abide by their oath–from those he can fool/bribe/coerce into doing his dirty work against Canadian Citizens. In the link below, he “investigates” two special forces personnel who were “caught” abiding by their oaths to serve and protect.


In the link below, he ordered some RCMP to destroy very expensive private property for fear that citizens might use it to perform their rightful duty to “Stand on Guard” to protect the laws, democracy and citizens of Canada:

Finally, below is an excellent “must watch’ video of a Canadian former soldier describing precisely what is going on in Canada and what will the likely outcome will be.

Another Soldier Lays it on The Line – This is Truly a Guided Missile from the Canadian military aimed directly at the PMO


Greencrow continues: Everything the soldier says in the video above I have been saying over and over for two years now. In essence, this entire crisis has been about whether humans will be governed by laws or by globalist tyrants using their advanced AI technologies to surveil and enslave humans 24/7 till the end of existence on this planet. That QR code you were so happy to download to your iPhone? Look carefully at what it will tell the authorities about you:

And so it has all come to a head today. Today we will finally know for certain who is on the side of humanity and who is on the side of the Satanists. After two years of relentless writing, worrying and being mortally wounded three times in battle I will finally know…that’s something at the very least…certainty.

I hope to update this post at the top with timeline updates as events unfold. Stay tuned.

23 thoughts on “updated: The Revolution is being televised

  1. This morning I have been catching up on things in Ottawa. The people are standing strong and playing some fine tunes right outside Justin’s office, Freezing cold but they are still dancing and eating breakfast. I am off to the pool but in reality, my entire being is focused on what is to come.

    But if Justine gets his way, he would make what Macron did in Paris this weekend look like a Sunday school picnic. In fact, I am amazed he is holding back.

    Meanwhile, this weekend over 2 million, MILLION with a capital M, marched on Canberra. And to think things are just warming up…


  2. I’m watching the news feed…

    Lots to discuss, but it appear that they are focussing on Fundraising for protests…banks etc will have tools to freeze assets including truckers abilities to get insurance.


  3. More from vile hag
    ….is this an end around to take charge of cryptocurrencies.????
    ….will this be used to take down Alt media like Rebel News ???
    etc. etc.


  4. Turdeau says Tow trucks will be compelled to tow with fair compensation.( wondering if they don’t comply will they have their bank assets frozen ? )

    Provinces can NOT opt out of Emergency Act…not all provinces are on board.


  5. Hi RAH, FreakedOut and all Thanks for holding the fort while I went out to get some dog kibble. My two dogs are the only ones in my family still unvaxxxZinated and so care for them all the more now that we will be sole survivors.

    I am going to update the post above shortly but need to say this. The greencrow flies high and gets the bigger picture. Remember back to the Liberal Cabinet Whistleblower and the timeline he/she gave for the takeover of Canada by the Globalists? I believe it was this Spring they were going to be hauling recalcitrants off to the quarantine camp. So, while all this mayhem may seem chaotic and spontaneous up close, looking down on it, it seems just another long planned step in the downward progression towards technocratic tyranny. The Turvert, the DPM Fleabag, the NDP Bumboy and all the others are just minor sock puppet players.


  6. ALSO:
    Turdeau is loaning Ukraine $500 Million……. as well as providing $8 Million in “LETHAL” weaponry.. (yes he said ” LETHAL” )

    ……….this is on top of $100+ million already provided to Ukraine…



    1. We are at a Mad Hatter Tea Party RAH. Looking at Twitter I see that many sentients still believe we can wake up from this nightmare. They think we have some “Aces” up our sleeves. I dunno. Right now it looks pretty bleak.


    1. Hi FreakedOut

      Thanks for this. RAH sent it earlier and I bumped it to the top. Don’t know where it disappeared to but thanks for re-posting.

      Thank God for former Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford! He’s one of a dying breed of politicians who actually cares about the people. The PerpZ will have a hard time handling him. Also Tamara Lich has risen wonderfully to this challenge. She is a Metis and therefore will speak convincingly to First Nations and Metis. BTW, we have Not heard from First Nations yet. They have a very powerful voice in Canada and could determine the matter…like they did back in the days of the Meech Lake Accord Crisis.

      I was relieve to hear Peckford discuss the logistics of this move by the Turvert and learn that it has to be passed by Parliament before being enforced. We’ll see how that evolves.


      1. Hi GC:

        That was my understanding as well…the Emergencies Act has to pass through Parliament .

        This could get interesting if MP’s constituents read their MP’s the riot act…but I won’t hold my breath.

        Regardless…we can more readily identify the Traitors…no more gray area.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. That’s what Brian Peckford said. We want to know where every single politician in Canada stands on this matter, no equivocation. OMG thank god for Brian Peckford. Just seeing him sitting there took down my blood pressure a few degrees. During the Meech Lake Accord Crisis it was Premier Clyde Wells who was one of the very few politicians in Canada who made sense…now we have Peckford…Thank god for the Newfies and the First Nations. Canada wouldn’t even be a thing without those two groups.


  8. Hi GC:

    Re video ” Former Canadian Soldier Lays it On the Line What is At Stake Today”

    In last post you asked for my view…
    He alludes to a 93 year old German male who was conscripted into the army and acted as a guard.

    German court convicts former concentration camp guard, 93


    BERLIN (AP) — A German court on Thursday convicted a 93-year-old former SS private of being an accessory to murder at the Stutthof concentration camp, where he served as a guard in the final months of World War II. He was given a two-year suspended sentence.

    Bruno Dey was convicted of 5,232 counts of accessory to murder by the Hamburg state court, news agency dpa reported. That is equal to the number of people believed to have been killed at Stutthof during his service there in 1944 and 1945. He also was convicted as an accessory to attempted murder.
    I am of proud Germanic heritage and never ceases to amaze me how the law is stretched to charge and demonize people simply by association, dragging frail old people into what is nothing more than political theatre.

    IF…(and again I state IF) the allegations are true…yet again simply via association…we have set a precedent for ANY AND ALL similar cases of ” CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY ” to be levelled at a looooooong list of perpetrators re: the Covid fraud. WE are talking Politicians, MD’s, Police, Health Care professionals etc etc. globally who if not executed, should receive life sentences.

    You can’t have it both ways or else you deserve what’s coming…

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Hi RAH
    I was aware of that reference in the video when I asked for your opinion of it. The PerpZ are the greatest storytellers/myth makers ever known and it never ceases to amaze me how they can vilify one tyrant and deify another. We are left with these touchstones that we must rely on when trying to convey to the unaware–what evil and tyranny are. Who would understand it if we said…George W. Bush said this or did that, to describe evil. Even though George W. Bush probably killed many more than Bruno Dey…or even Hitler, for that matter.

    As I said in a recent post…we must now come up with a new lexicon to describe what’s going on. Current language–and current historical references—are just not adequate and in many cases misleading/dysinfo to convey concepts such as treason, genocide, tyranny, conspiracy, mass psychosis and so on.

    The first principle that was drilled into me in social work school was that in order to fix a problem you must first “name” it. That may be why we can’t get to first base in fixing our current problem in Canada.


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